Doubles league start

Following are instructions for starting the doubles league. Note that you should start these activities a few weeks before registration opens: March 1st for Spring and August 1st for Fall.

  1. [doubles coordinator] Email captains and see who is coming back this season and who needs players
  2. [doubles coordinator] Email Arlington PRCR (Megan Carney today) and reserve courts. Here’s Fall 2012’s reservations
  3. [doubles coordinator] Call Mike Friedman and have him set up a new season.  If nothing has changed from the previous season, you can tell him to mirror leagues A, B and C with the same teams. Have him NOT bring over players.  Bringing over players should be part of our registration “gate”.  That is, we have people pay before signing them up to TopDog.  You will need to give Mike the start and stop dates of the league.  These can be broad… they don’t have to match our actual kick-off, play-off dates.  Mike can be reached by email:
  4. [system admin] Create ACTIVITY (pricing and options entries) for new year
  5. [system admin] For the Spring only, set all members ACTIVE_IND = ‘N’
  6. [system admin] For the Fall Season ONLY, to bring over all players who registered for both Spring & Fall, execute query: INSERT INTO MEMBER_ACTIVITY
    FROM MEMBER_ACTIVITY WHERE ACTIVITY_ID = Y);  – X should match the activity id of the Fall League; Y should match the activity id of the Spring & Fall league.
  7. [system admin] In the Fall, to assign players who paid for a full year to their team, run the following php in “test.php”: $tdt = new TopDogTools(); $tdt->synchAllPlayers(200);
  8. [doubles coordinator] To associate the new leagues within the new season, go to ACTA Options under the site.   These fields are under the “Top Dog Integration” section.  You can find the league id’s on the site under the new season.  Look at the URL’s “leagueid” parameter:
  9. [doubles coordinator or system admin] This part stinks and should be automated… go to Team manager and associate the TopDog teamid within ACTA’s Team Manager.  Within Team Manager, select and edit each team and change the TopDog key to match the new team id created by Mike at TopDog.
  10. [system admin] If registration has not yet opened, go to step 5.  If registration has started, the admin needs to associate all newly registered players to their teams.  This can be done running the PHP routine: TopDogTools::synchAllPlayers(500).  This also should be automated!!!
  11. [doubles coordinator] Immediatly after 4, turn ON the “synchronized players upon registration and team changes” indicator under the Top Dog Integration section of ACTA Options.
  12. [doubles coordinator] After step 5, to be sure that the team id’s match TopDog’s database, click the TopDog Check button on the Team Manager.  Teams should have the same names in both ACTA and TopDog.  If not, the team will be highlighted.  As well, teams will be highlighted if a team is not found in TopDog.
  13. [system admin] Update wordpress site to push last year’s ladders to date specific pages and add pages for this year
  14. [doubles coordinator] Create and hang signs at courts.