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Doubles League registration typically opens 4 – 6 weeks prior to the start of the Winter (early January), Spring (early April), Summer (early July),  and Fall (after Labor Day) seasons. Feel free to search for a team at any time.

For details on League Format, Dates & Locations check the respective season:
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

To make sure you sign up in the appropriate league, follow these guidelines to estimate your skill rating: NTRP

Now, that you know your level feel free to signup for any of the teams listed below:

  • League BC (3.5-4.0):”NewTeam”
  • League C (3.5 and below): “NewTeam”
  • For League A (4.0+) & League B (4.0 or close to it): Please leave comments below, captains will contact you

Registration Link: REGISTER HERE



  • Please notice that in order to balance teams you may or may not be moved to a different team by the league coordinator with your consent.
  • Registration does not guarantee participation. You will be fully refunded if we cannot accommodate you in a team

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  1. Rita Fletcher on Sep 16, 1:29 pm

    Looking to join a beginner doubles team

  2. Howard Rubin on Sep 14, 7:53 am

    Hi. I am a solid 3.5 player looking to play in on a BC or B team this fall. Does anyone have room on their roster?

  3. Kousha Kangarloo on Sep 12, 7:16 am

    Relatively new to tennis, looking to get into the sport and build up the necessary skills, hoping to find a practice squad, team, or meet-up that focuses on all the core skills in tennis.

    • Rita Fletcher on Sep 16, 1:23 pm

      I am looking to play in doubles. I’m ranked 2.5

  4. Chet Kalra on Sep 11, 9:54 pm

    Looking to join League C

  5. Steven on Sep 8, 4:48 pm

    If any B team is looking for players, I’m looking for a team to join for the Fall 2018 season.

    • Giselle Samonte on Sep 11, 9:47 pm

      Team Tennis the Menace (B division) needs 4.0 male player, Please email Giselle at samonte_g@yahoo.com Thank you.

    • Doan on Sep 13, 9:00 am

      Steven, I have space as well if you’re still looking to join. Email me doan_nguyen@yahoo.com

  6. Pedro Graber on Sep 6, 4:23 pm

    Anand, please signup for NewTeam C and I will place you in a team

  7. Anand Jonnala on Sep 6, 4:08 pm

    Hi there, I am a 23 year old male looking for a C League to join for doubles. I am not familiar with the rating system but I believe I am to be a 3.0 based on what I read. I played 4 seasons in high school but not much at all since then and I want to get back into it. Please comment if you have an opening on your team or would like to further discuss anything. Thank you!

    • Pedro Graber on Sep 6, 4:23 pm

      Anand, please signup for NewTeam C and I will place you in a team

  8. Alina Trimble on Sep 5, 1:54 pm

    New Team BC 3.5-4.0 or better:
    I have played in high school years ago and in a league in Virginia Beach. As of late, I was hitting the ball well this summer well prior to moving back up here with an automatic ball machine as tennis aerobics (a stress release for sure!)

    • Jun Luo on Sep 7, 7:30 am

      Alina, would you like to join a league A team?

  9. Melinda B. Capitano on Sep 4, 1:27 pm

    I am looking for an opening on League C 3.5 and below team. I played USTA, under my maiden name Belvin, and am now trying to play again after several years off.

  10. Cameron on Sep 3, 12:47 pm

    Hi! I’m a 3.5-4.0, female player looking for a fall 2018 team. I play singles, doubles, and mixed. I recently moved to the area and just joined ACTA. However, I can’t find the 2018 teams on the website. Can anyone help?! Thanks

  11. Sheila W Weir on Sep 3, 7:50 am

    I am a B/C player looking to join a team. Played consistently over the sum.mer. Nathalie Hanson can vouch for me :). Co-ed or women’s fine. Thanks!

  12. Dave on Aug 31, 10:42 am

    I’ve recently started hitting again after a while not playing. Looking to join a team for the fall.

    • Dave on Aug 31, 11:13 am

      Forgot to add that I’m looking for a C Team

      • Pedro Graber on Aug 31, 11:25 am

        signup for the NewTeam C

  13. Fatima Khould on Aug 31, 10:02 am

    Looking for a C or BC team.

  14. Stephen Lewis on Aug 29, 4:30 pm

    Looking for a B team

    • Doan on Aug 30, 9:12 am

      Stephen – do you live in Arlington ?

      • Stephen Lewis on Sep 4, 6:34 pm

        No, but i work in Arlington

  15. Michelle Gobar on Aug 29, 8:44 am

    My Div. A team seems to have discontinued for Winter Season 2018. Difficult navigating where and who to contact for a continuing league and really do not want to miss registration deadlines. Trained all summer and am ready to take on some Ws. Please let me know if anyone needs a female 4.0 player. Thank you

    • Doan on Aug 29, 11:18 am

      Michelle – I might have a spot on my Div B. Team if you’re interested

    • Phan on Aug 30, 1:19 pm

      I also have room for women on my team. Email me phtrphan@hotmail.com

    • James Wise on Aug 30, 1:42 pm

      Hey Michelle- We can absolutely take you on the Wise Guys. Email me at jdwise100@yahoo.com if you’re still looking.

  16. Sibley Cotton on Aug 29, 6:10 am

    Hi! I’m a 3.0/3.5 player looking for a Fall League team.

    • Pedro Graber on Aug 29, 9:09 am

      Silbey, feel free to signup for the NewTeam C and we will place you in a team soon!

  17. Giselle Samonte on Aug 24, 8:35 pm

    Team Tennis the Menance needs 2 male players (4.0). Please email Giselle: samonte_g@yahoo.com

    Thank you.

  18. Polly on Aug 15, 8:54 am

    3.0/3.5 New to ACTA and would like to join a team. Used to play tennis a lot, need to get back into the swing of things [ha]!

    • Pedro Graber on Aug 15, 8:56 am

      Hi Polly, feel free to sign up for the NewTeam in the C league

      • Polly on Aug 15, 8:59 am

        Done and done – thank you, Pedro!

  19. Kenton Drury on Aug 14, 4:46 pm

    Hope to help a team compete. I’m a 3.5 + player.

    • Pedro Graber on Aug 15, 8:57 am

      Hi Kenton, feel free to signup for the NewTeam in the BC league

  20. Phan on Aug 14, 2:08 pm

    Looking for 4.0 women. Email me phtrphan@hotmail.com

  21. Patrick Flanigan on Aug 14, 1:55 pm

    4.0 player looking for a team

  22. Danny Facchina on Aug 13, 1:07 pm


  23. Andres on Aug 13, 1:07 pm


    I am looking for a team for the fall. I am 3.0.

    • Pedro Graber on Aug 15, 8:57 am

      Hi Andres, feel free to signup for the NewTeam in the C league

  24. Paul Elman on Aug 7, 9:46 am

    Looking to play again this fall after an absence of several years playing other sports, was a solid 3.5 previously but admittedly rusty.

  25. Brooke Ross on Aug 4, 9:44 am

    Hi! I am around a 3.0/3.5 and am looking for a team/partner for the fall league C!

    • Andres on Aug 13, 1:05 pm


      I am looking for a team for the fall. I am 3.0.

    • Lindsey on Aug 13, 7:15 pm

      Hi! Send me a message if you still need a team: lindsey_wray@yahoo.com

  26. Synod Boyd on Jul 13, 9:01 am

    Looking for a B team (3.5-4.0)

  27. Jim Nolan on Jul 12, 3:03 am

    Looking for a B team this summer. 3.5-4.0 rated.

  28. Raifel Faison on Jul 11, 7:47 am

    Hi I am 4.5 player looking for a team. I played in the league several years ago. I live in Falls Church, but work in Arlington.
    Thank you,

  29. Daniel Brassard on Jun 29, 2:00 pm

    Looking for B league team for Summer 2018 season. On Tommy Guns Spring & Fall.

    • reasmy norin on Jul 8, 3:37 pm

      Hi Dan, If you still need a team this Summer (B league). please contact me. rnorin@gmail.com (Forever Young)

  30. Jon Bernt on Jun 28, 8:51 pm

    Hey I’m looking for a 4.0 team to play on. Thanks!

    • Sharyn Lie on Jul 2, 10:20 am

      Hi Jon, let me know if you are still looking for a team and see ok with playing in the A league. Sharyn_lie@yahoo.com

    • kevin mckeel on Jul 3, 10:14 am

      Jon-i captain Tennis Addicts in B/C. you are welcome to join our squad

  31. Kirby on Jun 28, 8:29 am

    Me and my mixed double partner are looking to join a team for the summer doubles league. We are most likely 3s.

    • Pedro Graber on Jun 28, 9:30 am

      Please Join the “NewTeam” on the C league. It will either become a new team or I will place you in an existing one.

  32. Julia Reifman on Jun 21, 6:57 pm

    I am a 3.5 female looking for a partner!

    • Pedro Graber on Jun 22, 6:25 am

      Please sign up on the “NewTeam” on the BC league

      • kevin mckeel on Jul 3, 10:15 am

        Julia-we have a need for Tennis Addicts in B/C. also, we could put you in lineup this Sat at 1030 am if available

  33. Matthew Jacobs on Jun 18, 6:06 pm

    I am looking for a 4.0+ team to play on.

    • Sharyn Lie on Jul 2, 9:38 am

      Hi Matthew, shoot me an email if you are interested in joining Tai-breakers (A division)