Rain out alert

The doubles coordinator (or anyone designated) in responsible for calling a rainout one hour before matches begin. There are three ways to notify the hundreds of players who are preparing to hit the courts:

1) Send an email to the captains. ACTA will typically have created a captain’s email group. For example: captains2013@actatennis.org

2) Tweet that there has been a rainout. ACTA’s twitter account is ACTATennis. The password is known by many of the board members.

3) Update ACTATennis.org.

a) Login to http://www.actatennis.org/wp-admin/

b) Go to settings, ACTA Alerts

c) Set the heading, message and through date of the message. The message end date is there so that you don’t have to come back in 2 days to turn the alert off: