2011 COED Ladder Results

McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesVoth, James Oct-306-4,6-3QuincyJames was kind enough to lend me one of his racquets after I broke the strings on my only stick.
price, jerry No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesOct-302-6,6-1,6-4Marcey RoadThanks, Kirk, for participating in my last ACTA Ladder match- it's off to Boulder, CO Nov 9th!
Pint, Eliana Steiner, Todd Oct-306-4OtherTodd got injured during the second set and had to stop playing.
Gill, Bernie Dodson, Roger Oct-306-3,6-3Marcey Road
ARANDA, Carlos Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Oct-264-6,6-0,6-0Other
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesRojas, Guido Oct-256-3,7-5Marcey RoadFun match, will definitely play again!
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris Oct-256-1,7-6Wakefield
Leach, Kirk Janson, Rob Oct-256-3,7-5Bluemont
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesARANDA, Carlos Oct-256-2,6-3,6-7TuckahoePlayed third set for fun. Call 571-238-0265 (Arl Co. Parks & Rec evening) to remove floor hockey players from courts.
Markowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesArehart, Tom No one-use bottlesOct-256-4,6-2Quincy
Pint, Eliana Jaffar, Munira Oct-236-3,7-6Bluemont
Leach, Kirk Cai, Tiger Oct-237-6,6-4Gunston
Naranjo, Gaston Cai, Tiger Oct-232-6,6-2,6-2Gunston
Anbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas Oct-236-0,6-0Glebe
Sleeper, Jonathan Pierce, Greg Oct-227-5,6-2Wakefield
Peng, Shawn Hafer, Thomas Oct-226-2,6-2Bluemont
ARANDA, Carlos Voth, James Oct-216-3,6-4Bluemont
ARANDA, Carlos Rogers, Brad Oct-217-6,6-3VA Highlands
Leach, Kirk Weeks, Jeff Oct-203-6,7-5,7-6Gunston
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesOct-206-4,6-2Marcey RoadHappy to be back from injury and playing tennis again. Thanks for the challenge Mike, always a pleasure!
Malawer, Gregg No carOmps, Paul No one-use bottlesOct-186-3,6-4Bluemont
Thompson, Fred Bajpayi, Anirudh Oct-17DefaultBluemont
Greenwood, Alexandra No carSmith, Hunter Oct-176-3,6-3QuincyLots of great points!
Thompson, Fred Dodson, Roger Oct-166-2,6-2Glebe
Naranjo, Gaston Cai, Tiger Oct-167-5,6-4GunstonAnother 2 hours match...
Gill, Bernie Thompson, Fred Oct-156-3,6-3Marcey Road
DeMulder, Chris Jaffar, Munira Oct-136-2,6-1Wakefield
Fisher, Quentin Henretta, James Oct-116-4,6-2Gunston
Leach, Kirk Grace, Michael J Oct-106-0,6-1Marcey Road
price, jerry No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesOct-106-4,6-2GlebeLong match- took 3 months to finish! (1st set in August & 2nd in October). Played a 3rd set today for fun.
Naranjo, Gaston Gill, Bernie Oct-106-4,6-4Marcey RoadTwo hour match
Naranjo, Gaston Bajpayi, Anirudh Oct-106-2,5-7,6-2QuincyAnother 2.5 hours match
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesSchellman, Nicolas Oct-106-3,6-4Hayes
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad Oct-81-6,7-5,6-1Otheranother great match with Brad
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred Oct-86-0,6-3KenmoreSurprisingly hot day. Fred played a great match. Many solid winners flying past me.
Rogers, Brad Seggerman, John Oct-73-6,6-2Other
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesOct-66-1,6-1OtherJefferson Park courts in Fairfax are really gritty, not recommended if you value your ankles.
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesprice, jerry No one-use bottlesOct-67-6,6-0Lyon Village
Henretta, James No one-use bottlesBruce, Peter No carNo one-use bottlesOct-46-1,4-6,7-6Maury
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesVoth, James Oct-4DefaultBluemont
Voth, James Seggerman, John Oct-4DefaultBluemont
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesOct-46-0,7-6Bluemont
DeMulder, Chris Bajpayi, Anirudh Oct-36-3,3-6,7-5Wakefield
Harbin, John Stover, Jon Oct-26-2,6-3BluemontCool, windy day but a fun match.
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesSep-304-6,6-0,6-1Other
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottleston, hung No one-use bottlesSep-296-4,6-0Bluemont
Schellman, Nicolas Armstrong, Chris Sep-286-2,6-2Quincy
ton, hung Polseno, Tom Sep-286-1BluemontI won 6-1 1st set, 1-0 2nd set, it then rain, Tom decide to retire/lost
Dodson, Roger Leach, Kirk Sep-284-6,6-3,7-5Marcey Road
Rogers, Brad Schellman, Nicolas Sep-266-2,6-0Other
DeMulder, Chris Armstrong, Chris Sep-266-4,3-6,7-5Other
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesGill, Bernie No one-use bottlesSep-256-3,6-1Bluemont
Naranjo, Gaston Leach, Kirk Sep-256-4,6-1Gunston
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Sep-246-1,6-2Bluemontgood match - humidity almost did me in
Gill, Bernie Leach, Kirk Sep-246-4,6-2Marcey Road
Cai, Tiger Chung, YoungJae Sep-247-6,6-1Gunston
Naranjo, Gaston Bajpayi, Anirudh Sep-224-6,7-6,7-6QuincyA four hour match.
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Seggerman, John Sep-216-2,6-3Glebe
Peng, Shawn Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesSep-204-6,6-4,7-5BluemontLong match over three and half hours, was lucky enough to pull it off from 0:5 down in third set. Thanks for playing, Brett.
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Sep-206-3,7-5BluemontGood match but lots of puddles and fog!
Voth, James DeMulder, Chris Sep-206-4,6-2Wakefield
Cantrell, Kelley DeNicola, Michael Sep-207-6,4-6Bluemont3rd set tiebreaker 10-8. couldn't have been much closer. fun match
Cotten, Toby Chatterjee, Moinak Sep-196-4,4-6Marcey Roadtiebreak 15-13
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesSep-191-6,6-1,6-4BluemontGreat Match
Cai, Tiger Leach, Kirk Sep-196-7,6-1GunstonSet 3: 10-6 Tiebreak
Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesMarkowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesSep-197-5,6-4Other
Naranjo, Gaston Cai, Tiger Sep-186-1,3-6,6-4Gunston
Gill, Bernie Rojas, Guido Sep-186-2,6-7,8-6Marcey Roadtie breaker for third set.
Cutshall, Charles No carNo one-use bottlesHenretta, James No one-use bottlesSep-186-3,6-0Other
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesChan, Trevor No one-use bottlesSep-177-5,6-4Tuckahoe
Bailey, Tsuneko Steiner, Todd Sep-176-3,6-1BluemontLet's play again when you are injury free.
Cai, Tiger kaveti, vin Sep-171-6,6-0,6-0Gunston
Varma, Umang Gill, Bernie Sep-176-4,4-6,6-4BluemontI don't remember the exact score, so it might be a little off
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesSep-172-6,6-3,7-6Bluemont
Kapoor, Rishi Cirkovic, Miodrag Sep-166-1,6-0Quincy
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesSchellman, Nicolas No one-use bottlesSep-166-3,7-6Lyon VillageGreat match Nico. Look forward to playing again soon
Leach, Kirk Cai, Tiger Sep-157-5,6-2Gunston
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana No one-use bottlesSep-146-0,6-0OtherThanks for the great rallies, Eliana! Again, let me know if you want a re-match.
Weeks, Jeff Bajpayi, Anirudh Sep-146-7,6-2,6-3Bluemont
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Cotten, Toby Sep-147-5,7-5Bluemont
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesSep-136-3,6-2KenmoreAlways great playing with you Dave. Look forward to the next time.
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesSep-136-2,6-1Other
Voth, James DeNicola, Michael Sep-136-2,2-6,6-2Bluemont
Smith, Paul Kiel Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesSep-136-3,2-6,6-4Otherinjured my back in the first set and will need a week or 2 to recover.
Cutshall, Charles ton, hung Sep-111-6,7-5,6-2BluemontGreat match!
Malawer, Gregg No carHobart, Robert No one-use bottlesSep-115-7,6-3,6-3Quincy
Voth, James Bajpayi, Anirudh Sep-116-3,6-4Bluemont
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesKapoor, Rishi Sep-116-2,6-2OtherFinally a nice day for tennis after a week of endless rain.
Rojas, Guido Chatterjee, Sumitava Sep-116-3,6-2Marcey Road
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesHobart, Robert No carNo one-use bottlesSep-106-3,6-4Other
Cai, Tiger Leach, Kirk Sep-102-6,6-1,6-1VA Highlands
Malawer, Gregg No carOmps, Paul No one-use bottlesSep-105-7,6-1,6-3Other
Chatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesSep-96-1,7-5BluemontWhat a comeback on 2nd set, Kirk. I know you are going to after me.
Naranjo, Gaston Sleeper, Jonathan Sep-56-4,6-1Marcey Road
Hudson, Bo Smith, Thomas Sep-46-4,6-1OtherJefferson Park in Fairfax
Henretta, James No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No one-use bottlesSep-46-2,6-3Other
ARANDA, Carlos Van Atta, Darrick Sep-36-2,6-1Kenmore
Smith, Thomas Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Sep-26-2,6-3BluemontCourts good
Leach, Kirk Lehner, George Sep-24-6,6-3,7-6Gunston8-6 in third set tiebreaker
ARANDA, Carlos Sleeper, Jonathan Sep-26-1,6-1Other
Haubner, Greg Tam, Dave Sep-16-2,6-0Wakefield
Dodson, Roger Polseno, Tom Aug-316-0,6-2Marcey Road
Thomas, Josh Nedelman, Rachel Aug-316-4,4-6,6-4Other
Leach, Kirk Fisher, Quentin Aug-316-4,6-1Gunston
Thompson, Fred Weeks, Jeff Aug-317-6,6-0Tuckahoe
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesAug-316-7,6-0,7-6Lyon VillageIt was a tough match. Haven't played like it for a while. Great match Mike.
Chatterjee, Sumitava Tuladhar, Sandeep Aug-316-3,6-4BluemontWith lights out on four courts, we had to wait for 45 minutes to find a court. It was a good evening of tennis. Thanks Sandeep
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Aug-307-5,1-6Ft.Scott11-9 in 3rd set tb
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesAug-306-4,3-6,6-0GlebeAnother great match with Mike, his line serves are awesome!
Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesCirkovic, Miodrag No carNo one-use bottlesAug-296-0,6-2Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesAug-296-2,5-7,6-2Maury
Cutshall, Charles Gerstein, Brett Aug-296-3,2-6,6-2Bluemont
Harbin, John No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesAug-286-1,2-6,6-4WakefieldVery windy but we made the most of it. Great match!
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael Aug-276-3,6-3Otherhumid like you wouldnt believe - but good match before the storm
Dodson, Roger Leach, Kirk Aug-266-4,6-4Marcey Road
Malawer, Gregg No carMarkowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesAug-266-2,6-3Quincy
Chatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesCirkovic, Miodrag No carAug-266-2,6-4QuincyGood comeback on the 2nd set, Miki. Just got this one in under the clouds of Irene...and a rainbow!
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesSchellman, Nicolas No one-use bottlesAug-266-1,6-1Lyon Village
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Voth, James Aug-267-5,6-2Bluemont
Naranjo, Gaston Tobler, Charles Aug-256-4,6-2Other
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesprice, jerry Aug-247-5,6-1Marcey Roadtough match; thanks, jerry
Thompson, Fred Leach, Kirk Aug-246-4,6-2Marcey Road
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKolowski, Joseph No one-use bottlesAug-244-6,6-2,9-1GunstonWe played a 10 point tiebreak for the third set since we were running late. Another great match with Joe.
Peng, Shawn DeNicola, Michael Aug-236-1,6-1Bluemont
Dodson, Roger Burpoe, Gene Aug-237-5,6-4Marcey Road
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James Aug-236-1,6-4Wakefield
DeMulder, Chris Cirkovic, Miodrag No carAug-236-1,6-4Quincy
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris Aug-226-2,6-3Marcey Road
Smith, Paul Kiel Malawer, Gregg No carAug-216-2,6-3Quincyrevenge baby. nice and humid :)
Malawer, Gregg No carSmith, Paul Kiel Aug-207-6,1-6,7-5Gunston
Cotten, Toby Greenfield, Matthew Aug-206-1,6-4OtherHaines Pt. Clay Tournament
Pierce, Greg No one-use bottlesTuladhar, Sandeep No one-use bottlesAug-206-1,6-0Other
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred Aug-196-0,6-2Tuckahoe
Schellman, Nicolas price, jerry Aug-196-3,6-3Marcey Road
Kapoor, Rishi Drucker, Geoff Aug-19DefaultGunstonGeoff had to leave the match early
Nance, Scott Cotten, Toby Aug-186-1,6-4Glebe
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido Aug-186-2,6-3Marcey Road
Grace, Michael J Henretta, James Aug-186-7,7-6,6-4QuincyLong close match. Needed tiebreakers to decide first two sets.
Schellman, Nicolas Thompson, Fred Aug-176-3,7-6Tuckahoe
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesMarkowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesAug-176-2,6-2Tuckahoe
Dodson, Roger Leach, Kirk Aug-172-6,7-5,6-3Marcey Road
Drucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesWeber, Steve No one-use bottlesAug-177-6,6-2Marcey Road
Chen, Gary Kapoor, Rishi Aug-177-6,6-2Other
Chen, Gary Kapoor, Rishi Aug-177-6,6-2Other
Peng, Shawn Cotten, Toby Aug-166-1,6-2Gunston
Van Atta, Darrick Gyor, Stephen Aug-166-2,6-4Kenmore
Schellman, Nicolas Van Atta, Darrick No carAug-166-3,6-4Kenmore
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesAug-163-6,6-2,6-3WakefieldIf it were not for a couple lucky net points by me the match would have gone Cory's way
DeMulder, Chris Weeks, Jeff Aug-166-4,7-5Wakefield
ton, hung Fetterman, Michelle Aug-166-0,6-0Wakefield
Martin, Ron Stolpe, Samuel Aug-156-4,6-3VA Highlands
Thompson, Fred Dodson, Roger Aug-157-5,6-3Marcey RoadHard to get a ball past Roger
Leach, Kirk Steiner, Todd Aug-156-1,6-1Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesAug-151-6,7-5,6-2BluemontGreat match great courts great weather
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesAug-146-3,6-3BluemontJames has a booming serve and killer passing shots, good match
Stolpe, Samuel Fetterman, Michelle Aug-147-6,7-5Quincy
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesAug-146-4,6-1Walter ReedThis was closer than the score indicates. It's always a pleasure to play Umang.
Schellman, Nicolas Weeks, Jeff Aug-136-4,6-1Gunston
Cotten, Toby Kapoor, Rishi Aug-126-0,6-1Gunston
Hobart, Robert Henry, Brian Aug-126-4,6-3OtherBrian is very good. I bet he at least cracks top 5 on the ladder. We will play again this year.
Leach, Kirk kaveti, vin Aug-123-6,7-6,6-0Marcey Road
price, jerry No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido No one-use bottlesAug-126-2,6-4Marcey RoadContinuation of rain delayed match- much nicer weather this time!
Sleeper, Jonathan Dodson, Roger Aug-113-6,6-3,6-2Marcey Road
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesAug-116-2,6-0Glebe
DeMulder, Chris Harbin, John Aug-116-4,4-6,7-5Wakefield
Nance, Scott Kapelski, Cory Aug-106-2,3-6,6-2Kenmore
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesAug-106-1,6-7,6-4Williamsbergseveral lights out, and kind of weak
Rojas, Guido Tam, Dave Aug-101-6,6-1,7-5Marcey Road
Osborne, Paul Stolpe, Samuel Aug-96-0,6-2Quincy
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesAug-95-7,6-2Tuckahoe10 pt tiebreak in lieu of third set (11-9). Great match Jonathan.
Drucker, Geoff Henretta, James Aug-96-4,6-1Walter Reed
Weeks, Jeff Kapoor, Rishi Aug-96-2,5-7,6-1Gunston
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesAug-96-3,6-3WilliamsbergGreat match
Chatterjee, Sumitava No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris Aug-97-5,2-6,7-6WakefieldWe had to play chess to figure out each other's game. Great game, Chris. Anytime.
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesSteiner, Todd Aug-96-2,6-1VA Highlands
Dang, Nhu Fetterman, Michelle Aug-96-3,6-4Hayes
Weber, Steve Durand, Tamara Aug-86-2,6-4OtherGood running and sweating in the August heat, enjoyed it!
Henry, Brian Peng, Shawn Aug-86-3,6-4Wakefield
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesAug-86-1,6-4Glebe
kaveti, vin Tam, Dave Aug-87-5,6-3WakefieldFirst set was very challenging, Thanks for playing David. I want to play with you next time.
Gyor, Stephen Dodson, Roger Aug-76-7,6-0,6-1Marcey Road
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesRogers, Brad Aug-70-6,6-3Lyon VillageHot day, long points... good match
Gyor, Stephen Weeks, Jeff Aug-66-2,6-7,6-1WakefieldFun match, hope to play again
Polseno, Tom No carNo one-use bottlesSteiner, Todd No one-use bottlesAug-67-5,6-3Lyon Village
Harbin, John No one-use bottleskaveti, vin No one-use bottlesAug-67-6,7-5WakefieldNice and cool weather, great match!
Gill, Bernie Sleeper, Jonathan Aug-66-0,6-2Marcey Road
Weeks, Jeff Dodson, Roger Aug-56-2,7-5Marcey Road
Cotten, Toby Smith, Thomas Aug-56-4,2-6,7-6Gunston
Hobart, Robert Omps, Paul Aug-56-4,6-2OtherPaul has a really nice serve and forehand. We will play again sometime soon.
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh Aug-46-2Marcey Road
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesAug-46-2,3-6,6-3Marcey RoadPower tennis at its best.
Sleeper, Jonathan kaveti, vin Aug-42-6,6-4,6-1Wakefield
Thompson, Fred Stover, Jon Aug-46-3,6-2Tuckahoe
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesHenry, Brian No one-use bottlesAug-4DefaultBluemontI think the head got to Brian during this one. He had to quit in the 2nd set. Look forward to the next one.
Nance, Scott DeNicola, Michael Aug-36-0,6-4Marcey Road
Van Atta, Darrick Thompson, Fred Aug-37-5,6-3Bon Air
Voth, James Cirkovic, Miodrag Aug-26-3,6-1Quincy
O'Connell, Mike No carHenretta, James Aug-26-2,6-2Other
Weeks, Jeff Fisher, Quentin Aug-26-3,7-6Gunston
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesAug-27-5,6-2Other
Weeks, Jeff Stover, Jon Aug-16-4,4-6,6-4Wakefield
Harbin, John No one-use bottlesDodson, Roger No one-use bottlesAug-16-2Marcey RoadGreat match on a (relatively) cool evening!
Fussell, Lauren No carNo one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No one-use bottlesJul-316-4,7-6Other
Grace, Michael J Durand, Tamara Jul-316-4,6-2OtherTwo competitive sets including multiple deuce-ad games
Weeks, Jeff Chatterjee, Sumitava Jul-306-3,7-6Bluemont
Weeks, Jeff Polseno, Tom Jul-306-2,6-4Hayes
Cirkovic, Miodrag No carNo one-use bottlesSteiner, Todd Jul-303-6,7-6,6-2Quincy
Henry, Brian DeNicola, Michael Jul-286-1,6-1Bluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Leach, Kirk Jul-286-3,6-7,6-2Wakefield
kaveti, vin Newman, Robert Jul-286-4,6-1WakefieldNice game Robert, first set was very challenging.
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesManus, Eduardo Jul-276-2,6-0Williamsbergone net needs repair at Williamsburg
ahmed, babar Varma, Umang Jul-276-2,6-3Marcey RoadUmang has terrific returns and powerful ground strokes.Several rallies went beyond 10 shots, and most of them won by Umang.
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesluchner, doug No one-use bottlesJul-276-3,6-3Bluemont
Weeks, Jeff Fisher, Quentin Jul-271-6,6-3,6-0Gunston
kaveti, vin Steiner, Todd Jul-276-1,6-0VA HighlandsThanks for coming for the game Todd. That was nice playing with you.
Grace, Michael J Hagemann, Robert (Bob) Jul-266-1,6-2Lyon VillageBeautiful morning; caught the weather's turn and had fun.
price, jerry No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-266-4,2-6,6-3Bon AirBon Air courts have been resurfaced and have new nets. Other than road noise, it's a nice place to play.
Lee, Jeffrey Kapoor, Rishi Jul-264-6,7-6GunstonThis was a crazy match that I barely won via super tiebreak (10-5) in lieu of a 3rd set.
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJul-267-6,6-2Marcey Road
Henry, Brian KANCHAS, GYTIS Jul-256-3,6-1Tuckahoe
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesWeber, Steve No one-use bottlesJul-257-3,7-5Bluemont
Schellman, Nicolas Kapoor, Rishi Jul-236-3,6-1Gunston
Pham, Keith Harbin, John Jul-235-7,6-1,6-0BluemontBurning oven out there today
Dillinger, Karl Gill, Bernie Jul-226-1,6-2Other
Harbin, John Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesJul-226-2,2-6,6-0TuckahoeA long awaited match and I look forward to a second one!
Thompson, Fred Fisher, Quentin Jul-206-2,4-6,6-1BluemontThe heat nearly beat us both -- tough match!
Smith, Paul Kiel Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesJul-206-3,6-4OtherPlayed at Arlington Forrest @ 12 noon. You can only imagine how hot it was. wow. dam good training for tournaments
Rojas, Guido Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-204-6,6-2,7-3Marcey RoadThird set tiebreak 10-3
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesJul-196-4,6-2BluemontAnirudh has improved tremendously this year, a pleasure to play with.
Peng, Shawn Kapelski, Cory Jul-194-6,6-2,6-0Wakefield
Schellman, Nicolas Fetterman, Michelle Jul-196-1,6-1Quincy
Van Atta, Darrick Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-196-2,6-7Bluemont9-7 in tiebreak
Grace, Michael J Hagemann, Robert (Bob) Jul-187-5,6-2Lyon VillageBeautiful morning; beat the heat. Intensely competitive first set.
Schellman, Nicolas Watson, Courtney Jul-186-1,6-1Maury
Newman, Robert Fussell, Lauren Jul-186-0,6-3Bluemont
Henretta, James Bruce, Peter Jul-176-4,6-4Maury
Osborne, Paul Hagemann, Robert (Bob) Jul-176-0,6-1Lyon Village
Gyor, Stephen Polseno, Tom Jul-177-6,6-3Marcey Road
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-176-3,6-0Bon Air
Dodson, Roger Tam, Dave Jul-176-2,7-5Marcey Road
Anbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas Jul-176-2,6-4Glebe
Stover, Jon Pierce, Greg Jul-176-2,6-4WakefieldGreat match, Greg!
Rojas, Guido Thompson, Fred Jul-176-2,6-4Marcey Roadvery hot
Gyor, Stephen Sleeper, Jonathan Jul-166-0,6-1Tuckahoe
Rogers, Brad Hafer, Thomas Jul-166-3,6-4Other
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris Jul-156-3,7-5KenmoreChris's serve is like a missile. And every time I thought I hit a winner it came right back. Lots of deuces. Tough match.
Henry, Brian Hafer, Thomas Jul-156-2,6-3Williamsberg
Gill, Bernie Dodson, Roger Jul-156-1,6-3Marcey Road
Grace, Michael J Clem, Melinda Jul-146-1,6-1HayesGlorious morning; many games went to multiple deuces.
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesJul-146-2,6-4Bluemont
Stover, Jon Gerstein, Brett Jul-147-6,6-3OtherGreat match, Brett! Really close, really fun.
Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesStover, Jon No one-use bottlesJul-136-1,6-4Hayes
Nance, Scott Kolowski, Joseph Jul-137-5,6-2Marcey Road
Tobler, Charles Cutshall, Charles Jul-126-4,6-2OtherCharles gets to everything, and has a thumping serve. Fun match, lots of good rallies.
Van Atta, Darrick Thompson, Fred Jul-127-6,6-2Tuckahoe
Bajpayi, Anirudh Harbin, John Jul-126-3,6-4Quincy
Manus, Eduardo No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesJul-124-6,6-4,6-2Bluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesJul-116-2,6-4Walter Reed
Steiner, Todd Fisher, Quentin Jul-117-5,3-6GunstonThird Set was 11-5 (tiebreaker). Hot and grueling. Quentin was gracious to play 3rd set tiebreaker. He covers court well
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesAnbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesJul-116-2,6-3Glebe
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKolowski, Joseph No carNo one-use bottlesJul-106-7,6-2,6-3OtherGreat match!
Cutshall, Charles Henretta, James Jul-107-5,6-1BarcroftCourts were available...air conditioning was not. Started playing at 9AM and still couldn't beat the heat.
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesDillinger, Karl Jul-96-4,6-0Marcey Road
Schellman, Nicolas Gyor, Stephen Jul-96-0,6-3Ft.Scott
Tuladhar, Sandeep Fisher, Quentin Jul-96-1,6-2Bluemont
Naranjo, Gaston Pint, Eliana Jul-96-0,6-4Gunston
Bajpayi, Anirudh Rogers, Brad Jul-97-6,3-6,2-6Other
Rogers, Brad Bajpayi, Anirudh Jul-96-7,6-3,6-2Other
price, jerry No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJul-96-2,6-3Marcey Road
Pham, Keith Bermudez, Willy Jul-96-2,6-2Walter Reed
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido Jul-96-2,6-2Lyon Villagegood match as always - courts there are nice
Grace, Michael J Hagemann, Robert (Bob) Jul-86-0,7-6HayesCompetitive second set; needed tiebreaker to settle it.
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJul-76-2,7-6OtherGreat weather, great tennis
Kopleff, Adam Kapelski, Cory Jul-77-6,7-5Ft.Scott
Tam, Dave Pint, Eliana Jul-76-3,6-2KenmoreEliana played a hard fought match.
price, jerry No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesJul-76-7,7-5,6-4Marcey Road
Nance, Scott Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-66-1,6-1Marcey Road
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael Jul-66-1,6-2WilliamsbergHOT DAY - good match. Mike is a good player - I was dogging by the end
Anbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS Jul-66-3,6-1Glebe
Leach, Kirk Polseno, Tom Jul-66-3,7-5Marcey Road
Omps, Paul Markowitz, Brett Jul-65-7,6-3,7-6BluemontDogfight. Lights on court 3 need repair.
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana Jul-56-4,6-1Gunston
Thomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesAndrade, Ayesha Jul-56-3,6-1Bluemont
Bajpayi, Anirudh Yesolitis, Chuck Jul-56-4,3-6,6-4Bluemont
Varma, Umang DeMulder, Chris Jul-56-2,2-6OtherThird set tie break (10,7)
Kolowski, Joseph No one-use bottlesRobertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesJul-43-6,6-1Lyon Village10 pt tiebreak in place of 3rd set (11-9)
Durand, Tamara Grace, Michael J Jul-46-4,6-3Other
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesJul-46-4,6-3OtherChris has a very good court coverage.
Gill, Bernie Bailey, Tsuneko Jul-46-2,6-1Maury
Gill, Bernie Rojas, Guido Jul-36-3,4-6,9-7Lyon Villagethird set tie breaker.
Stover, Jon Lo, James Jul-36-0,6-0WakefieldFun game, James. Waaaaay closer than the score indicates.
Pint, Eliana Henretta, James Jul-26-3,7-6Other
Gyor, Stephen Fucci, John Jul-26-0OtherJohn had to retire, hope to play again.
Kapoor, Rishi Tuladhar, Sandeep Jul-26-3,6-1Kenmore
Tam, Dave Pham, Keith Jul-26-4,6-3Kenmore
Kolowski, Joseph No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJul-26-0,6-4Glebe
Harbin, John No one-use bottlesprice, jerry No one-use bottlesJul-26-3,6-4Marcey RoadGreat match!
Thomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesHagemann, Robert (Bob) Jul-26-0,6-0Other
Dillinger, Karl Gill, Bernie Jul-17-5,7-6Marcey Road
Nance, Scott Voth, James Jul-16-3,7-6Tuckahoe
Leach, Kirk Pint, Eliana Jul-16-4,6-3Marcey Road
Kapoor, Rishi Durand, Tamara Jul-16-1,6-0Other
Smith, Thomas Greenfield, Matthew Jun-306-0,6-0GunstonMatt will be tough in a few weeks once he gets his timing
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-307-5,7-6BluemontGood match. Let's play again
Omps, Paul Hafer, Thomas Jun-296-0,6-1Tuckahoe
Schellman, Nicolas Gerstein, Brett Jun-296-4,6-3Wakefield
Dillinger, Karl Rojas, Guido Jun-296-1,6-2Marcey Road
Letada, Eric Leach, Kirk Jun-296-4,6-2Bluemont
kaveti, vin Burke, Sean Jun-294-6,6-4,6-1OtherIt was great playing with you Sean. I have never seen serve like you do (come like a bullet). Look forward to playing again.
Dodson, Roger Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesJun-286-1,4-6,6-1Walter Reed
DeMulder, Chris Fisher, Quentin Jun-286-3,6-2Jennie Dean
Henretta, James No one-use bottlesOsborne, Paul No one-use bottlesJun-276-2,6-4Bluemont
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesJun-276-4,6-1Bluemont
Gyor, Stephen Thomas, Josh Jun-266-2,6-2Wakefield
Pint, Eliana Fisher, Quentin Jun-264-6,6-1,6-4Other
Stover, Jon Nedelman, Rachel Jun-263-6,6-4,7-6Quincy(3rd set was a tie-breaker.) Fun match, Rachel! I got lucky here, and look forward to playing you again.
Kolowski, Joseph No carNo one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesJun-266-0,6-1Other
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesJun-266-1,6-1Lyon Village
Rojas, Guido Leach, Kirk Jun-266-4,6-0Lyon Village
Varma, Umang Cirkovic, Miodrag Jun-266-0,6-0Tuckahoe
Dodson, Roger Leach, Kirk Jun-256-3,4-6,6-1Marcey Road
Tam, Dave Fisher, Quentin Jun-256-0,6-1Kenmore
Pham, Keith Kivov, Michael Jun-256-3,2-6,6-3Kenmore
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesJun-254-6,6-4,6-3Lyon Village
Stover, Jon Clem, Melinda Jun-256-3,6-0Quincy
Armstrong, Chris Cirkovic, Miodrag No carNo one-use bottlesJun-256-3,6-7,6-4Lyon VillageGreat playing Miki. Look forward to playing again sometime
Voth, James Varma, Umang Jun-256-4,1-6,6-2Tuckahoe
Chen, Gary Gerstein, Brett Jun-256-3,6-3Bluemont
Lee, Jeffrey Burke, Sean Jun-246-3,6-1OtherPlayed at community-only courts next to Abingdon Elementary School
Anbinder, Tyler No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJun-246-2,6-0Glebe
Chan, Trevor Cantrell, Kelley No carJun-246-4,6-1Other
Haubner, Greg Dillinger, Karl Jun-243-6,6-1,7-5Glebe
Chan, Trevor Kapelski, Cory Jun-236-1,6-0Gunston
DeMulder, Chris Polseno, Tom Jun-236-1,6-4Bluemont
Tobler, Charles Fisher, Quentin Jun-226-2,6-3OtherLots of deuce games. Quentin has great serves and volleys. My strategy of boring folks to death paid off this time!
Dodson, Roger Pitchford, Brian Jun-226-2,6-2Walter Reed
price, jerry Rojas, Guido Jun-226-1,6-2Marcey Road
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesJun-226-4,3-6,6-4BluemontAbsolutely brutal match. I need a month to recover.
Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesChan, Trevor Jun-226-4,5-7,6-1Other3 hrs. in heat and humidity. Trevor played a great second set. He played a lot like Steve Abbelar if any of you remember him.
Weeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesTobler, Charles No one-use bottlesJun-216-4,2-6,6-4Gunston
Schellman, Nicolas Weeks, Jeff Jun-213-6,6-2,6-4Gunston
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesJun-216-0,6-1Lyon Village
Kapoor, Rishi Gyor, Stephen Jun-217-5,6-3Gunston
DeMulder, Chris Tam, Dave Jun-212-6,6-2,6-0Wakefield
Armstrong, Chris Varma, Umang No one-use bottlesJun-203-6,7-5,6-3WilliamsbergTough, tough match Umang. This one really could have gone either way. Look forward to the next one.
Tuladhar, Sandeep No one-use bottlesStover, Jon Jun-186-3,6-3Glebe
Pham, Keith Gill, Bernie Jun-186-1,6-4WakefieldHot day with the sun overhead, but a good match, especially in the second set.
Rojas, Guido Polseno, Tom Jun-183-6,6-4,6-1Lyon Village
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred Jun-166-2,6-4Marcey RoadFred has a terrific serve. At least 6 or 7 aces flew by me. And he is very quick. Everything came back again and again!
Grace, Michael J Schirduan, Paul Jun-166-1,6-3QuincyCloser than scores indicate; great way to start a new day
Leach, Kirk Cirkovic, Miodrag Jun-156-1,6-2Quincy
Dodson, Roger Fisher, Quentin Jun-156-3,6-3Marcey Road
Bajpayi, Anirudh Kapoor, Rishi Jun-156-2,6-0Bluemontmatch interrupted due to court reservation
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesWeeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesJun-156-4,6-2GunstonJeff is going to be dangerous when he gets into a rhythm. Great playing with you, Jeff.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesJun-156-3,6-2Williamsberg
Ryan, Matthew Cantrell, Kelley No carNo one-use bottlesJun-156-4,6-3Walter Reed
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Jun-146-3,6-0WilliamsbergI tightened the net but strap is still broken
Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesJun-146-7,7-6,6-1KenmoreSuch an awesome match with Dave. This one could have gone either way. Look forward to playing again!
Gao, Jeff Kapoor, Rishi Jun-146-2,6-3Other
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKolowski, Joseph No one-use bottlesJun-146-1,6-3WakefieldThanks for the match. I look forward to our next one.
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesJun-146-4,6-1Bluemont
Smith, Paul Kiel Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesJun-136-2,6-4Othergreat cool day finally. rob: coolibar.com & google : comet elenin , then watch the youtube trailer of the movie Deep Impact
Peng, Shawn KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-136-1,6-4OtherGood match. Thanks for playing, Gytis.
DeMulder, Chris Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesJun-137-5,6-4Wakefield
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesJun-136-2,7-5TuckahoeGreat weather, great tennis
Tobler, Charles Burke, Sean Jun-136-1,6-2OtherFun match--Sean has a big game. We played a third set for fun, which Sean won.
Varma, Umang Harbin, John Jun-136-3,4-6,6-3Other
Gyor, Stephen Clem, Melinda Jun-126-0,6-1QuincyMelinda, thanks for playing
Thompson, Fred Cirkovic, Miodrag Jun-126-1,6-3Marcey Road
Gyor, Stephen Popa, Horia Jun-116-0,6-1Ft.ScottHoria, thanks for playing.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesHarbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesJun-116-1,6-1Kenmore
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesKolowski, Joseph No one-use bottlesJun-112-6,7-6,6-3GlebeTough 3.5 hour match in 90 degree heat.
Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJun-111-6,6-4,6-4HayesAlways a blast to play with Kirk. The heat just about took us both out.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJun-116-4,6-4OtherCory forced me to slice and dice because he's just too strong from the baseline. The heat and humidity were brutal.
Hassan, Zeb Fetterman, Michelle Jun-116-1,7-6Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJun-106-1,6-1Marcey Road
Thompson, Fred Tam, Dave Jun-96-2,6-4Marcey Road
Omps, Paul Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Jun-96-1,6-3Bluemont
Seggerman, John Thompson, Fred Jun-86-3,3-6,7-2Tuckahoe
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesMartin, Ron No one-use bottlesJun-86-3,6-1Kenmoregreat playing with you Ron. Look forward to playing again sometime soon.
Lee, Jeffrey Tobler, Charles Jun-86-4,6-3OtherPlayed at Arlington Forest Club
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesFisher, Quentin No one-use bottlesJun-86-3,6-3HayesQuentin, great playing with you as always. Look forward to the next time
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesMarkowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesJun-87-6,6-4Ft.ScottHeat and bugs at 9PM.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJaffar, Munira No one-use bottlesJun-86-0,6-0Bluemont
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJun-86-4,6-2BluemontPhew!! Glad that the match didn't drag too long. Brutal weather. Felt like Australia in January
Tobler, Charles O'Connell, Mike No carNo one-use bottlesJun-76-4,6-2OtherGood, fun match. When Mike gets his big fhand and serve grooved--watch out!
Grace, Michael J Clem, Melinda Jun-76-4,6-1HayesClose competitive match (two sets in two hours). Looking forward to the rematch!
Kivov, Michael Nguyen-Phuong, Jonathan Jun-76-1,6-2VA HighlandsJonathan just getting the ACTA singles career started and was rusty. He has the game...watch out come summer.
Schellman, Nicolas Weeks, Jeff Jun-76-4,5-7,6-2Gunston
O'Connell, Mike No carNo one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No one-use bottlesJun-76-4,7-6Other
Varma, Umang DeMulder, Chris Jun-76-4,7-5Other
Rojas, Guido Cutshall, Charles Jun-66-2,3-6,7-2Lyon Villageplayed tie braker for the third set
Leach, Kirk Weeks, Jeff Jun-66-1,6-2Ft.Scott
Manus, Eduardo DeMulder, Chris Jun-66-4,7-5Wakefield
Tuladhar, Sandeep Gerstein, Brett Jun-56-3,6-2BluemontA brutal match on a hot Sunday
Sirola, Henry No carFetterman, Michelle Jun-56-1,6-2Maury
Tuladhar, Sandeep No one-use bottlesJones, Karen Jun-46-1,6-1Glebe
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesJun-46-2,6-4OtherReid has great speed and excellent drop shots. Enjoyable match, let's do it again.
Gyor, Stephen Stover, Jon Jun-46-2,6-1OtherJon's first ACTA match ever and my first in three years, a good time
Gill, Bernie Polseno, Tom Jun-46-0,6-7,6-2Marcey Road
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesThomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesJun-46-4,6-1QuincyGreat match!
Kivov, Michael Tam, Dave Jun-40-6,7-5,6-4Kenmore"Grueling" doesnt do this one justice. I counted 1,240,117 total strokes in just the last 2 sets.
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesWeeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesJun-37-6,7-5GunstonNo wind nets at Gunston is rough. Jeff was so very gracious to wait on me for so long. Great playing. Tough, tough match!
Letada, Eric Cirkovic, Miodrag Jun-37-5,6-1Quincy
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby Jun-37-6,6-1Ft.Scottwas down 5-2 in first before putting the rally cap on!
Cutshall, Charles Grace, Michael J Jun-26-4,6-4Barcroft5:45 a.m. not a soul in sight. Great way to start the morning! Exhilarating!
Dodson, Roger Leach, Kirk Jun-13-6,6-3,6-1Marcey Road
Schellman, Nicolas Weeks, Jeff May-316-4,7-5Gunston
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesMay-312-6,6-3,6-0KenmoreFinished a match we started a few weeks ago. It was a great match...VERY HOT!
DeMulder, Chris Popa, Horia May-316-2,7-5Wakefield
Osborne, Paul Grace, Michael J May-306-2,6-0Wakefield
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesRobinson, Kendal No one-use bottlesMay-306-3,6-0BluemontKendal has a great serve, thanks for the challenge
Rogers, Brad Chen, Gary May-304-6,6-4,7-6OtherI won 11-9 in 10-point tie breaker, in lieu of 3rd set.
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesMay-306-0,6-0OtherHOT!!
Leach, Kirk Weeks, Jeff May-307-6,7-5Marcey RoadBrutal 2.5 hour match in 90+ degree early evening heat. REALLY glad to avoid a third set. Jeff is a great competitor.
Schellman, Nicolas Thomas, Josh May-296-3,6-3Wakefield
Durand, Tamara Henretta, James May-286-4,7-5Other
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-286-0,6-1TuckahoeFred is a great competitor. Always a fun match
Naranjo, Gaston Varma, Umang May-284-6,6-4,6-1WilliamsbergAnother three hours match.
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas May-284-6,6-3,6-0Bluemont
Gill, Bernie price, jerry May-286-3,6-3Marcey Road
Cirkovic, Miodrag No carNo one-use bottlesFisher, Quentin May-276-7,6-2,6-3Quincy
Thompson, Fred Fisher, Quentin May-266-2,6-3Bluemont
Thomas, Josh Gerstein, Brett May-264-6,6-2,6-1Bluemont
Seggerman, John Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit May-26DefaultMarcey Road
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesSmith, Thomas No one-use bottlesMay-266-3,6-4Ft.Scott
ahmed, babar DeMulder, Chris May-266-4,6-4WakefieldExtremely tough match. I will need one month to recover! Chris has a lethal top spin forehand and is a great sportsman.
Twomey, Brian Thomas, Josh May-256-3,6-1Marcey Road
Tam, Dave Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesMay-256-1,6-3Wakefield
Weeks, Jeff Henretta, James May-256-1,6-0Gunston
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS May-256-0,6-4BluemontStarted over from a match from last week, where we split sets and got rained out in the third
Lee, Jeffrey Cirkovic, Miodrag May-256-2,6-2QuincyWe had to wait over 1 hour to get a court (we showed up at 7pm)
price, jerry No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesMay-256-3,6-7,6-2Marcey RoadLong, tough match (over 3 hours). Thanks Jon!
Letada, Eric Kapoor, Rishi May-256-2,6-7BluemontPlayed 3rd Set Tiebreak 10-5
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris May-246-1,7-5WakefieldChis had a major charge in the second set. I barely held on.
Dang, Nhu Fetterman, Michelle May-246-4,4-6,7-6BluemontIt was an amazing intense 3.5 hour match. Both players played hard and had many great long rallies and plays. Awesome match!
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesMay-236-2,6-7,7-5WakefieldGreg - it was great playing with you. Look forward to playing again soon (set 2 tiebreak)
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMay-236-4,7-5WakefieldAlways tough to play Cory, glad the weather finally got better
Thomas, Josh No one-use bottlesReifer, Chad No one-use bottlesMay-236-2,6-3Wakefield
Weeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesFussell, Lauren No one-use bottlesMay-226-1,6-2Gunston
Weeks, Jeff Treworgy, David No carNo one-use bottlesMay-226-2,6-1Other
Gill, Bernie Leach, Kirk May-216-4,6-0Marcey Road
Kivov, Michael Bajpayi, Anirudh May-212-6,6-4KenmoreAnirudh has a very tricky, crafty game. 2nd match in 2 days surely wore him down...sportingly conceded after 2 sets
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesPolseno, Tom May-217-6,6-4Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesRobinson, Kendal No one-use bottlesMay-207-5,6-3BluemontGreat match
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesMay-206-3,6-2Other
Tobler, Charles Thomas, Josh May-196-3,4-6OtherFun, tough match, with lots of looooong rallies--Josh makes you earn every point. Tiebreak instead of 3rd set--rain.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-196-4,6-0TuckahoeThanks for waiting a few minutes while I found the courts. Great Match.
Fucci, John Dodson, Roger No one-use bottlesMay-197-5,6-1Other
Polseno, Tom Sleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesMay-192-6,6-4,6-4Quincy
Gonzalez, Jason Leach, Kirk May-186-0,6-3Tuckahoe
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesMay-176-3,6-4Walter Reed
Thompson, Fred Cirkovic, Miodrag May-167-6,6-0Marcey Road
Robinson, Kendal No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesMay-166-0,6-2Bluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Fisher, Quentin May-163-6,6-1,6-1Other
Hobart, Robert Anbinder, Tyler May-166-1,6-0OtherWe started kinda late and Tyler had to "retire" for the second set. We'll play a full match soon I'm sure.
Cirkovic, Miodrag No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No one-use bottlesMay-158-6,6-0Other
Letada, Eric Weeks, Jeff May-156-3,2-6,6-3Gunston
ahmed, babar Seggerman, John May-136-7,6-3,7-6BluemontTough match. Many amazing shots from John.
Harbin, John No carNo one-use bottlesBermudez, Willy May-136-1,2-6,6-3Walter ReedConditions were damp and slick at times.
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James May-136-1,6-2Hayes
Tuladhar, Sandeep No one-use bottlesPorter, Kris No one-use bottlesMay-126-0,6-3Bluemont
Fisher, Quentin Bajpayi, Anirudh May-12DefaultBluemont
Sleeper, Jonathan Cirkovic, Miodrag May-126-2,6-4Marcey Road
Henry, Brian Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit May-127-5,6-0Bluemont
Lee, Jeffrey Kapoor, Rishi May-126-3,4-6,6-3Gunston
DeMulder, Chris Knowles, Peter May-126-2,6-1Wakefield
Thomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesDattu, Firoz No one-use bottlesMay-126-1,6-1Quincy
Bermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesMay-127-6,7-6Walter Reed
Hassan, Zeb Dang, Nhu May-126-4,6-3Bluemont
price, jerry No one-use bottlesDodson, Roger No one-use bottlesMay-116-4,7-5Walter ReedAnother tight match with Roger.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMay-116-2,6-4Bluemont
Leach, Kirk Cirkovic, Miodrag May-113-6,6-0,7-5Gunston
price, jerry No one-use bottlesPolseno, Tom May-113-6,7-6,6-0Marcey Road9-7 in the tiebreaker
Thompson, Fred Seggerman, John May-116-5Tuckahoeforfeit
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael May-10DefaultMarcey Road
Tuladhar, Sandeep No one-use bottlesKnowles, Peter May-106-0,6-1Bluemont
Bajpayi, Anirudh McCutcheon, Jason May-106-1QuincyJason Retired hurt
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesMay-106-1,6-2Williamsberg
Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesMay-106-0,6-3Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris No one-use bottlesMay-106-2,7-6Bon AirGreat Match, great weather
Sleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk May-97-5,6-0Tuckahoe
Burke, Sean No one-use bottlesDrucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesMay-96-4,7-6Other
Varma, Umang No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesMay-86-0,6-4Glebe
Popa, Horia Porter, Kris No one-use bottlesMay-86-2,6-4Bluemont
Tuladhar, Sandeep Randall, James No one-use bottlesMay-86-0,6-3Other
Varma, Umang Voth, James May-86-3,5-7Other3rd set tie break
Leach, Kirk Porter, Kris May-86-2,4-6,6-2Bluemont
Kivov, Michael Reed, Allen May-86-4,4-6,6-1Marcey RoadA near 3-hour grinder. In the end I had a couple more breaks fall my way.
Thomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesSirola, Henry No carNo one-use bottlesMay-86-0,6-0Other
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesFisher, Quentin No one-use bottlesMay-76-3,6-2BluemontNice playing with you Quentin. Look forward to playing together again soon
Weeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesFisher, Quentin No one-use bottlesMay-76-1,6-4Gunston
Pierce, Greg Henretta, James May-76-1,6-3Wakefield
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris May-56-2,6-2WakefieldGood match, plenty of long rallies
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesMay-56-3,3-6BluemontAnirudh wanted to save the 3rd set for another day. Let me know when you want to play again. Great match
Lee, Jeffrey Letada, Eric May-56-1,3-6,6-4BluemontLots of annoying cracks in the courts
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit May-47-6,6-2Williamsberganother good mtch with Kumar - thanks, always a pleasure
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesMay-46-2,6-3Other
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesChatterjee, Moinak No one-use bottlesMay-46-3,4-6OtherPlayed indoors 3rd set tie break 10-5
Thomas, Josh No one-use bottlesKatz, Julie May-36-0,6-0Other
Weeks, Jeff Burpoe, Gene May-36-2,6-4Barcroft
Randall, James Knowles, Peter May-36-4,7-6Quincy
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesBermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesMay-37-5,6-3Walter ReedNet broken on court 3. Willy is a great player. Match could've gone either way. Look forward to playing again soon.
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesKivov, Michael May-26-0,1-6,7-3Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-26-4,6-2OtherGreat match Great courts Great weather :)
Gonzalez, Jason Sleeper, Jonathan May-27-5,7-6TuckahoeJonathan is a super competitor. We had a fun match.
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesWeeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesMay-26-2,6-3Bluemont
Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesMay-26-4,6-2Walter Reed
Smith, Thomas Hafer, Thomas No carMay-16-3,6-2WilliamsbergNets too low!
Voth, James ahmed, babar May-17-5,6-7,7-6Other3rd set tie break. great match
Dillinger, Karl Bajpayi, Anirudh Apr-307-6,6-3Quincy
Leach, Kirk Tuladhar, Sandeep Apr-306-1,6-0Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesDillinger, Karl Apr-306-3,6-1Glebe
Gill, Bernie Bailey, Tsuneko Apr-307-6,6-2Marcey Road
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesApr-306-3,6-4OtherAn absolutely perfect day for tennis.
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-296-2,6-2KenmoreTough match. Chris hit several great winners and some spectacular volleys.
Robertson, Alexander No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Apr-296-2,6-0Gunston
Bermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesCirkovic, Miodrag Apr-296-1,6-0Walter Reed
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesDeMulder, Chris Apr-284-6,6-0,6-1GunstonThe resurfaced courts at Gunston are great, as are the lights, but boy is it crowded and loud by the soccer field
ahmed, babar Weeks, Jeff Apr-276-2,6-0WakefieldGood match. Jeff served really well. Overall the wind made it difficult.
Leach, Kirk Knowles, Peter Apr-276-2,6-1GunstonPete will be a handful when he shakes off the rust
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesApr-276-1,7-6Glebe
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesApr-276-4,3-6,6-2Bluemont
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesApr-276-2,6-2Marcey RoadGreat Match, great weather - tornado warning didn't scare us
ahmed, babar Varma, Umang Apr-266-3,6-3GlebeTough, tough match. Most games went to deuce.
Sleeper, Jonathan Smith, Hunter No one-use bottlesApr-267-6,2-6WakefieldPlayed match tiebreak
Thomas, Josh Osborne, Paul Apr-266-2,6-0Bluemont
Weber, Steve Henretta, James Apr-266-1,6-2Other
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-266-0,6-1GlebeAlways fun to play a fellow Hokie!
Fucci, John Burke, Sean Apr-265-7,6-0,7-5Other
Chen, Gary Bajpayi, Anirudh Apr-256-0,7-5Otherplayed at Jefferson District Park
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesRogers, Brad Apr-256-4,6-2VA Highlands
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesGonzalez, Jason Apr-256-0,6-2Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesApr-250-6,6-1Other
Polseno, Tom No one-use bottlesWeeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesApr-241-6,6-4,7-5Marcey Road
Cotten, Toby Smith, Thomas Apr-243-6,7-6Gunston
Osborne, Paul Valiante, David Apr-236-7,6-2,6-3Quincy
Dodson, Roger Drucker, Geoff Apr-236-2,7-5Marcey Road
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred Apr-236-0,6-1Williamsberg
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-236-0,6-0WakefieldFeels good to start playing tennis again. Kirk and I were a bit rusty
Kivov, Michael Gill, Bernie Apr-236-2,6-3Marcey RoadBernie was kind enough to show early and sweep the courts. Neither of us played clean, but good match.
Fisher, Quentin Clem, Melinda Apr-216-2,6-0Hayes
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby Apr-216-4,5-7,6-2Hayes
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesBajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesApr-216-1,6-1Bluemont
Kivov, Michael Cutshall, Charles Apr-216-4,6-2GunstonCharlie has a cannon of a first serve...wind made it tough out there.
Bermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesApr-216-2,6-3Walter Reed
Weeks, Jeff No one-use bottlesThomas, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesApr-206-1,6-2Quincy
Gonzalez, Jason Leach, Kirk Apr-206-3,6-2Marcey Road
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesApr-206-0,6-1Quincy
Burpoe, Gene Thomas, Josh Apr-206-2,6-1WakefieldThere are lights that are not working on all courts. Follks are reserving courts an it's only April. Beware!
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Cotten, Toby Apr-206-0,6-0BluemontNo show.
Cutshall, Charles Dodson, Roger Apr-194-6,6-4,7-6Marcey RoadSome great rallies and intense competition. Walked on at 5:00 PM, good condition, airplanes are a bit distracting.
Mojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesApr-197-5,6-0Bluemont
Kilmer, Jerome Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesApr-196-4,6-2TJ
Popa, Horia No one-use bottlesPorter, Kris Apr-186-3,6-2Quincy
Armstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-187-6,6-3Madison ManorBeautiful day. Tough sun though! 7-1 tie break in the first set. Fun playing as always Kirk.
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No carNo one-use bottlesApr-186-1,6-3Quincy
DeMulder, Chris Popa, Horia Apr-186-1,6-0Wakefield
Polseno, Tom No one-use bottlesHenretta, James Apr-176-2,6-3Kenmore
Weeks, Jeff No carNo one-use bottlesThomas, Josh No one-use bottlesApr-176-4,6-1VA Highlands
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesFisher, Quentin No one-use bottlesApr-154-6,6-4,6-1Bluemont
Schirduan, Paul Katz, Julie Apr-146-1,6-3Ft.Scott
Cotten, Toby Smith, Thomas Apr-146-4,7-6Ft.Scott
Leach, Kirk Dodson, Roger Apr-147-5,6-4Marcey RoadFinally got a win against Roger - always a good match
Smith, Paul Kiel Ryan, Matthew No one-use bottlesApr-146-4,6-0Ft.ScottGunston was full. Had to tell a guy at ft scott , you cant hold a court with 1 player. First 2 come get the court right? :)
Markowitz, Brett No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesApr-146-1,6-1Bluemont
DeMulder, Chris Sleeper, Jonathan Apr-146-2,7-6Wakefield
Chan, Trevor No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Apr-136-2,4-6,6-1Maury
Leach, Kirk No one-use bottlesBurke, Sean No one-use bottlesApr-134-3OtherGood match until Sean threw his back out. Get better, Sean!
Bajpayi, Anirudh No one-use bottlesNaranjo, Gaston No one-use bottlesApr-132-6,6-4,6-3QuincyMarathon match
Markowitz, Brett No carNo one-use bottlesNedelman, Rachel No carNo one-use bottlesApr-126-0,6-1Quincy
Popa, Horia Balsawer, Peggy Apr-116-4,7-5Bluemont
Kilmer, Jerome Kolowski, Joseph Apr-116-0,6-1Other
DeMulder, Chris Armstrong, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesApr-116-2,6-4Wakefield
Cutshall, Charles Grace, Michael J Apr-106-3,6-0GunstonMichael's a great competitor with a lot of enthusiasm for the game. Walked on to Gunston at 11am - no wait and great condition.
Bartlett, Will Kivov, Michael Apr-106-1,6-4Gunston
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesMojumdar (Kumar), Biswajit Apr-96-4,4-6,6-4TowersKumar and I weren't exactly in mid-season form yet, but we had quite the nail-biter nonetheless.
Cotten, Toby Kivov, Michael Apr-76-3,6-1Gunston6:30 no wait good lights
Smith, Paul Kiel Robertson, Alexander No carNo one-use bottlesApr-76-0,6-1HayesStarted at Quincy, then moved to Hayes. Started to feel the heat today. Outside serving in the sun and heat time baby!
Chan, Trevor Gao, Jeff No one-use bottlesApr-76-3,6-3OtherLewinsville Park. Awesome courts, no lights though.
Smith, Paul Kiel Peng, Shawn No one-use bottlesApr-76-2,6-0GunstonShawn is a tough competitor. After he gets some more practice watch out!
Kapelski, Cory Kivov, Michael Apr-76-4,6-0VA Highlands
Bermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesCirkovic, Miodrag Apr-77-5,6-4,6-2Bluemont
price, jerry No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-66-2,3-6,6-1Marcey Road
Fucci, John Osborne, Paul Apr-66-1,6-1Wakefield
Smith, Paul Kiel Chan, Trevor Apr-66-0,6-1Ft.ScottGOOD COURTS, but the back drop on one side makes viewing the ball tricky. Windscreens will makes these amazing.
Thompson, Fred Gonzalez, Jason Apr-56-3,6-3Marcey Road
Sleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-34-6,6-1,6-4Marcey Road
Gill, Bernie Dodson, Roger Apr-36-4,6-0Marcey Road
Fucci, John Randall, James Apr-23-6,6-3,6-2Other
Burke, Sean No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesApr-16-3,1-6,6-2Other
Bermudez, Willy No one-use bottlesGyor, Stephen Jul-316-4,7-5Walter Reed
Gill, Bernie Dodson, Roger Jan-16-0,6-2Other

For questions or concerns please contact ladders@actatennis.org