2014 COED Ladder Results

Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesOct-284-6,6-3,6-1Marcey RoadTough hitting from Gytis in gusty conditions. Lots of leaves blowing around throughout the match.
Pitchford, Brian Ogrodnik, Robert Oct-286-4,6-4Other
Riley, John No one-use bottlesWray, Will Oct-276-4,6-1Bluemont
Wall, Gregory Voth, James Oct-276-1,6-2GunstonTonight I was on the winning end of the many deuce games. Great match.
Riley, John No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesOct-267-5,6-4Glebe
Feeley, Matthew Smith, Rory Oct-267-5,6-2Other
Shupler, Matthew No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesOct-266-3,3-6,6-3Towers
Pitchford, Brian Tai, Christopher No carOct-253-6,7-5Other
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesWray, Will Oct-256-3,6-3Other
Tobin, Benjamin Briscoe, Peter Oct-237-6,6-4OtherI really had to stretch my game to beat Peter tonight. He hit a number of cross-court winners and played strong at the net.
Ogrodnik, Robert Gyor, Stephen Oct-233-6,6-1,6-3OtherPlayed at Mason District in strong winds.
Wall, Gregory Riley, John Oct-236-2,7-5GunstonA fun match with many long points. John is a consistent player with great speed on the court.
Klemperer, Helmut No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesOct-196-0,6-4QuincyTough match under extremely windy conditions
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesOct-192-6,6-2,6-3OtherThis was a tight match all the way through. Gytis hit more passing shots by me at the net than I can count.
Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesChatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesOct-183-6,6-4,7-6BluemontTiebreak instead of a 3rd set. Always a close match with Sumi!
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesPitchford, Brian Oct-186-4,6-2Bon Air
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Oct-176-4,6-2OtherBowling AFB match after work Fri
Briscoe, Peter Tobin, Benjamin Oct-167-5,3-6,6-2OtherAlways great playing Ben. He moves very well, has great shot selection and solid consistancy. Look forward to playing again.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesOct-146-1,6-3Marcey Road
Henretta, James No one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence No one-use bottlesOct-127-5,6-4Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Tai, Christopher Oct-106-4,6-4OtherPlayed indoors at Skyline Sport and Health
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesBriscoe, Peter No one-use bottlesOct-96-4,6-4GlebeAnother tough match with Peter- looking forward to another.
Ogrodnik, Robert Schneider, Allan Oct-96-0,6-4Gunston
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesOct-96-0,6-1Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesOct-86-7OtherMark had to retire as he was winning midway in the 2nd set due to a pulled calf muscle. Fun match at Arlington Forest Club.
Wall, Gregory Hafer, Thomas Oct-82-6,6-3,7-6OtherCourts were a bit dark but still a fun, competitive match. 3rd set was a 10 pt tiebreak.
Gross, Gary Anderson, Lawrence Oct-74-6,6-4,7-6Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesOct-66-1,6-4Glebe
Voth, James Hafer, Thomas Oct-57-5,6-2Bon Air
Riley, John No one-use bottlesGyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesOct-56-1,6-3VA Highlands
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesMatsko, Mark No one-use bottlesOct-54-6,6-4,6-3OtherMark has every shot in the book. This was a very tight match all the way through..
Ogrodnik, Robert Pitois, Gauthier Oct-56-2,7-5GlebeGreat Match, over 2 hours for 2 sets
Ogrodnik, Robert Hafer, Thomas Oct-57-6,6-4OtherAbout 2.5 hours for 2 sets
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesBriscoe, Peter No one-use bottlesOct-27-6,6-2GlebePeter had great shot selection, moved very well, and generally gave me all I could handle.
ahmed, babar Voth, James Oct-16-3,2-6,7-6Glebecrushing 2nd set
ahmed, babar KANCHAS, GYTIS Sep-307-6,6-4GlebeA pleasure to play Gytis who combined explosive baseline play with many breathtaking shots at the net
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesGyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesSep-286-3,6-3OtherStephen's got a nasty kicking serve and a solid all court game.
Schneider, Allan Pierce, Greg Sep-276-4,6-4Tuckahoe
Gross, Gary Turner, Steven Sep-23DefaultOtherSteven resigned due to injury after 2d set
Henretta, James No one-use bottlesVogelsang, Daniel No one-use bottlesSep-236-1,6-2Marcey Road
ahmed, babar Voth, James Sep-237-6,7-6Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesSep-226-1,6-3OtherJohn's got pinpoint control from both wings.
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesSep-226-1,6-1Bluemont
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence No one-use bottlesSep-216-2,6-0OtherExhilarating match. Hard to hit any winners past Larry.
Shupler, Matthew No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSep-216-1,6-2VA Highlands
Schneider, Allan Turner, Steven Sep-216-3,6-4Tuckahoe
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesSep-186-1,6-3Glebe
Ogrodnik, Robert Guzewich, Mark No carSep-187-5,6-1Hayes
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesGarriepy, David Sep-176-2,6-2Quincy
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesBlakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesSep-166-0,6-0Glebe
Chatterjee, Sumitava Varma, Umang Sep-162-6,6-4,6-2Marcey RoadUmag is always a challenge - welcome fall tennis. Let's do this again.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido No one-use bottlesSep-151-6,6-4,7-5Marcey RoadThird set was a tie breaker.
Ogrodnik, Robert Gyor, Stephen Sep-146-2,7-5VA Highlands
Voth, James Seggerman, John Sep-146-4,6-0Marcey Road
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesSep-126-4,6-2GlebeJames has a solid power game, lot's of fun!
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Sep-116-1,6-1GlebeWe played a third set for fun which was very close.
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesMartin, Larry No one-use bottlesSep-116-2,6-4Lyon VillageHad to restart at Lyon Village after squinting through a set under the poor lights at Quincy
Gross, Gary Vogelsang, Daniel Sep-106-0,6-0Other
Varma, Umang Tam, Dave Sep-106-1,6-1Other
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesSep-96-3,6-3GlebeStrong effort from Gytis on a great night for tennis.
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Sep-93-6,6-3,7-6GlebeA very tight match with lots of momentum shifts and long points. Babar was painting lines in the first set.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesSep-87-5,7-5GlebeGreat match, Greg has a killer serve and volley game. Looking forward to playing again soon!
Pitchford, Brian Ogrodnik, Robert No carNo one-use bottlesSep-84-6,6-2OtherPlayed a timed match indoors. Third set score reflects point of match retirement.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesLetada, Eric Sep-76-2,6-1OtherA beautiful day for tennis.
Lejeune, Miguel No carBlakemore, Chris Sep-66-2,6-2VA HighlandsLights are down
ahmed, babar Voth, James Sep-66-4,6-4GlebeVery close match. Solid hitting in perfect conditions under the lights.
Riley, John No one-use bottlesGyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesSep-66-2,6-2VA Highlands
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesSep-66-3,6-0OtherMany long points and long, close games. Always enjoyable to play with Greg
Ogrodnik, Robert Klemperer, Helmut Sep-66-3,6-2Quincy
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesSep-56-1,6-2Marcey Road
Klemperer, Helmut No one-use bottlesYork, Daniel No one-use bottlesSep-56-0,6-3OtherGood match. Most games were very close
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Sep-46-2,6-3GlebeBabar played with a good mix of patience and aggressive shots.
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesSep-46-4,6-4Glebe
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesSep-36-3,7-5GlebeClose power match, we will play again
ahmed, babar Voth, James Sep-26-3,6-3BluemontSolid all round points. Thank you to James for working in the match in between his labor day schedule
Tobin, Benjamin ahmed, babar Sep-16-1,6-2Other
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesSep-16-1,6-2Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Guzewich, Mark No carSep-17-6,6-2HayesFirst set tie-breaker went to 12-10
Shupler, Matthew Smith, Thomas Aug-317-5,6-0VA Highlandswas up 5-4, 40-40 wheels came off
Ogrodnik, Robert Klemperer, Helmut No one-use bottlesAug-317-5,6-4QuincyHelmut has a great 1st Serve
Joyce, Mike Su, Sean Aug-316-2,6-0QuincyGreat match - closer than the score says
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesGyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesAug-306-1,6-3Other
Pierce, Greg Turner, Steven Aug-304-6,6-4,7-5Other
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesGross, Gary No one-use bottlesAug-306-1,6-1VA HighlandsGame scores mask closeness of an exhilarating match
Rojas, Guido Schneider, Allan Aug-306-4,6-4Tuckahoe
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-286-1,7-6OtherAlways a pleasure to play Mark, win or lose
Ogrodnik, Robert Pitchford, Brian Aug-286-2,7-6OtherSecond set tie-breaker at 7-4
Voth, James ahmed, babar Aug-286-4,7-6,7-6Glebe3rd set best of 4 by2
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Aug-274-6,6-3GlebeLights went off at 1040pm before match finished, but it was a privilege to play with Greg, who deserved a win today
Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesPitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesAug-276-4,6-1Langston BHot and humid!
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesAug-266-0,6-3Glebe
Ogrodnik, Robert Perez, Pablo No carAug-266-2,4-6,6-0OtherGreat match
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesAug-266-2,6-1Marcey Road
Riley, John No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesAug-256-4,4-6,6-4Madison Manor
Ogrodnik, Robert Varma, Umang No one-use bottlesAug-256-2,6-2Glebe
Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesMullen, Kesh No one-use bottlesAug-246-3,6-1Ft.Scott
Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesGross, Gary No one-use bottlesAug-246-1,6-2Gunston
Joyce, Mike Vogelsang, Daniel No one-use bottlesAug-246-0,6-0Marcey RoadGreat weather, fun match.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-246-0,6-1Glebe
ahmed, babar Voth, James Aug-236-2,6-3GlebeMany fun points under a lot of humidity and attacking bugs.
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-214-6,6-2,7-6OtherLong, tight match; great time
Voth, James Wall, Gregory Aug-196-4,6-0Gunston
Riley, John No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesAug-196-2,6-4Glebe
Tobin, Benjamin Wray, Will Aug-196-3,5-7,6-1GlebeWill played great today. Tough 2.5 hour match.
Varma, Umang Leach, Kirk Aug-196-4,6-1Glebe
ahmed, babar McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesAug-184-6,6-3,7-5GlebeReid has solid shots off both wings mixed with pitch perfect drop shots. A dangerous combination of power and touch. A fun match
Mullen, Kesh Leach, Kirk Aug-176-2,6-1Gunston
Joyce, Mike Rojas, Guido No one-use bottlesAug-166-0,6-0Marcey Road
Riley, John No one-use bottlesMullen, Kesh No one-use bottlesAug-166-3,6-3Ft.Scott
Wenning, Zak Gross, Gary Aug-156-3,6-4VA Highlands
ahmed, babar Voth, James Aug-155-7,7-6,7-6OtherLong rallies, clean hitting, and perfect weather.
Wall, Gregory Mullen, Kesh No one-use bottlesAug-157-5,7-6GunstonA fun match despite two rainouts, windy conditions and a construction zone next to the court.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-156-3,6-2Marcey RoadHad to move to Marcey bc the lights at Old Glebe did not come on.
Feeley, Matthew Smith, Rory Aug-146-2,6-2Other
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-146-4,6-3OtherBeautiful morning to play tennis, win or lose
Pitois, Gauthier Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-146-3,6-2Hayes
ahmed, babar Voth, James Aug-133-6,6-2,6-1OtherFun late night match!
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJones, Mark No one-use bottlesAug-136-4,4-6Other10-5 in 3rd set.
Chatterjee, Sumitava Pitois, Gauthier Aug-136-3,6-4OtherNice evening at the Fairlington courts - thanks for the match, Gauthier
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesAug-126-0,6-1GlebeWe played a 3rd set for fun, which Will won 7-6. Nice quiet evening for playing.
Gyor, Stephen Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesAug-106-3,1-6,6-1MauryWild swings of momentum, fun match
Rojas, Guido Gross, Gary Aug-106-2,7-2Marcey RoadTie brake for the second set
Voth, James Varma, Umang Aug-106-3,7-5Glebe
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesAug-96-2,6-3OtherBabar is a tough out.
ahmed, babar Kapelski, Cory Aug-87-5,6-4OtherA pleasure playing the great Cory who has killer shots from both wings.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesAug-87-6,6-1Other
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Aug-76-3,6-2Marcey Road
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-75-7,6-2,7-6OtherLong grueling match. Third set 10-7 tiebreak.
Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-76-2,6-1Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesAug-76-3,6-2Glebe
Letada, Eric Varma, Umang Aug-76-4,1-6,6-3Other
Briscoe, Peter Seggerman, John Aug-76-1,6-3Marcey Road
Varma, Umang Wenning, Zak Aug-66-0,6-1Other
Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-66-4,7-6Quincy7-5 Tiebreak
Shupler, Matthew Wray, Will Aug-64-6,6-2,6-0Bluemont
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will Aug-56-3,6-2GlebeWill played well amid a series of distractions.
Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesPitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesAug-56-1,2-6,6-2Marcey Road
Ogrodnik, Robert Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesAug-56-0,6-1Quincy
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesTai, Christopher Aug-47-6,2-6GlebeChris is a really good opponent
Tobin, Benjamin KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesAug-46-2,6-3GlebeAn entertaining slugfest with Gytis.
Riley, John No one-use bottlesChatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesAug-46-3,6-3Bluemont
Tees, William No one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesAug-46-0,6-1Quincy
Pitchford, Brian Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesAug-46-3,6-1Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Martin, Larry No one-use bottlesAug-46-4,6-4Gunston
Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesAug-36-2,6-0Gunston
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesAug-37-5,6-3Glebe
Tobin, Benjamin ahmed, babar No one-use bottlesAug-26-0,6-4GlebeBabar really stepped things up in the second set to make this a very fun, competitive match.
Rojas, Guido Vogelsang, Daniel Aug-26-0,6-0Marcey Road
Voth, James Chatterjee, Sumitava Aug-27-6,7-5Quincy
Riley, John No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesAug-16-0,6-2Marcey Road
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-317-5,6-1OtherCompetitive first set; melted down in second set; anticipating rematch
Martin, Larry No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Jul-316-3,6-4Gunston
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-315-7,6-4,6-4QuincyEpic 3 hour match for a weekday evening.
Joyce, Mike Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesJul-306-0QuincyFun match. Had to end early due to court being reserved. (10-0)
Chatterjee, Sumitava Gyor, Stephen Jul-306-4,7-5BluemontAll these years playing, I have never had an easy match against Stephen
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesJul-306-3,6-4Bluemont
Blakemore, Chris Wray, Will Jul-303-6,7-5,6-3Bluemont
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-297-5OtherFun. almost 3 hours of tennis.
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-286-0,6-1Other
Chatterjee, Sumitava Varma, Umang Jul-287-6,6-4GlebeCrisp Fall-like evening and a great opponent
Riley, John No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesJul-286-2,6-1Gunston
Chatterjee, Sumitava Leach, Kirk Jul-276-2,6-2BluemontI would be in trouble if your 1st serves got in - nice match
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesJul-277-6,3-6,6-2OtherTough match, always a pleasure to play against Reid at his Centre Court
Mullen, Kesh Hafer, Thomas Jul-262-6,6-3OtherSet 3 was a tiebreaker: 10-5 Kesh
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-266-4,3-6,7-6OtherJames came with the heavy artillery - 10 aces, 30 passing shots, and consistent game. I was just lucky today.
Schneider, Allan Gross, Gary Jul-266-0,6-0Madison Manor
Turner, Steven Rojas, Guido Jul-266-1,6-7,7-6Marcey Road
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No carNo one-use bottlesJul-266-3,4-6,6-2OtherGreat morning for a match. Lots of momentum swings in this one.
Letada, Eric Naranjo, Gaston Jul-256-2,6-0Other
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-247-6,6-3OtherClean hitting from both sides, perfect weather, started raining 5 mins after we finished playing.
Leach, Kirk Binelli, John Jul-246-1,6-4Marcey Road
Ogrodnik, Robert Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesJul-246-2,6-0OtherMason District Park
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesPitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesJul-237-5,6-0Other
Chatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-236-4,6-4BluemontSlog-fest as usual. Absolute pleasure to play Vernon
chow, david Shupler, Matthew Jul-236-0,6-1Other
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesJul-236-0,6-1Quincy
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesTam, Dave Jul-226-1,5-7Glebe
Wenning, Zak Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesJul-226-2,6-4Gunston
Varma, Umang Pitchford, Brian Jul-226-1,4-6,6-2Other
Gyor, Stephen Grace, Michael J Jul-206-2,6-1Glebe
Voth, James Guevara, Juan Jul-196-4,6-2Bluemont
Tees, William Pierce, Greg Jul-196-7,6-3Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Leach, Kirk No carNo one-use bottlesJul-186-1,7-5Gunston
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-176-2,6-1OtherBeautiful morning for tennis. Hope to bring the score closer next time.
chow, david Wray, Will Jul-176-0,6-0Other
Riley, John No one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesJul-176-3,6-1Glebe
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-176-4,6-2OtherFun!
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJul-166-1,6-2Other
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJul-146-2,6-2HayesGreat morning for a match
Shupler, Matthew Briscoe, Peter Jul-146-4,6-1VA Highlands
Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesRohacek, Monica Jul-143-2TuckahoeRetired match
Gretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-137-6,7-6VA HighlandsLong exhilarating match. Needed tiebreakers to settle each set. Seeking rematch.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesJul-136-1,6-0Glebe
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-136-1,6-0Marcey Road
Turner, Steven Letada, Eric Jul-136-4,3-6,6-4Bluemont
Blakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesJul-135-7,6-3,7-5Other
Chatterjee, Sumitava Guzewich, Mark Jul-126-4,6-4BluemontClose tussle - as always with Mark.. Great evening of tennis
Gross, Gary No one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesJul-126-7,6-4VA Highlands7-5 Tiebreak; 10-6 (3rd set tiebreak)
Waxman, Dan No one-use bottlesVogelsang, Daniel No one-use bottlesJul-126-1,6-2Bluemont
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesLe, Andy Jul-126-2,6-2Bluemont
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Jul-116-4,3-6,7-6GlebeA great night for good tennis. Babar played very well, the match came down to a couple points.
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesJul-116-2,6-4Quincy
Mullen, Kesh Leach, Kirk Jul-116-3,7-5Gunston
Mullen, Kesh Leach, Kirk Jul-116-3,7-5Gunston
Cotten, Toby No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas No one-use bottlesJul-117-5,4-6Ft.ScottTom was gimby from injury lol
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-106-3,6-3OtherPlaying more than two hours, I couldn't get anything past Mark. Great match.
chow, david Tai, Christopher Jul-106-0,6-0Other
Garriepy, David Glick, Steven Jul-106-3,6-3Quincy
Blakemore, Chris Tees, William Jul-96-1,6-2Walter ReedCracked court, net height needs to be fixed
Shupler, Matthew Briscoe, Peter Jul-96-2,6-2VA Highlands
Pierce, Greg No one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesJul-76-4,6-3Wakefield
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesWenning, Zak No carJul-66-1,6-1VA Highlands
Le, Andy Ogrodnik, Robert Jul-46-3,4-6GunstonGusty winds well over 15mph made serving tough today
Tobin, Benjamin KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJul-14-6,6-1,7-5GlebeHot, grueling 2.5 hour match. It took everything I had to get past Gytis today, he played great.
Mullen, Kesh Ogrodnik, Robert Jul-16-3,6-3Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-306-3,6-4GlebeWill served very well. Most of our points and games were extremely close!
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesJun-296-1,6-1Gunston
Shupler, Matthew KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-296-4,4-6,6-1Glebe
Pierce, Greg Grace, Michael J Jun-284-6,6-0,6-2Other
Tai, Christopher No one-use bottlesSadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesJun-286-3,6-2Glebe
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJun-277-6,2-6,6-1BluemontAnother tight, intense match.
Lejeune, Miguel No carShupler, Matthew No carJun-266-4,6-1VA Highlands
Mullen, Kesh Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-266-2,6-4VA Highlands
KANCHAS, GYTIS Blakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesJun-257-5,4-6,7-6GlebeChris pushed me to the limit, his power game is finally clicking!
Riley, John No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-256-2,6-0Glebe
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-246-7,7-6,9-8GlebeGytis down 5-1 in 1st set - Tie break (8-6). Will down 5-1 in 2nd set - Tie break (7-5). 3rd set super tie breaker (10-8)
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesJones, Mark No one-use bottlesJun-246-3,6-3Other
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJun-246-1,6-4Glebe
Voth, James ahmed, babar Jun-246-0,6-1Glebe
Mullen, Kesh Wenning, Zak Jun-246-3,6-4VA Highlands
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesBlakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesJun-236-1,6-4Other
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesLejeune, Miguel No carNo one-use bottlesJun-236-4,6-2GunstonMoved to Gunston bc lights were completely out on one side of the court at VA Highlands...repairs to lighting needed
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesBlakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesJun-226-3,6-0GlebeChris has a very powerful first serve. When his serve is on, it is almost unreturnable.
Binelli, John Vogelsang, Daniel Jun-226-2,6-1Lyon Village
KANCHAS, GYTIS Blakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesJun-206-1,6-0GlebeChris has great serves, always fun to play another power hitter
Tai, Christopher No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJun-207-6,6-3Glebe
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jun-197-5,3-6,7-6OtherSpectacular backhand winners from James.
Pitchford, Brian Leach, Kirk Jun-196-2,6-1Gunston
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesWenning, Zak No one-use bottlesJun-176-0,6-0Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-176-1,6-3Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS ahmed, babar Jun-166-4,6-2Glebe
ahmed, babar Riley, John Jun-152-6,6-3,6-3OtherGruelling rallies. Impossible to hit a winner past John.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Jun-152-6,6-4,7-6TJ
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-156-3,6-3Glebe
Pierce, Greg Dresser, John Jun-153-6,7-5,7-3Wakefield
chow, david Guevara, Juan Jun-146-2,6-1Other
Seggerman, John ahmed, babar Jun-13DefaultOther
Tai, Christopher No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick Jun-136-1,7-6Bon Air
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesBlakemore, Chris No one-use bottlesJun-136-3,6-1Wakefield
Leach, Kirk Shoopman, Thomas Jun-106-3,6-4Other
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jun-106-1,6-3OtherPerfect weather. Clean hitting from both sides. Fun rallies.
Ogrodnik, Robert Wenning, Zak No one-use bottlesJun-96-2,6-3Gunston
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGlick, Steven No carNo one-use bottlesJun-86-3,3-6,6-2Hayes
Leach, Kirk Wenning, Zak Jun-86-3,1-6,6-3GunstonAnother long (2:10) three-setter with Zak
Lejeune, Miguel No carKANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-77-5,6-2VA Highlands
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJun-66-1,6-4Gunston
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJun-66-1,6-4Gunston
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesJun-67-5,7-6Other
Blakemore, Chris Voth, James Jun-66-2,7-5Madison Manor
Varma, Umang Shoopman, Thomas Jun-56-2,6-2Bluemont
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJun-56-2,3-6,6-4GlebeAnother fun and grueling match. Gytis hit a number of blazing winners.
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesJun-46-4,6-7,9-7OtherRazor thin match. Mark has some awesome top spin shots (third set was 10 pt tiebreak)
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesShoopman, Thomas Jun-46-2,6-2Other
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-46-3,6-2Bluemont
Guevara, Juan No carNo one-use bottlesSchneider, Allan No one-use bottlesJun-46-4,6-2TJ
Tai, Christopher No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Jun-36-1,7-5Glebe
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Jun-26-1,6-1Quincy
Varma, Umang Schneider, Allan Jun-26-2,6-4Glebe
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesJun-16-0,6-2OtherSuch a nice day for tennis that we played a third set for fun, which Jim won 6-4.
Blakemore, Chris Clauss, David Jun-16-4,6-4Other
Omps, Paul Sadlo, Scott Jun-16-2,6-3Lyon Village
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesRohacek, Monica No one-use bottlesMay-316-1,6-2TuckahoeMonica gets to just about everything. Match score does not reveal many long points and deuce/ad games.
Guevara, Juan No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-314-6,6-1,6-2TJ
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesMay-316-3,6-1Other
Shupler, Matthew Sadlo, Scott May-317-5,6-1VA Highlands
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick May-286-3,6-2Bluemont
Naranjo, Gaston No one-use bottlesDrucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesMay-266-2,6-4TJ
Ogrodnik, Robert Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-266-2,7-5Ft.ScottMassively long rallies, it took over 2 hours for 2 sets
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesMay-262-6,7-6,6-1OtherVery tough match. Looking forward to playing Reid again.
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesahmed, babar May-253-6,6-4,6-4Glebegreat rallies. thanks babar. lets play again
Le, Andy Clauss, David May-25DefaultTowers
Lejeune, Miguel No carShupler, Matthew No carMay-247-5,6-3VA Highlands
Le, Andy Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-246-1,6-3Lyon Village
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesRiley, John No one-use bottlesMay-247-6,6-3OtherA fun match on a great day for tennis. John runs everything down, it's nearly impossible to get a ball past him.
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesMay-206-3,6-4VA Highlands
Wenning, Zak Leach, Kirk May-203-6,6-0,6-4Gunston
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk May-194-6,6-3,6-3Gunston
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesMay-187-5,6-3QuincyWindy day, some long points along the way, fun morning match
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesGlick, Steven No one-use bottlesMay-186-3,6-1Bluemont
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesGross, Gary No one-use bottlesMay-176-0,6-2HayesGary put up a good fight. Let's hit again Gary!
Le, Andy Varma, Umang May-176-3,4-6,6-4Lyon Village
Schneider, Allan Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-166-2,5-7,6-2Quincy
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSchneider, Allan May-156-4,6-1Quincy
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesMay-156-3,6-1Bon Air
Blakemore, Chris Ogrodnik, Robert May-156-0,6-2Gunston
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesRiley, John May-146-0,6-4Marcey RoadCourts could use a good sweeping
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMay-147-6,6-2BluemontAnother fun match with Cory. Bluemont was a zoo.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk May-13DefaultGunstonKirk retired in 3rd.
KANCHAS, GYTIS Varma, Umang No one-use bottlesMay-126-1,6-0Glebe
Guevara, Juan No carNo one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesMay-116-4,7-6Gunston
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesMay-116-4,6-4OtherScott has a great serve-volley game and a deceptively powerful forehand.
Lejeune, Miguel No carSadlo, Scott May-106-3,6-3VA Highlands
Naranjo, Gaston No carNo one-use bottlesSchneider, Allan No one-use bottlesMay-95-7,6-2,6-4QuincyLong Match!
KANCHAS, GYTIS Voth, James May-96-0,6-0GlebeJames has a monster serve, many games went to deuce.
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesMay-86-3,7-5Bon AirWe started the day right at 6 am. Very tough but fun match.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMay-84-6,7-6,6-4BluemontTiebreaker was 8-6. I don't think Mike and I can play a match in less than three sets. I am sore today.
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesTam, Dave May-76-0,6-0Bluemont
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-66-2,6-2Maury
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael May-66-3,3-6,6-0QuincyPlayed on 5/5 at Bluemont, rain delay in the middle of second set. Finished match next day at Quincy.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesMay-66-3,6-2BluemontGreat match on a perfect night for tennis.
Blakemore, Chris Schneider, Allan May-56-0,6-1Walter Reed
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-46-0,6-3Walter ReedNo Windscreens present
KANCHAS, GYTIS Briscoe, Peter May-46-3,6-4BluemontA fun, technical match.
Sadlo, Scott Voth, James No one-use bottlesMay-37-6,6-4,6-3Marcey Road
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesPierce, Greg May-36-4,6-2Wakefield
Briscoe, Peter Sadlo, Scott May-36-3,6-1Quincy
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesDresser, John May-36-1,6-2Marcey Road
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesMay-36-2,6-1Other
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesRiley, John No carNo one-use bottlesMay-36-3,3-6,7-6Other
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J May-26-1,6-0Quincy
Feeley, Matthew Smith, Rory May-27-6,7-6Bluemont
Blakemore, Chris Leach, Kirk May-26-1,6-2Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesMay-16-3,6-1GlebeFun match. Umang has a tough serve!
Leach, Kirk Gross, Gary May-16-2,6-4Gunston
Voth, James ahmed, babar May-16-4,1-6,6-2Glebe
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesJones, Mark No one-use bottlesApr-276-2,6-1Other
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Apr-277-6,6-2Other
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesApr-276-4,6-0BluemontGood match. played a third set that went to tiebreaker.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesApr-276-1,6-0Other
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesVenezia, John No carNo one-use bottlesApr-276-1,7-6Other
Blakemore, Chris Guzewich, Mark Apr-276-4,6-2Other
Leach, Kirk Grace, Michael J Apr-266-2,6-3GunstonGood match on a beautiful morning
Riley, John No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesApr-266-3,6-1Gunston
Lejeune, Miguel No carShupler, Matthew No carApr-266-2,4-6,6-3VA HighlandsMatthew had to stop due to a blister.
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesTobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesApr-266-2,6-2Bluemont
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No carNo one-use bottlesApr-266-3,6-1OtherGreat weather, fun match, lots of deuce games and good rallies
Glick, Steven Dresser, John Apr-266-3,3-6,7-6Marcey Road
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesRiley, John No one-use bottlesApr-241-6,6-2,6-2Glebe
Ogrodnik, Robert Gross, Gary Apr-246-0,6-0VA HighlandsThe score was not reflective of the match with the Dueces and rallies.
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesApr-226-1,7-6BluemontGreat match, looking forward to playing Cory again soon. Tiebreaker was 10-8.
Riley, John No one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesApr-206-1,6-4VA Highlands
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesApr-206-2,6-2Gunston
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesApr-207-5,7-5GlebeGytis is a great opponent. The intensity of our points was off the charts.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Apr-201-6,6-1,6-2OtherRobert is a great opponent and we had lots of fun rallies in this streaky match.
Leach, Kirk Jones, Mark Apr-196-2,7-6Other
Voth, James Le, Andy Apr-196-2,6-0Lyon Village
ahmed, babar McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesApr-196-4,0-6,6-2OtherReid is a true sportsman. He also has a terrific game with both power and touch. Lots of fun, and at times painful rallies!
Ogrodnik, Robert Pierce, Greg No carNo one-use bottlesApr-196-1,6-2Other
Tobin, Benjamin No one-use bottlesSadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesApr-186-0,6-1Glebe
Tobin, Benjamin ahmed, babar Apr-176-1,6-2Glebe
Leach, Kirk Rohacek, Monica Apr-176-2,6-3Gunston
Ogrodnik, Robert Guzewich, Mark Apr-136-3,6-4BluemontStrong winds today
Omps, Paul Voth, James Apr-136-1,6-3Lyon Village
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesApr-126-0,6-3Otherold glebe 3 excellent courts
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesDresser, John Apr-127-5,6-2Marcey Road
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesApr-126-2,6-3OtherIt's always a pleasure to play against Umang.
Sadlo, Scott No one-use bottlesLe, Andy No one-use bottlesApr-106-0,2-6,6-1QuincyNight lighting at Quincy is horrendous.
Naranjo, Gaston No carLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesApr-106-4,6-3Quincy
Riley, John No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesApr-107-5,6-2Glebe
KANCHAS, GYTIS ahmed, babar No one-use bottlesApr-96-0,4-6,6-1GlebeEnjoyable match, glad to hammer the rust out
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-94-6,7-6,7-2TuckahoeTight match on a nice night. Fun playing with you Kirk, hope we can do it again soon
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesClauss, David No one-use bottlesApr-63-6,6-2,6-2OtherA tight and competitive three setter on a gorgeous day for tennis.
Smith, Paul Kiel No carNo one-use bottlesShupler, Matthew No carNo one-use bottlesApr-66-3,6-3VA HighlandsALL 6 COURTS seems very playable
Varma, Umang Ogrodnik, Robert Apr-66-7,6-1,7-6Glebe
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesApr-56-3,6-3Bluemont
ahmed, babar Voth, James Apr-36-2,6-3OtherClean, crisp rallies, and many enjoyable points. A pleasure to start the season playing the great James Voth
Hall, Kevin Anderson, Lawrence Aug-31DefaultOtherTie breaker 10-7 in Kevin's favor
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesSchneider, Allan No one-use bottlesAug-17-5,2-6,6-4Tuckahoe

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