2010 Winter Ladder Results

McHenry, Reid Varma, Umang Mar-64-6,7-6,6-2OtherA good thee-setter (as always) against Umang. Despite the long cold winter I feel like we were in pretty good form.
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Jan-16-0,7-6Ft.ScottNew Year's revenge!
Popa, Horia Leach, Kirk Dec-156-4,6-2OtherYMCA 9-10 PM
Popa, Horia Elhana, Reda Dec-86-4,6-3Otherwe played at YMCA Arlington
Smith, Paul Kiel Robertson, Alexander Nov-2910-5Quincy10-5 pro-set score. felt so good to be on the court. please lets play again asap

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