2012 COED Ladder Results

Cantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesOct-286-0,6-3Bluemontthe rains stayed away just long enough for us to finish the match
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesOct-252-6,6-2,7-5Bluemont
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence Oct-246-2,7-5OtherClose, fun match on very nice night.
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesSmith, Rory No carNo one-use bottlesOct-226-4,7-6Other
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence Oct-226-1,6-2Quincy
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory Oct-216-4,6-1Kenmorebeautiful day, great match - watch out for Greg's forehand
ahmed, babar Voth, James Oct-216-3Otherclean hitting. and solid rallies as usual from James
kirk, stephen No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas No one-use bottlesOct-206-3,6-0Bluemont
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesOmps, Paul No one-use bottlesOct-176-4,6-3Marcey Road
Armstrong, Chris Sleeper, Jonathan Oct-176-4,7-6Marcey Road
Ogrodnik, Robert norin, reasmy Oct-166-4,6-1Bluemont
Seggerman, John Sleeper, Jonathan Oct-167-5,6-2Marcey Road
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carOct-146-2,6-4VA HighlandsA fun match on a beautiful fall day.
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad Oct-136-4,6-2Otheranother great match
Naranjo, Gaston Ogrodnik, Robert Oct-126-4,6-3Quincy
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit ahmed, babar Oct-116-1,6-2Glebe
Ogrodnik, Robert Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesOct-106-0,6-1OtherPlayed at Arlington Forest Club
Wall, Gregory DeNicola, Michael Oct-97-5,4-6,7-6HayesMatch couldn't have been any closer, it ended 11-9 in the 3rd set tiebreak. Let's play again soon.
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley Oct-97-5,4-6,6-2Ft.ScottThree hour match! Great playing!
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesOct-87-6Glebe
Cantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesClauss, David No one-use bottlesOct-66-3,7-5Ft.Scott
Naranjo, Gaston Sleeper, Jonathan Oct-43-6,6-1,6-3Hayes
Dresser, John Durand, Tamara Sep-306-2,6-1Other
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Sep-296-3,6-2Bluemont
Venezia, John Sleeper, Jonathan Sep-296-2,6-0Bluemont
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSep-276-4,6-1Bluemont
Footer, Evan Armstrong, Chris Sep-276-1,6-3Lyon Village
Ogrodnik, Robert Smith, Bradley Sep-256-2,6-2Bluemont
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesSep-256-2,6-2Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesSep-233-6,6-3,6-0Marcey Road
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesSep-237-5,5-7,6-3KenmoreLong match in very windy conditions.
Venezia, John Armstrong, Chris Sep-236-2,4-6,6-2Bluemont
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Sep-236-0,1-6GlebeBabar was gracious enough to play even though he was feeling under the weather. We should have a rematch when he's at 100%.
Dresser, John Herlihy, Craig Sep-226-3,6-0Bluemont
Rubin, Howard No one-use bottlesBruce, Peter Sep-216-3,6-3Quincy
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesSep-206-1,7-5Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Venezia, John Sep-206-3,6-4TowersGreat Match, lots of Duces and several VERY LONG games.
Nicholson, Ian Smith, Thomas Sep-207-5,4-6,9-7Bluemont7-5, 4-6, (9-7)
Voth, James ahmed, babar Sep-176-3,6-3Glebe
Ogrodnik, Robert Kushner, Ian No carNo one-use bottlesSep-166-4,6-4GunstonWe'll play a 3rd match soon.
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesNance, Scott No one-use bottlesSep-166-3,2-6,6-2Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesCotten, Toby Sep-166-4,7-5OtherToby was crushing the ball all match and kept me constantly on my heels.
Smith, Bradley Kushner, Ian Sep-157-5,6-1Other
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesSep-136-4,7-5Bluemont
Conaway, Kevin No one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesSep-126-2,6-2Walter Reed
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesSep-127-5,6-2Lyon Village
Herlihy, Craig No carJones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesSep-125-7,6-2,6-2Other
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesMarkowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesSep-107-6,6-7,7-5Lyon Village
Smith, Bradley No one-use bottlesKushner, Ian No carNo one-use bottlesSep-107-5,6-1Bluemont
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesSep-97-6,6-4Hayes
Cantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSep-96-3,7-5Bluemont
Miederhoff, Eric No one-use bottlesRoe, Charles No one-use bottlesSep-96-4,4-6,7-4BluemontAgreed to play a 7-point tiebreaker in lieu of a third set
Cotten, Toby Rojas, Guido Sep-67-6,6-0Glebe
Conaway, Kevin No one-use bottlesDesai, Neal No one-use bottlesSep-56-2,6-2TJ
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesSep-52-6,7-5,6-2VA HighlandsLong, fun match
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Wall, Gregory Sep-44-6,7-5,6-2Bluemont
Anbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas Sep-36-1,6-3Quincy
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby Sep-36-1,6-3Gunston
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesSep-36-7,6-3,7-5Marcey Road
Nicholson, Ian No one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley No carNo one-use bottlesSep-37-5,6-4Other
Voth, James Wall, Gregory Aug-316-1,4-6,7-6Kenmore
Twomey, Brian Rojas, Guido Aug-316-4,1-6,7-6Other3rd Set Tie-break
Footer, Evan Armstrong, Chris Aug-306-3,6-2Quincy
Robertson, Alexander No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-306-2,6-2Marcey Road
Kushner, Ian No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Aug-291-6,7-6,6-4Bluemont2nd set tiebreak was 8-6. Grueling, but very fun match.
Henry, Brian DeNicola, Michael Aug-296-3,6-3Marcey Road
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Cotten, Toby Aug-296-4,6-1Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-286-1,7-5GlebeBabar played two matches the day before. I don't know how he found the energy for another today. Thanks for playing.
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesNance, Scott No one-use bottlesAug-272-6,6-4QuincyQuincy lights where not sufficient for playing at night
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Aug-277-6GlebeA hard fought 1.5 hour set ending in a 11-9 tie break. Thanks to Babar for playing me after finishing a 3-set match with James.
Voth, James ahmed, babar Aug-276-3,4-6,7-5Glebe
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No carNo one-use bottlesAug-266-1,6-3OtherGrinding match. Most games went to multiple deuces and ads.
Cantrell, Kelley No carNo one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesAug-266-3,6-3Other
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby Aug-265-7,6-4,6-4GlebeToby has some of the best serves on the tour, tough match!
Twomey, Brian Sleeper, Jonathan Aug-266-3,6-1Lyon Village
Guzewich, Mark Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-256-3,6-2Bluemont
Kushner, Ian No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-247-5,6-2BarcroftMichael gave me a heck of a workout. Great match.
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesAug-246-3,6-4Hayes
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-236-1,7-5GlebeTOUGH MATCH, WELL PLAYED - as always
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesAug-234-6,6-4,6-3Quincy
Sleeper, Jonathan Leach, Kirk Aug-231-6,6-1,6-1Quincy
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Aug-216-1Ft.ScottThe rain started after the first set and Toby graciously decided to concede
Ogrodnik, Robert Keel, Jesse Aug-216-2,6-1Bluemont
norin, reasmy Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-204-6,6-4,7-5BluemontReasmy won a 3rd set tiebreaker 10 to 7
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Aug-206-2GlebeThe rain started as we finished the first set. Babar graciously conceded the match. We will play a full one soon.
Wall, Gregory Rojas, Guido Aug-196-1,6-2Marcey Road
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesAug-196-3,6-3Quincy
Grace, Michael J Fussell, Lauren Aug-196-0,6-0WakefieldDelightful match on a wonderfully cool morning
Venezia, John Yates, Mark Aug-196-4,6-2Bluemont
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesAug-186-3,6-0Walter ReedIt was a pleasure to finally play Jonathan after a number of years on the ladder together.
Petronzio, Ed Venezia, John Aug-170-6,7-6,6-4Other
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesAug-171-6,6-3,6-3OtherLong competitive match; many multiple deuce games
Ahmed, Hussnain No carNo one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesAug-167-6,6-3Othergood match! a lot of consistency from Mike.
Cotten, Toby Wall, Gregory Aug-166-4,6-3Wakefield
Petronzio, Ed Leach, Kirk Aug-166-4,7-6Gunston
ahmed, babar Voth, James Aug-166-2,3-6,6-2GlebeJames hit a barrage of forehand winners as usual. And I was scrambling just to be in the rallies.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesAug-166-3,6-1Gunston
sachdeva, sarbjot Drucker, Geoff Aug-146-4,6-4OtherConsistent game , good rallies !
Smith, Bradley Grace, Michael J Aug-136-3,6-4Bluemont
Mullen, Kesh Grace, Michael J Aug-126-2,6-0VA Highlands
Cotten, Toby Fisher, Quentin Aug-126-0,6-3Gunston
Ahmed, Hussnain No carMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesAug-126-0,6-2Walter ReedGreat match!
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesAug-126-1,6-2Wakefield
Cotten, Toby Clauss, David Aug-113-6,6-4VA HighlandsClauss retired
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred Aug-116-1,6-0Williamsbergnice day for a match - and a good opponent
Durand, Tamara Bruce, Peter Aug-116-3,6-4Other
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesAug-116-0,6-1Maury
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesAug-106-4,6-1Wakefield
Thompson, Fred ahmed, babar Aug-97-6,6-2GlebeBabar is a great sportsman and always a pleasure to play. Tough match on a hot day.
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Aug-96-3,6-4Bluemont
Leach, Kirk Pint, Eliana Aug-96-3,6-2Bluemont
Cotten, Toby Van Atta, Darrick Aug-86-2,6-3Tuckahoe
sachdeva, sarbjot Cutshall, Charles Aug-72-6,6-3,6-2BluemontTight games, fantastic first serves by Charles. Could have gone either way
Twomey, Brian Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesAug-66-3,2-6,6-1Ft.ScottLots of long points, fun match!
Cotten, Toby Sleeper, Jonathan Aug-57-5,6-3Tuckahoe
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad Aug-55-7,6-2Othergreat match, as always
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesTwomey, Brian No one-use bottlesAug-56-4,6-0Wakefield
Malawer, Gregg No carDeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesAug-56-2,6-0Quincy
KANCHAS, GYTIS Voth, James No one-use bottlesAug-42-6,6-4,6-3GlebeAnother tough match with James, his first serve is killer!
Venezia, John Leach, Kirk Aug-47-5,6-1Other
Voth, James Wall, Gregory Aug-36-3,0-6,6-3Wakefield
Drucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence No one-use bottlesAug-36-2,6-1VA Highlands
Sleeper, Jonathan Fisher, Quentin Aug-26-3,5-7,6-3Gunston
Mullen, Kesh sachdeva, sarbjot Aug-26-4,3-6,6-2VA Highlands
Naranjo, Gaston Venezia, John Aug-26-4,2-6,6-3Quincy
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesClauss, David No one-use bottlesAug-26-2,6-0VA Highlands
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesHenry, Brian No one-use bottlesAug-11-6,7-5BluemontVery close match unforchantly we had to play a third set tiebreak
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesAug-16-2,6-0VA Highlands
Wall, Gregory Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-316-2,6-3Bluemont
Clauss, David Rojas, Guido Jul-316-4,6-1VA HighlandsGood match despite a few rain delays
Voth, James Van Atta, Darrick Jul-307-6,6-4Kenmore
Seggerman, John Thane, Wynn Jul-30DefaultOther
Cutshall, Charles Anderson, Lawrence Jul-306-1,6-2WakefieldCourts were wide open...with large tufts of grass growing between the cracks.
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesJul-297-5,6-4Other
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesJul-296-3,6-4VA Highlands
Drucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No carNo one-use bottlesJul-296-0,6-1Other
Anderson, Lawrence Fussell, Lauren Jul-286-2,6-0Other
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesJul-281-6VA Highlands
Anderson, Lawrence Herlihy, Craig Jul-277-6,7-6Other
ahmed, babar Hafer, Thomas Jul-276-3,6-3GlebeGreat match. and brutal rallies from the great Tom Hafer!
Twomey, Brian Smith, Bradley Jul-276-0,6-2Other
Kushner, Ian No one-use bottlesKeel, Jesse No one-use bottlesJul-267-5,6-2Other
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-266-1,6-3Marcey Road
Wall, Gregory Voth, James Jul-266-4,1-6,6-3Wakefield
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan Jul-257-5,6-0Marcey Road
ahmed, babar KANCHAS, GYTIS Jul-256-1,6-7,7-6OtherMany great shots in super tough conditions from Gytis. It was decided by just one or two points here and there.
Rojas, Guido Pitchford, Brian Jul-253-6,6-2Marcey RoadTie braker for the third set
Thompson, Fred Fisher, Quentin Jul-244-6,6-1,6-1Bluemont
Mullen, Kesh No one-use bottlesKushner, Ian No carNo one-use bottlesJul-246-0,6-3VA Highlands
Smith, Bradley Donahue, Christopher Jul-246-2,6-4Wakefield
sachdeva, sarbjot Anderson, Lawrence Jul-237-6,6-4Other
Reichert, Amy Fisher, Quentin Jul-235-7,7-5,6-2GunstonGreat, competitive match!
Van Atta, Darrick Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-226-4,1-6,6-0Kenmore
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris Jul-226-3,6-2GlebeGreat hitting. Many winners from Chris.
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory Jul-226-3,7-6Walter Reed
Pitchford, Brian Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-216-4,6-2Other
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris No one-use bottlesJul-206-1,6-4VA HighlandsAnother good match!
Henry, Brian Markowitz, Brett Jul-196-3,2-6,6-2Bluemont
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesReichert, Amy Jul-196-1,6-3Glebe
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No one-use bottlesJul-196-0,6-1Other
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-194-6,6-3,7-6GlebeLightning, windy, thunder... but nothing could stop James' backhand winners all match long
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesJul-184-6,6-3,6-1VA Highlands
Van Atta, Darrick Thompson, Fred Jul-176-4,6-4Tuckahoe
Smith, Bradley Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-177-5,2-6Bluemont
Guzewich, Mark Smith, Bradley Jul-176-0,6-0Bluemont
Herlihy, Craig Smith, Bradley Jul-176-0,6-0Bluemont
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesHenry, Brian No one-use bottlesJul-176-4,6-4BluemontI'm slowly making it back from a broken/dislocated foot. Brian is the best 4.0 around. I shall give a rematch. Great sweat
Twomey, Brian Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-164-6,6-3,6-4Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS Jul-166-3,4-6,7-6Bluemont
Van Atta, Darrick Seggerman, John Jul-16DefaultTuckahoe
Wall, Gregory Venezia, John Jul-156-4,6-4Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesJul-156-1,6-2OtherBrutal conditions for a mid-day match today.
Desai, Neal Keel, Jesse Jul-156-4,6-3Hayes
Sampson, Vince Anderson, Lawrence Jul-146-4,6-2Quincy
Thompson, Fred Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-147-5,6-4TuckahoeAlways down to the wire with Jonathan! Tough match.
Dongre, Neal No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad No one-use bottlesJul-146-4,3-6,7-5VA Highlands
Fisher, Quentin Anderson, Lawrence Jul-136-4,6-2Gunston
Markowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesJul-131-6,6-2,6-0Quincy
Wall, Gregory Voth, James Jul-136-3,2-6,7-6Bluemont
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesDesai, Neal No one-use bottlesJul-126-3,6-1Marcey Road
ahmed, babar Wall, Gregory Jul-122-6,7-6,7-6Glebe3 hour match. Greg didn't let up for a minute. Great all round hitting. I got very very lucky with a few crucial points.
Twomey, Brian Thompson, Fred Jul-126-1,6-2QuincyGood match!
Voth, James Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-126-1,6-1Glebe
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesNance, Scott No one-use bottlesJul-116-2,5-7,6-4Marcey Road
Kushner, Ian No one-use bottlesKeel, Jesse No one-use bottlesJul-116-4,6-4WakefieldHad a great time playing with Jesse, and couldn't have asked for nicer weather.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-117-6,6-4GlebeAnother great match.
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesJul-116-4,6-3Bluemont
ahmed, babar sachdeva, sarbjot Jul-106-2,6-0GlebeSarbjot has really solid serves with huge side spin. And many solid rallies in the match. Cloudy and mild - perfect weather.
Anderson, Lawrence Bruce, Peter Jul-96-1,7-6QuincyMatch began on July 4 and was completed on July 9, 6-6(7-5)
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJul-95-7,7-5,6-3Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesGeorge, James No one-use bottlesJul-96-3,6-1OtherJames has some great trick shots up his sleave, fun match!
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesJul-96-1,6-1Ft.ScottMatch was much closer than score would indicate, almost every game went to deuce
Cutshall, Charles Grace, Michael J Jul-86-4,6-2BluemontCharles' first serve rivals Andy Murray's. Looking forward to next match once my vision has been restored.
Letada, Eric Yates, Mark Jul-86-3,6-0BluemontHOT!
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-76-3,6-3Glebegood match
Henry, Brian DeNicola, Michael Jul-76-2,6-2Hayes
Drucker, Geoff George, James Jul-76-3,6-7,7-3Other3rd set tiebreak because of heat
Adelman, Nathan No one-use bottlesHarbin, John No one-use bottlesJul-66-1,6-3Bluemont
Voth, James George, James Jul-66-2,6-2Bluemont
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-56-1,6-2GlebeRegularly saw blistering flat forehands going past me. And many really solid points.I got lucky too many times today
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-57-5,2-6Marcey Road
Henry, Brian Hafer, Thomas Jul-46-1,6-2Marcey Road
Henry, Brian Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Jul-36-1,6-4Bluemont
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred Jul-36-4,6-2GlebeTerrific serves from Fred. Every time we play he adds a new weapon to his game. Really enjoyed the match. Thank you Fred!
Clauss, David Thane, Wynn Jul-2DefaultOtherAfter 5+days and multiple e-mails, no response to challenge
Durand, Tamara Fussell, Lauren Jul-16-3,6-2Other
ahmed, babar Wall, Gregory Jul-16-4,7-6Glebe102 degrees. Power out everywhere. Perfect day for tennis. Greg played an amazing all round game as usual.
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Jun-306-0,6-3BluemontHOT !!!
Sleeper, Jonathan Pierce, Greg Jun-301-6,6-4TuckahoeThird set tiebreaker, 11-9.
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido Jun-306-1,6-0Tuckahoeactually pleasant temperature in the shade
Durand, Tamara Henretta, James Jun-307-5,7-5Other
Harbin, John No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Jun-306-6Marcey Road
Kilmer, Jerome DeNicola, Michael Jun-296-1,7-5Walter Reedfun match in hot weather
Henry, Brian KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-296-2,6-2Marcey Road
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesAndrade, Ayesha Jun-276-4,6-1VA Highlands
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesJun-276-1,6-1Bluemont
Fisher, Quentin Pint, Eliana Jun-276-3,6-3Gunston
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesReichert, Amy No one-use bottlesJun-276-1,6-0Bluemont
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesNaranjo, Gaston No one-use bottlesJun-276-1,6-2VA Highlands
Yates, Mark No one-use bottlesHerlihy, Craig No carJun-266-0,7-5Bluemont
Grace, Michael J Kushner, Ian Jun-256-1,6-1QuincyPrevailed solely because Ian hit some shots long. Looking forward to next time.
Markowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Jun-256-2,6-2Quincy
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-253-6,6-1,7-5BluemontLong match, Will has some great serves
DeMulder, Chris Varma, Umang Jun-256-4,6-4Bluemont
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana No one-use bottlesJun-256-1,6-0Bluemont
Grace, Michael J Herlihy, Craig Jun-246-7,6-4,6-2Bon AirLong (2.5 hours) exhilarating match. Craig's first serve mostly unreturnable.
Kushner, Ian Ogrodnik, Robert Jun-24DefaultGunston
Cutshall, Charles Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJun-246-1,6-1Bluemont
Dongre, Neal No one-use bottlesVenezia, John No one-use bottlesJun-236-4,7-5Bluemont
Pham, Keith Harbin, John Jun-236-1,6-2Bluemont
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesJun-236-3,7-5VA HighlandsVery competitive match!
Adelman, Nathan No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana Jun-206-0,6-2Bluemont
Omps, Paul Peng, Shawn No one-use bottlesJun-207-5,6-3Bluemont
Burpoe, Gene Thompson, Fred Jun-207-5,6-3TuckahoeContinuation of match
Burpoe, Gene Thompson, Fred Jun-207-5,6-3TuckahoeContinuation of match
Rojas, Guido Sleeper, Jonathan Jun-207-6,4-6Tuckahoetiebraker for the 3rd set, 11-9
Grace, Michael J Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJun-196-0,6-0OtherScore lopsided only because winner played aberrationally well. Looking forward to next time.
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred Jun-197-6,7-6GlebeFantastic play by Fred on very hot day. I was set points down but got lucky.
DeMulder, Chris Reichert, Amy Jun-196-3,6-0Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Shah, Chetan Jun-186-0,6-4GunstonThanks for playing Chetan
Voth, James ahmed, babar Jun-182-6,6-1,6-4Glebe
Naranjo, Gaston Pint, Eliana Jun-176-0,6-2Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Jaffar, Munira Jun-176-2,4-6,7-5OtherThanks for playing at Jefferson District...Good luck with your match tonight :)
sachdeva, sarbjot Durand, Tamara Jun-177-5,6-3Other
Rojas, Guido Thompson, Fred Jun-166-4Marcey Roadforfeit, Thompson left the court after loosing the first set
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley Jun-166-1,6-7,7-5Ft.Scott
Pitchford, Brian Leach, Kirk Jun-156-2,6-1Ft.Scott
Pint, Eliana Ogrodnik, Robert Jun-154-6,6-4,7-5GunstonGreat game.! Thanks for helping me up from the ground after we finished the first set, I was so tired.
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesYates, Mark No one-use bottlesJun-146-3,6-2Other
Perez, Pablo Seggerman, John Jun-146-4,6-2Marcey Road
Adelman, Nathan No one-use bottlesDongre, Neal No carNo one-use bottlesJun-136-3,7-6Bluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Reichert, Amy Jun-136-0,6-1TuckahoeMatch was closer than the score indicates.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jun-136-1,6-7,7-1Glebe
Omps, Paul Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Jun-126-1,6-3Quincy
Perez, Pablo Thompson, Fred Jun-116-2,6-4Marcey Road
Reichert, Amy Perez, Pablo Jun-106-1,4-6,7-6Quincy
Henretta, James Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJun-106-2,6-2Other
Harbin, John No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred Jun-106-2,6-2Tuckahoe
Rojas, Guido Leach, Kirk Jun-106-4,6-4Tuckahoe
Adelman, Nathan No one-use bottlesBeauvois, Jean philippe No one-use bottlesJun-95-7,6-4,6-1BluemontReally competitive matchup. Tough 3-setter. Jean Phillipe is tough!
Voth, James ahmed, babar Jun-87-6GlebeTimed match. James won. Clean hitting and solid points.
Yates, Mark Reichert, Amy Jun-76-4,6-3Wakefield
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesJun-73-6,6-2,6-2Hayes
Dongre, Neal No one-use bottlesJanson, Rob No one-use bottlesJun-76-3,6-3Other
Adelman, Nathan Nedelman, Rachel No one-use bottlesJun-66-2,6-0MauryRachel was great to play with!
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-56-2,4-6,6-1Hayes
Voth, James ahmed, babar Jun-46-4,7-5Glebe
Thompson, Fred Andrade, Ayesha Jun-46-0,6-2Ft.Scott
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesPerez, Pablo Jun-46-4,6-2Wakefield
Jaffar, Munira norin, reasmy Jun-46-4,6-2OtherPlayed at Jefferson
ahmed, babar Varma, Umang Jun-37-6,6-4GlebeCould not get any winners past Umang, everything just kept on coming back. Very nice rallies!
Venezia, John Hooper, Molly Jun-25-7,6-0Hayes
Nance, Scott Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit May-316-3,6-0Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS Thane, Wynn May-317-6,6-0Marcey RoadAwesome power hitting with Wynn
Leach, Kirk Fisher, Quentin May-316-4,7-6Gunston
DeMulder, Chris Thompson, Fred May-316-7,7-5Wakefield10-7 tiebreaker
Smith, Thomas Perez, Pablo May-306-0,6-2BluemontFamily affair, Pablo's wife played ladder match on adjacent court!
Venezia, John Reichert, Amy May-306-2,6-2Bluemont
Thompson, Fred Rojas, Guido May-301-0Marcey RoadForfeit
Nance, Scott Kapelski, Cory May-296-4,7-5Marcey Road
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesMay-296-2,6-1BluemontChris has some great serve and volley game, let's play again!
Herlihy, Craig No carRoe, Charles May-286-4,6-2Bluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Fisher, Quentin May-286-2,5-7,6-0Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesahmed, babar May-276-3,7-5Lyon Village
Drucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesHenretta, James No one-use bottlesMay-266-1,6-2TJ
Pham, Keith Burpoe, Gene May-266-4,7-6Wakefield
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesBeauvois, Jean philippe No one-use bottlesMay-266-3,6-2Quincy
Dongre, Neal No carNo one-use bottlesOsborne, Paul No one-use bottlesMay-266-2,6-1Bluemont
Reichert, Amy Jaffar, Munira May-256-4,6-7,7-6Quincy
ahmed, babar Voth, James May-253-6,7-6,7-6GlebeAs usual non-stop blistering forehands from James. And many solid points.
Yates, Mark Grace, Michael J May-246-2,6-3Bluemont
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesMay-244-6,7-6,7-6Bluemont
Thompson, Fred Fisher, Quentin May-237-6,6-1BluemontQuentin was indestructible when the serve was rocking
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesMay-226-4,6-1Quincy
Burke, Sean No one-use bottlesYates, Mark No one-use bottlesMay-221-6,6-4,6-4Other
DeMulder, Chris ahmed, babar May-213-6,6-3Other
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMay-217-6,4-6,7-5QuincyGreat match, let's play again sometime.
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesMay-206-4,6-3OtherAlways fun to play at Reid's Tennis Center
Buttars, Broc No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad No one-use bottlesMay-196-3,6-1Wakefield
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesMay-196-2,6-2Glebe
Rojas, Guido Reichert, Amy May-186-0,6-1Marcey Road
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris May-176-4,6-4GlebeSaw dozens of winners go by me. Very tough match.
Buttars, Broc No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John May-176-4,6-0Towers
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesPerez, Pablo No one-use bottlesMay-176-2,6-0Bluemont
Jaffar, Munira Fisher, Quentin May-177-5,4-6OtherNice of Quentin to come to Jefferson District Park
KANCHAS, GYTIS Voth, James May-167-6,6-4BluemontGreat match. James ran me crazy, I probably lost 3 pounds today!
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred May-156-2,1-6,7-6Marcey Road
Markowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesPerez, Pablo No carNo one-use bottlesMay-156-1,6-0Quincy
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James May-146-4,6-1Quincy
Varma, Umang Naranjo, Gaston May-136-4,6-2Other
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesMalawer, Gregg No carNo one-use bottlesMay-136-1,6-3QuincyTemp was about 90 on the court. The shots I was missing lately are starting to fall in. I Thank Genesis string & chiropractor
Pierce, Greg Reichert, Amy May-136-4,6-2Wakefield
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesHooper, Molly May-136-2,6-1TowersMolly's a great new addition to the singles ladder.
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesOmps, Paul No one-use bottlesMay-126-3,7-6TuckahoeBring a broom. Great second set ( 9-7 breaker)
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred May-126-1,6-4GlebeAnother very good match! Thank you Fred.
Petronzio, Ed Thompson, Fred May-116-4,2-6,6-3Marcey Road
ARANDA, Carlos Anbinder, Tyler May-116-2,6-4Glebe
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesThane, Wynn No one-use bottlesMay-112-6,6-2,6-4Bluemont
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesPerez, Pablo May-106-3,6-4BluemontBien jugada
Sleeper, Jonathan Leach, Kirk May-107-6,6-3Marcey Road
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesClauss, David No one-use bottlesMay-106-4,7-5GlebeGreat match to start the season, David has phenomenal net game.
Letada, Eric Reichert, Amy May-106-3,6-3Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit May-106-0,4-6,6-4BluemontMatch was played over course of 3 days due to lighting/rain outs.
Venezia, John Jaffar, Munira May-106-0,6-2Bluemont
Pint, Eliana sachdeva, sarbjot May-96-3,6-1BluemontMust have been my lucky day ! Dreaeding playing her again ;)
Voth, James Seggerman, John May-86-4,6-2Bluemont
Yates, Mark Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesMay-86-2,6-3TuckahoeIt didn't rain, a miracle!
Chatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesMay-76-4,6-4WakefieldGreat morning tennis. Thanks Greg.
Thompson, Fred Leach, Kirk May-73-6,6-4,7-5GlebeKirk played really well -- it was a narrow escape
Sleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesReichert, Amy No one-use bottlesMay-76-1,6-3Tuckahoe
Perez, Pablo Armstrong, Chris May-76-4,6-3Quincy
Thane, Wynn Kapelski, Cory May-62-6,6-4Other
Malawer, Gregg No carPeng, Shawn May-66-1,6-1Quincy
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred May-66-4,6-4GlebeDramatic improvement from Fred over last 6 months. Gruelling match under some perfect weather.
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesDesai, Neal No one-use bottlesMay-66-0,6-3Hayes
Varma, Umang Jaffar, Munira May-66-1,6-2Other
Robertson, Alexander No one-use bottlesahmed, babar May-56-0,6-3Glebe
Anbinder, Tyler Nance, Scott May-56-2,6-3OtherPlayed at the Arlington Y
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesPetronzio, Ed May-56-2,6-4Bluemont
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesVoth, James May-46-0,6-7,6-2Hayes
Perez, Pablo DeMulder, Chris May-33-6,7-5,7-6Wakefield
Leach, Kirk Reichert, Amy May-36-3,7-6HayesFun match with Amy
Sleeper, Jonathan Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesMay-34-6,6-3,6-2Bluemont
Thompson, Fred Jaffar, Munira May-36-0,6-1Marcey Road
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesMay-36-4,6-3Glebe
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesThane, Wynn No one-use bottlesMay-26-3,6-2Tuckahoe
Petronzio, Ed Leach, Kirk May-26-4,6-4Towers
Voth, James Wall, Gregory May-27-5,7-5Bluemont
Thane, Wynn Voth, James May-26-1,6-3Bluemont
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesHarbin, John May-26-2,6-2TowersGood match, will play again
Andrade, Ayesha Henry, Brian May-2DefaultOther
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesMay-16-0,6-0Other
Cahoon, Eric No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesMay-16-3,7-5Hayes
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar May-16-0,6-2Glebe
Peng, Shawn Markowitz, Brett May-14-6,6-2,6-2Bluemont
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Apr-306-1,6-2Marcey RoadExciting match, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesApr-302-6,6-2TuckahoeGreat match Jonathan. 13-11 tiebreak for a third set.
Pint, Eliana Jaffar, Munira Apr-306-4,6-2Bluemont
Rackley, Jessica Jaffar, Munira Apr-296-0,6-0Bluemont
Wall, Gregory Dongre, Neal Apr-296-2,6-0TJ
Sleeper, Jonathan Shah, Chetan Apr-296-0,6-2Tuckahoe
Peng, Shawn Cotten, Toby Apr-286-0,6-1Quincy
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesBruce, Peter No one-use bottlesApr-280-6,6-4,7-5Other
Pierce, Greg Yates, Mark Apr-286-3,6-4Wakefield
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Schellman, Nicolas Apr-272-6,6-2,6-2Marcey Road
Reichert, Amy Fussell, Lauren Apr-276-2,6-3Hayes
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Apr-266-4,5-7Ft.Scott
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesApr-266-0,6-0Wakefield
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesApr-266-3,6-1Glebe
Perez, Pablo Leach, Kirk Apr-256-2,6-2Marcey Road
ahmed, babar Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Apr-254-6,7-5,6-3Glebetough match. Kumar played great and hit some unbelievable lobs.
Perez, Pablo Burpoe, Gene Apr-246-1,7-5Gunston
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesApr-246-3,2-6,6-2Bluemontanother in a line of three setters.
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Apr-244-6,6-3,7-6Glebe
Osborne, Paul Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesApr-226-2,6-2Other
Pint, Eliana Reichert, Amy Apr-216-3,6-4OtherGreat match
Malawer, Gregg No carThane, Wynn Apr-216-0,6-3Quincy
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesApr-217-5,6-2OtherIt's always a pleasure to play Umang. We managed to get this one in before the rain.
Petronzio, Ed Perez, Pablo Apr-206-4,2-6,7-6Bluemont
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesPeng, Shawn Apr-206-3,6-4GunstonShawn had me by the balls each set. This guy is super fast and fit
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesApr-207-6,6-3Glebe
Grace, Michael J Henretta, James Apr-195-7,6-0QuincyMany long points and games. Had to settle match by playing a tiebreaker.
Perez, Pablo Pint, Eliana Apr-196-4,6-3Quincy
Sleeper, Jonathan Yates, Mark Apr-196-2,6-2Marcey Road
Perez, Pablo Chatterjee, Sumitava Apr-197-6,6-1Quincy
Voth, James Letada, Eric Apr-182-6,6-4,6-0Bluemont
Armstrong, Chris Leach, Kirk Apr-186-7,7-5,6-2Marcey Road
Perez, Pablo Stoehr, Anne Apr-177-5,6-1Hayes
Burpoe, Gene Rojas, Guido Apr-166-3,6-3Marcey Road
DeMulder, Chris No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesApr-166-4,7-6VA Highlands
ahmed, babar Perez, Pablo Apr-163-6,6-3,7-6GlebeA touch match. Pablo played many amazing points.
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesDesai, Neal Apr-166-2,6-1Langston B
Pint, Eliana Grace, Michael J Apr-156-3,6-1QuincyWarmup and two sets took nearly two hours. Many long points and games.
Thompson, Fred Armstrong, Chris Apr-156-1,1-6,6-4Marcey RoadSaved by a couple of good serves in the last game -- tight match!
Petronzio, Ed Mazingarbe, Estelle Apr-146-3,7-5Quincy
Varma, Umang Armstrong, Chris Apr-146-3,4-6,6-1Hayes
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James Apr-146-3,0-6,6-4OtherAs the scoreline indicates, this was a strange match, we were living and dying by our serves the whole way
Sirola, Henry Roe, Charles No carNo one-use bottlesApr-134-6,6-3Bluemont
Voth, James ahmed, babar Apr-126-3,3-6,6-1Glebe
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-126-1,6-1Hayes
ahmed, babar Wall, Gregory Apr-126-3,3-6,7-6GlebeAll round solid game from Greg with many forehand winners. A lot of fun. I was 2 points from defeat but the net cord helped out.
Sirola, Henry Roe, Charles No carApr-124-6,6-4BluemontRan out of time to complete the match. Determined winner by racquet spin.
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-126-3,6-4VA Highlands
Schellman, Nicolas Thompson, Fred Apr-116-3,2-6,6-1Marcey Road
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-116-1,6-3WakefieldChilly night, but a good match.
Venezia, John Burke, Sean Apr-116-2,6-3Other
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Apr-116-1,6-4Walter ReedGusting wind made things interesting. We need to play again in better conditions.
Markowitz, Brett Wray, Will Apr-107-5,6-2Glebe
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesMalawer, Gregg No carApr-96-3,6-4Quincygotta love the wind baby. happy Easter
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris Apr-94-6,6-3,7-6GlebeFantastic match. Many great shots by Chris. And huge improvement since last year.
Roe, Charles No one-use bottlesJones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesApr-86-4,6-2Other
Cahoon, Eric No one-use bottlesCirkovic, Miodrag No carNo one-use bottlesApr-86-1,6-1Quincy
Rojas, Guido Sleeper, Jonathan Apr-86-3,4-6Marcey Roadten point tie braker for the third set
ahmed, babar Varma, Umang Apr-86-3,6-4GlebeTough match with Umang. Watch out, he's been working on a new back hand, which sent at least 10 winners by me
DeMulder, Chris Thompson, Fred Apr-86-2,3-6,6-3Wakefield
Petronzio, Ed Leach, Kirk Apr-76-7,7-5,7-6TJ
Burpoe, Gene Henretta, James Apr-76-1,6-2Wakefield
Janson, Rob Pint, Eliana Apr-76-3,6-2Other
Sleeper, Jonathan Chatterjee, Sumitava Apr-56-1,2-6,6-3Marcey Road
Pitchford, Brian Steiner, Todd No carNo one-use bottlesApr-54-6,6-1,6-1Bluemont
welch, Colin No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas No one-use bottlesApr-46-2,6-4OtherFirst match of the Alexandria Tennis Ladder!
Thompson, Fred Leach, Kirk Apr-46-3,7-5GlebeI was lucky to catch Kirk on an off day.
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesApr-36-0,6-2Hayes
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesApr-27-5,6-2BluemontThanks to Hunter for letting me borrow a racquet when I broke my strings!
Steiner, Todd No carNo one-use bottlesPint, Eliana No one-use bottlesApr-16-1,7-5BluemontGreat first match! We will play again
Leach, Kirk Roe, Charles Apr-16-1,6-1Bluemont

For questions or concerns please contact ladders@actatennis.org