Looking for a team?

Doubles League registration typically opens 4 – 6 weeks prior to the start of the Spring (early April) and Fall (after Labor Day) seasons. Feel free to search for a team at any time.

Leave your name, gender and skill level and one of our captains will get in touch with you about joining a team! For skill, try to use an NTRP rating or let us know whether you played for your high school or college. If you do not get a reply or have a question, please email our doubles coordinator . Also – please let us know whether you are an Arlington resident or work in Arlington!

Catherine Desouza (ACTA doubles coordinator)

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  1. Daniel on Oct 13, 2:49 pm

    I’m 4.0 (self rated) looking to join a team….571 232 1070

  2. Mike Robinson on Oct 9, 7:32 pm

    I’m a 4.5 looking to play doubles, and I’m available weekday evenings after 5:30pm

  3. Michael Brodie on Oct 7, 11:46 am

    call 202 236 9233.

  4. Michael Brodie on Oct 7, 11:44 am

    Arlington resident looking for a team. Play 3.5+ at Y two times a week. Doubles. Thanks.

  5. Sam Baughan on Oct 5, 4:07 pm

    Just moved to Arlington to start full-time job. Didn’t play in highschool but have played a good bit since. Skill level about a 4. My buddy and I are both looking to join a team and play doubles. We are very similar skill levels

  6. Liz Eresuma on Oct 3, 1:31 pm

    Hi! I’m new [female] to tennis, currently taking lessons through Arlington County and am interested in joining a team [I am an Arlington resident]. I may be between a level of 1.5-2.5. Ultimately want to have the opportunity to practice and improve my game. Thanks in advance!

  7. Andrew on Sep 20, 8:25 pm

    I just moved to Arlington and would love to play doubles this fall. I think I’m a 4, played in High School, and I’m 23

    • Phan on Sep 20, 9:28 pm

      Email me at phtrphan@hotmail.com for more info

    • Bayarjargal Navaansuren on Sep 20, 10:03 pm

      Hi Andrew,
      I am 3.5. U want to play in double league.

      • Catherine DeSouza on Sep 21, 6:13 am

        Good morning Bayarjargal, If you want to play in the fall doubles league, the Courtside manners can use players.

  8. Lesley on Sep 11, 9:50 pm

    Looking for a team for the fall. I’m currrntly rate a 4.5 in USTA and played doubles on a team this summer. Not a resident of Arlington but work there and live in DC

  9. Rodrigo Garcia on Sep 7, 2:10 pm

    USTA 4.0 singles and doubles, went to sectional championships and played S1 and doubles

  10. Gautham on Sep 7, 1:09 pm

    4.0 male looking for a team to join. I am not a resident of Arlington, but I am close by (Springfield).

  11. Will Moriarity on Sep 4, 3:07 pm

    4.0 31 yr old male, Arlington (Clarendon) resident looking for a team to play with this fall. email is wmoriarity@gmail.com Thanks

    • Alex Bittner on Sep 5, 5:53 pm

      Hi Will what is your cell # let’s talk tonight to see if we are a fit for you man.

  12. Anton on Sep 3, 8:33 am

    4.0 male, Arlington resident, looking to join a team. Contact: anton.malkowski(at)gmail.com. Thanks!

  13. Ignacio on Aug 29, 2:09 am

    4.5-5.0 looking for a team. crystal city or nearby.

  14. Anne Schroeder on Aug 27, 8:12 am

    I’m a 4.0, just looking for a team for recreational (yet competitive) play. HOWEVER, I do live in Arlington, though I may be moving there soon. I live in Georgetown. Is that problematic?

    • Sherri Dalphonse on Sep 4, 7:53 am

      Anne, have you found a team? We’d love to have you and it’s not an issue where you live. Please email me at sdalphonse@me.com.

  15. Julia Hamm on Aug 21, 10:10 am

    Please remove from list.

  16. Robert Foster on Aug 21, 7:57 am

    Hey Catherine, looking for a team this fall.

    • Catherine DeSouza on Aug 21, 8:14 am

      Good morning Robert. You are welcome to join the Courtside Manners if C division works for you. Let me know. catherinedesouza5@gmail.com

    • Alex Bittner on Sep 5, 5:52 pm

      Hey Robert, join my team. Its Alex, we moved up in class and are now in B/C league. We would love your lefty skills.

  17. Catherine DeSouza on Aug 20, 5:16 pm

    Do you and your husband want to play in the fall?

    • Katina on Oct 11, 2:13 pm

      Hi Catherine, I just saw your comment! Yes, still looking for a team. Please let me know if anything comes up. I’m a 2.5/3. Thanks in advance!

  18. Catherine DeSouza on Aug 20, 5:15 pm

    Did you ever get on a team Lydel?

  19. Stephen Maroon on Aug 20, 11:39 am

    Strong 3.0 player and fun team member returns to area and seeks team. Thx

    • Catherine DeSouza on Aug 20, 11:50 am

      Stephen, you are welcome to join the Bandits in the D division if you would like. my email is catherinedesouza5@gmail.com

  20. Jennifer Prebyl on Aug 17, 10:16 am

    I would like to join a 3.0 team. I prefer playing women’s doubles, but I would like to get as much match play as possible.

  21. Steve Nguyen on Aug 15, 10:24 am

    my email address is nguyen.steve.vu(at)gmaildotcom

    • Steve Nguyen on Aug 16, 6:16 am

      I have been taken. thank you all for your interest.

  22. Sibley Cotton on Aug 14, 7:41 am

    I am a 3.0 looking to play fall doubles. I’m an Arlington resident. You can email me at sibley.cotton.04@gmail.com. Thanks!

    • Catherine DeSouza on Aug 20, 11:51 am

      Sibley, you are welcome to join the Bandits in the D division if you would like. My email is catherinedesouza5@gmail.com

  23. Catherine DeSouza on Aug 4, 3:49 pm

    IF anyone is interested in joining current teams (C and D) please let me know (catherinedesouza5@gmail.com) or text 804-614-5526

  24. phan on Aug 1, 10:43 am

    Do you have a USTA rating? Email me phtrphan@hotmail.com

  25. Suzanne D on Aug 1, 10:29 am

    Hi! My boyfriend and I would like to play as a mixed doubles pair in the fall league. We are a combined 7.5 (I’m a 3.5, he’s a 4.0)

    • Sherri Dalphonse on Aug 20, 3:52 pm

      Susan, did you and your boyfriend already find a team?

      • Suzanne D on Aug 20, 4:32 pm

        We have not, please text me at 609-558-0408 if you have a spot for us on your team

        • Suzanne D on Aug 20, 4:32 pm

          Sorry – 609-558-0409!!

  26. Mike Troyano on Jul 26, 10:26 am

    I’m a 3.0-3.5 wishing to play falls doubles. Arlington Resident near VHP. 703-597-9245 Mike