ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – 10/21/13

October 28, 2013 | By

Meeting of the Board of ACTA held at Quincy Library Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:30pm

Present: Richard Gold, Tom Smith, Alex Robertson, Kim Knodt, Jacqueline Lawrence

Guest: Alex Bittner

Tom introduced Alex Bittner, Captain of C Division Serveaces. Alex asked for an explanation of the goal of ACTA. He would like to expand the C Division to 12 teams, and consider captaining a second team and/or mentor those interested in captaining. He was also interested in the Board considering some commercial activities (concessions at the courts: selling water), etc. Alex received approval from the Board to have sew-on “ACTA patches” produced (quantity of 200 at a cost of $300)

Possible Winter League

Tom has spoken with Alice Hume, who organizes USTA league tennis for Northern VA, and she would be interested in running a Winter League (January – March). Probably on Saturday afternoons, at the Mt Vernon Athletic Club in Alexandria or Springfield County Club. Cost would be $10 league fee and $15 per match.

Board Matters

The Board discussed the need for a facilities person to monitor regularly the state of the courts and liaise with the County as to needed repairs (similar to the role James Henretta played when he was on the Board), post notices of matches, etc.

The Board also is looking for an advocacy person to attend County meetings and generally promote tennis.

Board Tutorial to be given by Alex Robertson

Kim confirmed she is happy to run the Socials and Charity Tournaments but needs help. She will check with her team to see if there is interest. She needs a tutorial from Alex re: inputting information on the website, etc.

Richard suggested that Alex give all Board members interested a tutorial on the website.

Next Social/Charity Tournaments

Kim will look at dates at the end of January and the beginning of March, 2014.

Doubles League

Kim will handle the purchasing of the Playoff T shirts. She said players were interested in the dry fit T shirts rather than cotton. Also a new design is needed.

Clarendon Day

Richard reported that ACTA collected c. 50 names and email addresses and will send them all a message

Summer League 2014

Tom suggested that next summer’s league might be in the “World Team Tennis” format.

ACTA 2014

It was agreed that the dates of the Spring and Fall season would be set at the first Board meeting of 2014 and, to the extent possible, all other Socials/Charity Tournaments, etc.

Tom put forward a suggestion to revise the fee structure, eliminating the membership fee and raising the Doubles League cost per season to $20 and reducing the Ladder fee to $15

It was agreed the Board would meet once more before the end of the year.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm