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“Hi Bjorn – want to play at Quincy? John”
“Sure John, see you there”
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  1. Jessica on Jan 20, 10:49 pm

    Forgot to include my email.
    4.5/5.0 ex collegiate tennis player looking for singles and doubles.

  2. Jessica on Jan 20, 10:48 pm

    I am a 4.5-5.0 player in Arlington! Looking for some tennis partners.

  3. brian foran on Nov 26, 7:11 pm

    i’m a 3.0 male looking to hit casually and maybe eventually do a ladder once i’ve been playing again for some time.

    relatively new to the area so don’t know all the spots, but the cold doesn’t bother me so i can play in or outside

  4. chan on Nov 26, 7:22 am

    i am 3.5 male. i would like to play at 8am on saturday morning. or some sunday afternoon.

    • Charles on Jan 14, 10:30 am

      Hi Chan, are you free for a hit sometime this week by any chance?

  5. Spencer Neukam on Nov 6, 2:43 pm

    Spencer here, am likely a 3.5-4.0 or so skill level player (never officially assessed) looking for singles or doubles play after work (available 6pm-10pm) or on the weekends.

    • Charles van Caloen on Nov 15, 5:57 am

      Hi, I am new to the area and am probably about a 4 and am interested in playing some singles matches after work or on weekends.

      • Charles van Caloen on Nov 15, 5:59 am

        Spencer, are you available later this week? Feel free to text me on 571-276-8257.

  6. Jonathan Muehlke on Nov 3, 4:34 pm

    Hi, 3.0 to 3.5 male wants a practice / training partner for Wakefield, TJ, Bluemont, or Quincy courts before the weather gets too cold. Mon/Wed/Fri afternoon 4:30-6:30pm best, but could occasionally also play later nights.

    • Spencer on Nov 6, 2:55 pm

      Hi Jonathan, I’m approximately a 3.5 level player, and can play Monday/Fridays. I can be at Quincy by 6pm, or other courts by 6:30 pm. Let me know if this works with your schedule.

      • Jonathan Muehlke on Nov 6, 3:20 pm

        How about Friday 6:00pm Quincy if weather is nice? 202 823 6069

  7. Kris Denker on Nov 2, 6:53 am

    3.0 female looking for someone to hit in Arlington area. Can hit anytime on these days. Monday 9-12, Wed. 9-1, Thur. 10-1

  8. Scott on Oct 22, 8:32 am

    5.0 male player looking to play in the evening (around 6pm -8pm) at Quincy Park.

    • Josh on Oct 23, 6:49 pm

      Hi Scott, what is your contact info? I’m a 5.0 and would be happy to hit sometime.

  9. Cesar on Oct 16, 10:53 am

    Looking for someone to hit sometime this week at Bolling Airforce Base (JBAB). Anytime after 3:30 pm. If interested, please text me at 910-988-3880 or send email at

  10. Joe on Oct 13, 6:10 pm

    3.5 looking to hit sometime this weekend. Live near Quincy but open to other courts. Text 202-670-4405

  11. Cesar on Oct 13, 4:13 pm

    New to the area. My tennis partner and I looking for a double ” fun” match at Bolling Airforce Base anytime tomorrow Saturday (14 Oct). We are both 4.0 level. Please send email if interested at

  12. Mike Robinson on Oct 9, 7:30 pm

    I’m a 4.5 looking to play doubles during weekday evenings or Saturday mornings.

  13. Scott Christensen on Oct 5, 12:55 pm

    4.5 player here looking to hit tomorrow, Friday, during the day

  14. Evan Samet on Oct 3, 9:23 am

    Does anybody ever play tennis indoors?
    If so where do you guys play?

    • MSteve on Oct 19, 2:51 pm

      Arlington YMCA Squash and tennis center.

  15. scott christensen on Sep 27, 1:39 pm

    Looking for weekday hitting/playing email or text 843-368-6654

  16. Neil on Sep 27, 5:26 am

    Looking to hit this morning, Wednesday 9/27 at Quincy Park. Will play sets but mostly looking to knock off some rust. Neil 4.5 . Hit me up here or at

  17. Lonnie on Sep 24, 11:48 am

    Lonnie, 5.0 Level looking to hit at Virginia Highlands Park weekdays after 1pm. Email me at

  18. Anj on Sep 24, 11:45 am

    Hello, any other women looking to rally at Quincy Park weekday afternoons after 4pm? Email me to play at 2.5+/F Anj

  19. Jalil on Sep 23, 11:31 pm

    Level 4.5 and above, who are interested to play between 1:30 pm to 3 pm or 5 to 6. Please text me at(415) 370-4551. Any day of the week is fine with me. I love tennis.

  20. Taher on Sep 23, 9:06 pm

    Taher, 4.5, Looking for a game in VA Highlands

    • Jalil on Sep 23, 10:50 pm

      Hey Taher, what time suits you to play? My favorite time is afternoons.

    • Scott on Oct 22, 8:13 am

      5.0 male player looking to play in the evening (around 6pm -8pm) at Quincy Park.

  21. Antonio Vazquez Molinero on Sep 20, 7:14 am

    Antonio, anyone to play at 1 today, around Wakefield?

    • Jalil on Sep 25, 3:52 pm

      Azundai, have a courtesy to at least call or text when you are not coming to play.

  22. Alex V on Sep 18, 9:36 am

    Anyone for Quincy park Thursday Sep. 21st at 7pm.

    • Catherine on Sep 18, 9:40 am

      Hi Alex, do you have any desire to play on a team in the fall league? They play on Saturday mornings.

      • Alex V on Sep 18, 9:42 am

        I am usually out of town during weekends. Weekdays are best for me.

    • Azundai on Sep 18, 10:58 am

      Hi Alex!

      My name is Azundai! Sure, I’m available to play on this Thursday and any others as early as 6:30pm. Where is Quincy’s tennis courts exactly? I am coming via metro from Ballston after work, so I will map my way over to there. Thanks so much! ~ Azundai ~ (301) 851-9521 (C)

      • Azundai on Sep 18, 10:59 am

        Also Alex, I am a 3.5 level player. Thanks! 🙂

    • Antonio Vazquez Molinero on Sep 20, 7:38 am

      Hi Alex V I can play during weekdays but around Wakefield, let me know if you can. I am 3-3.5

      • Alex V on Sep 20, 10:04 am

        Antonio, the Wakefield courts are very far away from me. I can reach courts that are metro accessible. Thanks for reaching out though.

        • Antonio Vazquez Molinero on Sep 20, 4:11 pm

          What about in Thomas Jefferson school ?

  23. Alex V on Sep 18, 9:35 am

    3-3.5 level

  24. Connor on Sep 15, 5:27 pm

    4.5, former club player. Looking to hit at Quincy sometime this weekend (9/16-9/17). Text me at 215-384-6028 if you’re i

  25. Michael on Sep 15, 12:18 pm

    Looking for a strong 4.0 or solid 4.5 player to hit tonight if anyone is interested!

  26. Lonnie on Sep 14, 11:51 am

    Hey all, former junior and college player looking for solid hitting partners. Looking for a game this evening if possible at Virginia Highlands. NTRP 5.0 seeking same for hitting practice, email me at Thank you, Lonnie

  27. Jacqueline on Sep 14, 11:04 am

    Need 4th female TONIGHT at 7pm – strong 3.5
    Outdoors. text 202 297 2690 thank you

  28. Azundai Chatman on Sep 9, 8:45 am

    3.5-4.0 Woman looking to play on Saturdays or Sundays – If anyone wants to play today, (09/09), then please text or call me at (301) 851-9521 – Aurora Highland, Bluemont or Bon Air Parks work for me! 🙂 Thanks.

  29. Gautham on Sep 7, 1:12 pm

    4.0 male looking to play on weekends in Arlington or Springfield, VA.

  30. Asher on Sep 4, 4:16 pm

    4.0~4.5 male player looking to play in the evening (like 6pm~8pm) this week (9/5~9/7) at Quincy Park.

    • Evan Samet on Sep 7, 8:40 am

      Hey Im in to play tonight at Quincy. Text me 609-947-8806 if you want to hit.

      • Asher on Sep 7, 1:24 pm

        Sorry I got a minor injury since then, can we put it off until next week? Im hoping this to go away during the weekend.

  31. Kevin A on Aug 30, 7:02 pm

    4.5 male player looking to play on Sunday 9/3 in Arlington preferably Quincy Park.

    • Scott Christensen on Sep 1, 7:14 pm

      Any chance for Monday Afternoon?

      • Kevin A on Sep 2, 8:11 pm

        Sure! My number is 484-678-9320 feel free to text me.

  32. Ignacio on Aug 29, 2:07 am

    4.5-5.0 Evenings or weekends. Crystal city or nearby.

    • Evan Samet on Sep 7, 8:40 am

      Hey text me 609-947-8806 if you want to hit tonight

      • Ignacio on Sep 7, 9:48 am

        4.5-5.0 play evenings or weekends anytime at Virginia Highlands Park.

        • Benjamin on Sep 7, 10:56 am

          4.5-5.0 level player looking to hit on weekends and weekday evenings. Quincy Park/ Towers Park 201-396-6857

  33. Maria on Aug 23, 5:25 pm

    3.0-3.5 female tennis player, looking to hit in the evenings or on weekends, somewhere in Arlington or nearby.

    • Mike Troyano on Aug 24, 6:08 am

      Hi Maria…would you like to hit at VHP 26 AUG, about 9AM? text 703-597-9245…THX