Why you need Twitter

September 20, 2011 | By

You don’t want to be overly connected. You don’t want to blindly follow another technology fad. Why Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to find out what Oprah is having for lunch. It’s a good way to organize a coup and overthrow a Government. It’s also an efficient way to simultaneously notify 200 anxious ACTA members of a rain out.

Remember the Fall of 2009 when every weekend match had a questionable status? Trying to call the ACTA rain line yielded nothing but a fast busy signal. Did you end up driving to a facility and waiting for a team not knowing whether there was an official rain out?

By following ACTATennis on Twitter, you and everyone else subscribing to ACTATennis will receive text messages whenever our doubles coordinator posts an alert. Picture yourself getting ready to leave the house and your mobile phone beeps. After receiving the message that the match is canceled, you go back to watching the rest of that baseball game, football game or whatever on the couch. How cool is that!

One more positive aspect to getting ACTA tweets: eliminating the rain out line will save ACTA $700 a year. Expect better beer at the next social!

Here’s how to sign up and receive ACTA alerts:

  1. Create a Twitter account
  2. Find ACTATennis (click follow button)
  3. Hook your Twitter account to your mobile phone

Twitter does not charge for this service. Standard message and data rates may apply.