QuickStart, a leap in learning to play

October 14, 2009 | By

QS_ballEver tried to play basketball on a 22 foot goal? That’s how a young kid feels stepping on to a tennis court with fast bouncing yellow balls, big rackets, and an intimidating 3-foot net!

With a new format of play called QuickStart tennis, however, that all changes. By using modified equipment, smaller courts, and modified scoring, kids can start playing tennis right away; enough standing in line waiting to hit a ball, it’s time to play tennis!

“That’s not real tennis,” you say? What would you think if you knew Roger Federer started playing tennis this way? In fact, this system has been the standard way of learning tennis in Europe for several years – and in the U.S. the majority of youth sports have been following this formula for years. Think about the smaller balls and fields that youth soccer is played on, or the lower baskets for developmental basketball, and t-ball in baseball.

By using a QuickStart format, kids are able to begin rallying at a much younger age and start learning strategy and an all-court game as well as improving their form – instead of just doing everything possible just to get the ball over the net.

Interested? Contact Eric Legg at elegg@arlingtonva.us to get information about QuickStart programs in Arlington or visit the QuickStart tennis site to find out more information.

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  1. Sanam de Lorme on Mar 26, 9:35 am

    I am interested in pricing for tennis classes. Also interested in what types of classes you offer.