ACTA Adds Wakefield Windscreen

June 14, 2010 | By

In an ongoing campaign to improve tennis in Arlington, the ACTA board voted to fund the addition of windscreens on the parking lot side of Wakefield.   Besides blocking wind, the windscreens dull visual distractions from the parking lot.  On sunny days, the glare from windshields used to be blinding!

In the picture Rany Simms, Marion Dearth and Huseyin Yaman demonstrate the visual blocking effectiveness of the new wind screens.

Special thanks to Arlington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources’ Peter Alchin for measurements and installation.

If you know of any other improvements we could make to any of Arlington Courts, leave a comment below.  Also, let us know of any maintenance issues you come across.

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  1. Andrew on Jun 21, 6:08 pm

    Hi – was playing at Old Glebe – the lights would not go on until 8:45pm. It was a clear night – yet, it started to get too dark to play at around 8:15 – would be great if the timer could start then.

    • Alex on Jun 23, 3:36 pm

      Hi Andrew – Thanks for the tip. I’ll let James know. He’s our facilities coordinator.