Court maintenance

April 3, 2010 | By

cautionArlington County has been responsive replacing nets and repairing courts, but they need our help identifying problems at Arlington’s 26 facilities.   Come here to report on problems with nets, windscreens, fences and excess debris on the courts.

Leave a comment with the facility, court number (if known or described) and the problem.  From here, we’ll present the problem to Arlington County.



  1. Ian Nicholson on Oct 3, 10:00 pm

    The middle court at VA Highlands Park (of the 3 not resurfaced recently) needs a new center strap on the net.

  2. Greg on Aug 27, 12:38 pm

    Bluemont, court 1: net has multiple holes in it and needs to be replaced. All of the courts are also seriously in need of resurfacing.

  3. Frank Talluto on Jul 28, 3:00 pm

    First court at Quincy needs new center strap

  4. Frank Talluto on Jul 10, 4:30 am

    Center straps on a couple of nets at Quincy need replacing. Also, please tighten the cables on the nets.

  5. Jerome Kilmer on Jun 4, 7:39 pm

    nets need to be raised, especially court 1

  6. John Seggerman on May 30, 6:58 pm

    There are two holes in the net of the single court (court 4) at Quincy.

  7. Toby Cotten on Sep 5, 8:22 pm

    Multiple lights were out at Old Glebe.

  8. David on Jul 19, 9:32 pm

    Three of the lights out at Virginia Highlands Courts 1-3

  9. John on Jul 12, 9:13 am

    some of the lights on marcey park road are obstructed by tree branches

  10. David on Jul 9, 10:03 pm

    Ft. Scott–lights on east side were not working

  11. John Seggerman on Jun 26, 7:15 pm

    At least 3 lights at VA Highlands are out, probably more.

  12. Geoff Drucker on May 26, 10:31 am

    courts need to be resurfaced and one net is bad

  13. Greg on May 13, 6:55 pm

    The net on Wakefield H.S. court 6 is in need of repair. Thank you!

  14. Fred Thompson on Apr 4, 8:05 pm

    All the trash cans at the Glebe courts are overflowing and tree debris needs to be swept away.

  15. John Seggerman on Oct 25, 7:56 pm

    Several lights were out, leaving several courts dark.

    • James on Oct 26, 8:20 am

      HI John, Thanks for the information on Wakefield. Two months ago (circa August 17) I reported the light situation and also the torn nets to the County; obviously nothing has been done. (I played on Court 4 on Saturday–net falling apart.) I will try again.


  16. Mike on Aug 30, 8:18 am

    Marcy Courts(of military road) had a lot of leaves left over from hurricane Irene

    • James on Sep 6, 8:05 am

      Hi Mike, Thanks for the note about the Marcey leaves, a persistent problem for courts, such as Marcey and Tuckahoe, that have nearby trees. The county is reluctant to trim back the trees extensively, as the trees have their own advocates, but crews do clear the leaves from time to time, especially in the fall. After a storm, I have learned to take a broom to whatever court I am using to deal with puddles of water or fallen leaves. I will notify the county that the storm has accentuated the usual leaf problem. Regards, James

  17. Chris DeMulder on Aug 17, 7:47 am

    A number of lights are out at Wakefield and at least 2 of the nets are seriously damaged.

    • James on Aug 17, 8:03 am

      Hi Chris, Thanks for the report on Wakefield, which I have sent on to the county. Hopefully we can get both the nets and the lights fixed quickly (better chance with the nets, but we will lobby for both). Regards, James

  18. James on Aug 16, 8:01 am

    Thanks, Fred, for the report on Old Glebe Road. I have passed it on to the County maintenance staff.


  19. Fred Thompson on Aug 15, 5:33 pm

    Large branch on one of the courts at Old Glebe Road

  20. Mike on Aug 10, 8:44 am

    Williamsberg middle school courts need a little matience. One net is low and does not have a net cord. In addition over half the light bulbs are out (only 5 or the 16 light bulbs work)

    • James on Aug 10, 11:20 am

      Hi Mike, Thanks for your report on Williamsburg. I have passed on the information to the county staff; hopefully the net will be replaced and at least some of the lights replaced. Regards, James

  21. Michelle on Jul 21, 5:37 pm

    Fort Scott (7/20): 2-3 of the lights were burned out.

    Va Highlands (7/12): There were a lot of lights out on the newly-resurfaced side. You couldn’t see at all from half of the court.

    • James on Jul 29, 8:37 am

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for your note. I have passed on the information to the County maintenance people. With luck, the lights will be replaced.