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“Hi Bjorn – want to play at Quincy? John”
“Sure John, see you there”
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  1. Scott Christensen on Aug 19, 5:32 pm

    4.5 player here looking to hit tomorrow, Sunday 8/20, afternoon text me Scott at 843-368-6654

  2. Evan Samet on Aug 3, 12:14 pm

    Hey. Does anyone want to hit tonight. I am a 4.0-4.5 player. Text me or call me. 609-947-8806

  3. Omar on Aug 1, 6:51 am

    Hey guys,

    Male, 27. Was 4.0 back in High School, probably 3.0 now and trying to get some rust off.

    I live right next to Highlands Park in Pentagon City

    (1600 S Hayes St
    Arlington, VA 22202)

    Let me know if any other men want to play. I can bring balls!

    • Jim on Aug 14, 6:00 am

      Hey Omar,

      Basically the same profile as you – 26 year old guy, 4.0 in HS, trying to get rust off now after having not played in years. I also live right next to Highlands Park. Let me know if you’re interested in hitting – nights after 8pm and weekends are usually best for me.

      • Omar on Aug 16, 7:20 am

        Awesome dude, hit me up at so we can share contact info.

        – Omar

        • Sebastian on Aug 16, 12:44 pm

          Hey guys, sorry to hijack this thread, but i’d be interested in hitting too! 25, about a 3.5/4.0 can make it down to VA highlands. Feel free to email at

  4. Connor Funk on Jul 26, 2:14 pm

    Just moved to Arlington after graduating college. Played club tennis, 4.5. Willing to play singles or doubles.

    • Sebastian on Aug 9, 2:38 pm

      Hey connor, free to hit tonight? was hoping to play at Maury Park or Quincy. If you’re interested shoot me an email

  5. Jan Cadik on Jul 18, 3:42 pm

    Forgot to mention I am looking for men’s doubles.

    • Jan Cadik on Jul 21, 8:00 am

      just testing

      • Evan Samet on Aug 3, 12:11 pm

        Hey Connor Lmk if you want to hit tonight.
        Text me or call me. 609-947-8806

  6. Jan Cadik on Jul 18, 3:33 pm

    Moved to Crystal City (Crystal Towers) from Texas. Don’t know the area but willing to travel can travel. I would like to make contact with 4.0 players for doubles (will consider singles). I am retired and can play just about anytime.

  7. Mike Troyano on Jul 17, 8:14 pm

    My number is 703-597-9245.

  8. Mike Troyano on Jul 17, 8:12 pm

    Hi Amanda, I am a 3.0 and available weekday evenings beginning 24 July at VHP. Please let me know

  9. Amanda on Jul 17, 5:23 pm

    3.0 female looking for someone to consistently hit singles with on evenings (once or twice) during the week VA Highlands Park or in Arlington. 402-326-3901.

    • Allison on Aug 4, 8:47 am

      Hi AManda, I also texted you but i’m happy to play/hit! I love close to VHP and am looking for a regular hitting partner too!

  10. Molly on Jul 17, 3:19 pm

    4.0 female. Looking for someone to consistently hit singles with – evenings during the week and sometimes on weekends, in north Arlington. If interested, text me: 703-864-7026

  11. Adam on Jul 16, 11:28 am

    Male, 42, 3-3.5. Getting back into the game after a very long layoff. Probably 3.0 now but will be 3.5 once I get back into the swing. Available virtually any time. Would love to take advantage of today’s relatively cool weather if anyone is interested.

    • Omar on Aug 1, 6:53 am

      Hey Adam,

      I live right next to Highlands Park and I’m getting back into the game after a very long layoff. I work from home a lot, so mornings from 6-8AM work best for me.

    • Catherine DeSouza on Aug 3, 1:04 pm

      Hi, Mike Troyano, would you like to join a C team? I need a player for a mixed match Sunday morning, 11am

  12. Chris on Jul 14, 9:41 am

    3.5/4.0 27y/o male looking to hit around this weekend.. Available to play either Saturday or Sunday morning. Feel free to text- 704.495.2566

  13. Keith Lynn on Jul 11, 9:02 pm

    Male, 29, ex-D3 player who hasn’t played much in the last three years. In the past I was rated as a 4.5, but probably around 4.0 and trying to improve. Available to play 7/15 or 7/16. Potentially available to play 7/15, late evening.

    • Rick on Jul 11, 9:06 pm

      Keith, I can play either day. Also 4.0/former D3 player:) txt me at 937-474-1235.

    • Sebastian on Jul 12, 7:49 am

      Hey Keith, I could do 7/16. If you’re interested, feel free to text me at 619-754-3350.

  14. Beau Brewer on Jul 4, 11:00 pm

    Male D1 college player and teaching pro looking to get back into the game after 10yrs away. Can probably still match up at 4.5 level–and probably lose consistently for a bit! Small kids at home so weeknights after 7 or weekends best.

  15. Jacqueline Corrigan-Curay on Jul 2, 6:19 pm

    I am female player who is not sure where I rank but would say about a 3.0. Looking for a game near Madison Courts at Glebe or at Yorktown HS. Weekends and holidays work best. Text 301 272-5212

  16. Brian on Jun 29, 6:05 pm

    Been a long time since I played but was historically a 4. Probably more of a 3.5 til I get back into the swing. Anyone want to hit/play early Monday (July 3rd) before the heat sets in? Looking to play at Quincy.

  17. Allison on Jun 26, 9:25 am

    3.0-3.5 female player looking to hit Tuesday or Thursday evening at VA Highlands Park in Pentagon City or Towers Park in Columbia Pike. Is anyone available??

    • Catherine DeSouza on Jun 26, 9:29 am

      Allison, do you want to join a team for the summer league? Either C or D. C on Saturday am with a possible weeknight, and D on Wednesday.

      • Allison on Jun 26, 9:31 am

        No thanks, I prefer to play singles.

    • Mike Troyano on Jun 26, 2:31 pm

      New in town and interested in playing singles at the 3.0-3.5 level. Tue & Thu at Virginia Highlands would be great. 703-597-9245

      • Allison on Jun 27, 8:19 am

        Hi Mike, I found someone to play this week, but i’ll keep you in mind for next week!

  18. Felix Amrhein on Jun 25, 1:48 pm

    3.5-4.0 player looking to play on the weekends and during weeknights in the Clarendon area. Feel free to E-Mail if interested!

  19. Catherine DeSouza on Jun 22, 12:15 pm

    I have a B and C team also that needs players.

    • juliette on Jun 22, 1:57 pm

      Hello I would like to join your C team if possible.
      you can text me. 2022949747 many thanks

  20. Catherine DeSouza on Jun 21, 11:18 am

    I have created a D team if anyone wishes to join. 3.0ish players

  21. Raj Sriram on Jun 18, 8:35 pm

    Hi Arlingtoners — I am a 4 to 4.5 male. Looking for someone to consistently drill with in the evenings. I live in Shirlington which has plenty of free and excellent lighted courts. Email me at

  22. Ambar on Jun 16, 9:43 am

    4.0-4.5 player looking to hit on weeknights and weekends. Free to meet anywhere in Arlington. Please email me at if interested!

  23. Ambar on Jun 11, 9:36 am

    4.0 looking to play/hit anytime in early evenings. Clarendon/courthouse area but flexible to meet anywhere.

    • Akash Kejriwal on Jun 11, 2:11 pm

      Hey Ambar. I am in the clarendon / courthouse area as well. New to the area. Looking to hit in early evenings approx around 6:30ish.

      • Ambar on Jun 11, 3:45 pm

        Hi Akash, email me at when you get a chance. I am free every evening this week besides tuesday.

        • Felix Amrhein on Jun 25, 1:31 pm

          Akash and Ambar,

          I am also looking to play evenings and weekends and am located in Clarendon. 3.5-4.0, but unsure about ranking system here. Feel free to E-Mail or text at 2026603352 or


  24. Sean on Jun 9, 6:44 am

    3.0 looking to play/hit weekday mornings (anytime before 1PM) in Arlington/Falls Church area. You can text me 336-480-1331.

  25. juliette on Jun 6, 8:38 pm

    looking for a game at quincy or Hayes sat morning. I am 3.5 female. thanks

    • Harry on Jun 8, 5:55 am

      Hi, would anyone like to play tomorrow (Friday) morning or afternoon at Towers Park or Virginia Highlands park? I’m a 3.5/4.0 player.

  26. juliette on Jun 6, 8:37 pm

    looking for a game Saturday morning at Quincy or Hayes

    • Harry on Jun 8, 3:37 pm

      Hi Juliette, I can play Saturday morning. 407 739 8808

      • Catherine DeSouza on Jun 22, 5:41 pm

        If you want to join a ACTA summer team, let me know. You can register for the C team Courtside Manners.

  27. Saumil Modi on Jun 6, 7:09 am

    Hey! Anyone interested playing this afternoon at around 6pm? I’m a 4.5-5 player.

    • Ben on Jun 6, 7:24 am

      Hi Saumuil,

      I would be interested to play around at that time. I am also a 4.5/5 level player. Towers Park is usually where I play. The weather is great and I would love to hit today. My cell is 201-396-6857 and my name is Ben thanks.

  28. Blaire on Jun 2, 9:50 am

    I played in DIII, flexible with time until grad scool in August! I can hit anywhere in Arlington, Annandale, Falls church, and Fairfax.

    • Scott Christensen on Jun 2, 10:35 am

      Hey Blaire, always looking to hit/play and even more for people with flexible schedules

  29. Diego on May 31, 5:29 pm

    3.5-4 player looking to play singles/doubles anytime. Arlington resident. Also, I am bilingual in English and Spanish if anyone wants to play and practice their Spanish with a friend, let me know! New to the area.

    • Gary Gross on Jun 20, 9:05 pm

      Hey, Diego. I am a 3.5. email me at if interested in playing weekends or evenings in Arlington (e.g., VA Highlands). Gary

      • Catherine DeSouza on Jun 22, 5:42 pm

        You and Diego are welcome to join one of my teams this summer if you want.

  30. Lei on May 29, 12:22 pm

    3.5-4.0 player looking to play singles/doubles weekday evenings. Arlington resident. Other areas may also work.

  31. Richard Eaton on May 22, 6:45 am

    I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles MX Doubles. Feel free to text 678-595-7414

    • Scott Christensen on May 24, 7:50 am

      4.5 player always looking for players to hit

    • Saumil Modi on May 24, 8:15 pm

      I’m a 4.5 player looking to play either tomorrow or Friday. Let me know when available.

  32. Richard Eaton on May 22, 6:44 am

    I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles.

  33. Sergei on May 21, 7:24 pm

    4.0-4.5 looking to play singles/doubles. Can do mornings during the week or weekends at Quincy park.

    Feel free to text me
    202 445 57 37

    • Scott Christensen on May 24, 7:48 am

      Always looking for tennis, 4.5 player, available weekday mornings, weekends

  34. Cyndi on May 20, 7:25 am

    4.0-4.5 player looking to hit this week or next weekend.

    • Richard Eaton on May 21, 5:27 am

      I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles.

    • Molly on Jun 2, 2:43 pm

      Cyndi – any chance you can play this evening (friday) at VA Highlands courts? Molly 703-835-3119 pls text 🙂

  35. Paul Voerman on May 10, 12:23 pm

    Tennis aficionados, I just moved to the area and am interested in playing again (level 5). Anyone interested and available this Friday afternoon or Sunday morning? Paul

  36. Saumil Modi on May 2, 8:14 pm

    4.5 looking to get back to playing. Interested in playing around the Arlington area

    • Evan Samet on May 3, 9:14 am

      Hey Saumil. Text me 609-47-8806 or email me at if you are free to play this week. Definitely interested in playing.


    • Richard Eaton on May 21, 5:28 am

      I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles.

  37. Steve on Apr 27, 8:27 pm

    Steve, 4.0-4.5 Can play anytime between 5:00-11:00 on weekdays at Quincy Park. Text me 215-582-4840

    • Richard Eaton on May 21, 5:29 am

      I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles.

  38. Kaustav on Apr 24, 2:18 pm

    Male 3.5, looking to hit a couple of times during the week. Prefer North Arlington. Able to play on weeknights Monday-Wednesday after 6pm

  39. Jack on Apr 18, 12:51 pm

    Jack, 3.5

    Looking for a game this weekend anytime at Quincy Park courts.

    You can email or text me. (312) 783-3682

  40. Juliette on Apr 16, 9:06 pm

    Looking for a match in the next couple of weeks. Woman 3.5

    • Catherine DeSouza on Jun 22, 12:20 pm

      I have an ACTA summer team if you want to join it.

  41. Kelly on Apr 14, 9:05 am

    4.5 looking to hit this afternoon/evening in Arlington

    • Evan Samet on Apr 17, 10:36 am

      Hey Kelly I am free to play tonight.
      Text me what time works for you. 609-947-8806

  42. Kelly on Apr 3, 1:05 pm

    4.0-4.5 looking to hit a couple times weeknights and weekends around Arlington… preferably Walter Reed or Towers Park. Worked as a teaching pro at Washington Golf CC until about a year ago and itching to get back in the game!

    • Kirby C on Apr 3, 1:08 pm

      Hi Kelly– I’d love to hit sometime. It sounds like we’d be compatible to hit! Please text: 571.215.4815

    • Scott Christensen on Apr 4, 12:08 pm

      4.5 player here always looking to hit. Live in Alexandria, work in DC can do weekends

    • Cyndi on Apr 5, 6:05 pm

      Kelly–I’d love to hit sometime. Please send me a text: 571-643-8027.

    • James on Apr 8, 1:59 pm

      Hi Kelly, I am a consistent 4-4.5 player and looking for the same. Are you available this evening or tomorrow to hit? Please text at 202-262-8889. James

    • Richard Eaton on May 21, 5:29 am

      I’m a 4.0-4.5 player recently moved from Atlanta looking for a good group of players singles and doubles.

  43. Ayako on Apr 1, 11:53 pm

    I’ll be at Quincy at 1pm on Sunday.

  44. Evan Samet on Mar 21, 6:36 am

    Just moved to Arlington and I am looking to join a team or just play some singles/doubles during the week. I am usually free any weeknight and Sunday afternoons.
    Email me at or text me at 609-947-8806. Look forward to hitting with some of you


    • Pierre-Antoine on Mar 22, 12:16 pm

      Hi! I’m somewhere between a 3.0 and 3.5 level player, and I could play at Quincy Park. I’m available most weeknights after 5:30 and usually some time during the weekend. Let me know if you wanna play!

      • Ayako on Mar 31, 1:02 pm

        Hi Pierre-Antoine, would you be interested in playing with me this Sunday (4/2)? I’m 3.0 aspiring to be 3.5. If Quincy is full, I can suggest other places. Ayako(female)

        • Pierre-Antoine​ on Mar 31, 6:33 pm

          Hi Ayako! I’m playing at 3:30pm on Sunday already, but I could play at Quincy earlier in the afternoon or in the morning! Let me know what time would work for you!

      • Ayako on Mar 31, 11:14 pm

        Hi Pierre Antoine, I can play anytime between 12-7pm Sunday. Tell me what works for you.

        • Pierre-Antoine​ on Apr 1, 1:06 pm

          Hi Ayako! Would 1pm tomorrow be fine for you? Let me know, my email is

  45. Vivek on Mar 20, 4:13 pm

    3.5 player, looking for someone to hit or play in Arlington area preferably towers park/walter reed community center – available weekdays at 6:30-7 PM

    • Aaron on Mar 21, 1:02 pm

      I’m around a 3.5. My schedule is random, but most weekday evenings should work.

      • Vivek on Mar 21, 1:38 pm

        Ok. How about today at 6:30pm? You can text me at 415-250-9153

  46. Thomas on Mar 15, 2:09 pm

    ~3.5 player getting back in the game looking for someone to hit/play with. Prefer N. Arlington but can also play in S. Arlington

    • Sebastian on Mar 22, 12:32 pm

      hey thomas, i’m also around a 3.5 in north arlington. feel free to text me at 619-754-3350

  47. Jon on Mar 9, 3:45 pm

    Hi all, I’m around a 3.5-4.0 player just getting back into the sport after 5+ years. I’m looking for games (singles or doubles) preferably at Quincy, but getting to other places in Arlington is easy enough too.

    I’m available weekdays after 6:30pm and most times on weekends, if interested email me at!

    • Guile on Mar 9, 6:06 pm

      Hi there. I’m available to play tomorrow evening. Email me at guile3498@yahoo. Com

    • Claude on Apr 14, 8:07 am

      Hey Jon, I am Claude, I would love to come out this Saturday afternoon to hit. Let me know what time works best for you


  48. scott christensen on Mar 8, 10:14 am

    4.5 player always looking to hit/play singles/doubles erratic work schedule try me!

    • Andrew on Mar 8, 2:36 pm

      Scott- are you free to hit today? Shoot me a text (305) 606-8013

  49. Nathan on Mar 7, 1:39 pm

    Always looking for 4.5 or 5.0 hitting/sets during the day, especially around 11-2 in Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church.

    • Scott on Mar 12, 5:24 pm

      Can you hit at East Potomac on Haines point during the day?

      • Nathan Leslie on Mar 12, 5:30 pm

        Scott–In the middle of the day I could potentially do that, yes. Arlington is better for me, but I’m not opposed to Haines Pt. on the days when I have time.

        • Scott on Mar 12, 6:10 pm

          when the weather is good I can do Arlington but I can get us indoors at EPTC

      • Nathan Leslie on Mar 12, 6:33 pm

        Scott–Send me an e-mail and we’ll set something up. thanks

  50. Aaron on Mar 7, 10:24 am

    New to the area and haven’t played in a few months. I mean around a 3.5 and will happily play anywhere in the Arlington area. My schedule is very random, so try me anytime.

    • Claude on Mar 7, 11:31 am

      Aaron, I am Claude, and I am looking for someone to it with on a regular basis. I am very close to the Arlington County Tennis Court. Email me or text me if you are interested.