• Tax payer, tennis player
  • Why teach
  • DONE Apr 20 – Twitter
  • DONE Apr 5 – Maintenance page
  • Sportsmanship corner
  • Captain’s corner


  • Partial refunds
  • Member list pagination (view in chunks of 40 members)
  • make that Y/N mean that the “count” as Arlington
  • Allow admins to edit profiles
  • Add comments to profile to be updated by admins only
  • Pricing manager (allow for Jacquie to open season with no help from Alex)

Team manager

  • DONE Apr 6 – Fix captain email
  • Allow members of team and captain to have 1 click email to team.
  • M/F on detail line
  • Have Arl flag display whether the player “counts” as an Arlingtonian on member detail

TopDog Synch

  • DONE Apr 20 – Periodic auto synchs
  • Team manager synch
  • Set league ids in ACTA Options
  • Is it possible to create a link where you download all the doubles players and their teams into a spreadsheet (right now you can do this one each team). I’d also like to put the number of matches each person has played in another field.


  • DONE Apr 6 – Set, remove inactive status
  • DONE Apr 25 – Box leagues
  • Doubles ladder / box setup
  • DONE Apr 6 – Edit scorecards for admins
  • Add in time and wait time for court
  • DONE Apr 6 – Add maintenance link to match scorecard.
  • More dynamic ladder set-up
  • Results for previous year
  • Eco ladder

General site

  • DONE Apr 25 – Twitter to Alert synch
  • DONE Apr 20 – Alert to Twitter
  • Reduce download time
  • Bathrooms on court listings