The ACTA league is comprised of four divisions of co-ed doubles teams. The divisions: A, B, C and D corresponding to the four most prevalent NTRP levels: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, and 3.0. The league plays in the spring and fall. Spring matches are normally Sunday afternoons from 3-6 pm starting in early April through mid-June. Fall matches are played Saturdays from 10 am-1 pm from September through mid-November. Matches are played outdoors at the various public courts in Arlington County.

Each team match consists of four doubles pairs, so eight team members play each week. In the A and B divisions, the doubles pairs are open 1, open 2, women’s, and mixed. In the C division, the doubles pairs are men’s, women’s, mixed 1, and mixed 2. D division play is less structured, in a round-robin format. Team rosters typically have 15-18 players, so only a subset of team members play every week. Team members may play from one or two matches per season to most matches, depending on their availability, the availability of other team members, and the team captain who determines the line-up each week.

For more details on match play, see our league rules.

Finding a team

You must be on a team to play in the doubles league. If you are interested in playing in the doubles league but are not affiliated with a team, contact the doubles coordinator and you will be matched up to a team needing players. Make sure to include your contact information and skill level so the coordinator can match you to the appropriate division.

Arlington residency requirements (aka the 66% rule)

ACTA Doubles League matches are played on Arlington County public courts. The County requires that organizations using Arlington County recreation facilities meet an Arlington residency requirement. ACTA must manage the composition of Doubles League teams to meet this residency requirement which, as of the 2009 Fall Season, is 66% of the total organizational membership.

For the purpose of meeting the 66% rule, players are considered residents (and pay ACTA resident fees) who:
1. live in Arlington County.
2. own property in Arlington County, regardless of where they live.
3. are Arlington County Government Employees, regardless of where they live.

Some Non Resident (NR) Doubles League players count as Residents under the 66% rule (but pay NR ACTA fees*):
1. NRs who are employed in Arlington County – defined as the location of some one’s official work station or the location of his/her permanent work assignment; or employed at least 20 hours/week and/or if he/she has no other work place.
2. NRs who are employed in Arlington County Public Schools.
3. A NR Captain or Board Member. This allowance is limited to one player per team and requires a minimum commitment of one season (Captain) or six months (Board Member) and would be discontinued immediately after the Captain/Board Member steps down.

Information regarding documentation requirements for the residency exceptions is provided on registration.

* Players who live outside Arlington are required to pay an out-of-county non-resident fee. These fees are not for Tennis alone. They are also assessed for Soccer, Swimming and anywhere where Arlington County (Arlington citizens) builds and manages facilities. This fee is passed directly to Arlington County.