ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 24

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The ACTA Board met on Monday, January 24th, at the Arlington County Library non-profit room at 7:30 pm.  The next board meeting is scheduled for February 14th… this may be a problem.

The meeting started at 7:30pm. Alex, Richard, Tom, Matt, Trevor, Jonathan and Kim were in attendance.  Jonathan and Kim were attending as non-board members.

Here’s the agenda:

  • Profit/Loss for 2010
  • Pricing for next year
  • Doubles rules for the new season
  • Winter mixed tourney
  • Board positions
  • Marketing for the new season
  • Added in late – youth tennis ideas

Profit/loss reporting illustrated the relative differences between doubles (deficit), admin (surplus), ladder (surplus), socials (deficit) and advocacy (deficit).  Trevor planning to try to balance this reporting with our bank account to come up with a solid profit / loss for all of ACTA for the year.

Pricing for the next year.  Jacquie (Members) was not present, so we briefly discussed pricing.  Given that we have money in the bank, no need was given to raise prices for next year.  We will allow members to pay for the whole year at once.

Tom will draft three rule changes to be sent to captains for 2011:

  • Captains cannot change default players after initial entry
  • Rating rules will be explained taking into consideration USTA, TopDog and appeals
  • Co-captains will not count as Arlington residents nor get captains discount

The email will be reviewed by the board in February.

The winter mixed tournament has over 25 teams registered!   This was considered capacity and the registration is closed.  Matt and Kim explained Round Robin format which will be followed by a play-off.

Board positions were discussed.   Jonathan was considered as someone who could help Tom with the doubles league.  Kim was considered as someone who could help Matt with tournaments and socials.   Final decisions were not made during this meeting.

Marketing for the new season was discussed.  Four channels were mentioned: Craigslist, Condos/Apartments, Facebook and the major tennis facilities.  Jonathan will take a look at the 2010 graphic and suggest a design for 2011.  This needs to kick off on March 1 when registration opens.

Tom brought up having a Facebook page to share information about court conditions.  We should act on this following our next board meeting.

Someone again brought up the point that the phone line is not being used and costs the group 700/year.   Trevor is looking into finding the account owner to do that.

Alex and Richard separately met with USTA’s Alex Chan.   The USTA ( would like to pair with us on community outreach.  This includes Clarendon Day and our charity tournaments.   AlexR noted that it was easier to put up a Quick Start court for kids than find space for a soccer game in our urban community.  As an outreach/advocacy program, ACTA could help facilitate Quick Start tennis in local housing developments.

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