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“Hi Bjorn – want to play at Quincy? John”
“Sure John, see you there”
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  1. Tom C on Mar 24, 3:27 pm

    Hey I am 3.5 26 year old looking for someone to hit with in Arlington or Falls Church. Currently out of work due to coronavirus so have lots of free time to play. Feel free to text me 703-855-2457. Thanks!

  2. Chrys T on Mar 13, 9:56 am

    Looking to get back in the game after a 2 year break. Can play mornings on Wednesday/Friday or evenings otherwise. Live in Rosslyn so prefer Quincy or Virginia Highlands. Text 571-314-3517
    Skill: Prob 3.0/3.5 now (previously 4.0 USTA, hoping to get back there). Early 30s.

  3. CPD on Mar 2, 1:28 pm

    Hi, early 40s 3.0/3.5 looking to rally in the afternoons/evenings near Virginia Square, Virginia highlands, Quincy, Lyon Park, Bluemont. Trying to find some regular hitting partners/matches. Thanks. 703.946.6877

  4. Tim O’Shea on Jan 6, 9:34 am

    Looking to find players 3.5-4.0 to hit with weekly

  5. Bob on Dec 28, 11:21 am

    571 259 1198

  6. Bob on Dec 28, 11:20 am

    Wow…great Sun…anyone want to hit …today 12/28 Bluemont After 1:15 pm thks Bob 4.0

  7. Kevin on Dec 5, 11:53 pm

    Looking for someone to hit with after 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends at Virginia Highlands Park (Pentagon City). Willing to also split a indoor court at East Potomac Tennis Center if it starts to get too cold later on.
    Skill level: around 4.0 and in my mid 30s

  8. Hulda on Nov 2, 7:30 pm

    Looking for a game. Saturday morning/afternoons or Sunday after 3pm. Preferably in Bluemont.
    Played since childhood but getting back in again. Intermediate.

  9. Winnie on Nov 2, 9:58 am

    A bit rusty 3.0/3.5 looking to hit or play on the weekends. I’m new to the area and prefer south Arlington but happy to consider other places.

  10. Orland on Oct 28, 4:00 pm

    Rusty 4.0 player trying to get back in the game. Weekdays after 5pm. Terrance park.

    • Orland on Oct 28, 4:08 pm

      Terrance park preferred. Shoot me a text if you’re available! 909-996-1336

  11. Andres on Oct 10, 2:44 pm


    I’m looking to hit. I like to play at the Quincy Courts in Ballston. Mids 30s. 3.0/3.5 player.

  12. James on Sep 29, 3:38 pm

    Hi, I’m a 4.5 player who’s new to the area, and looking to hit at Quincy park. I’m free on weeknights other than. Tuesday, and weekends. Let me know if you’re free to hit!

    • Ambar on Sep 29, 5:21 pm

      Hi James I’m a 4.5 player as well and available to hit most days.

      • James on Sep 30, 9:58 pm

        Any chance you can hit Wednesday night? Feel free to text me at 253-651-7269.

  13. Drew on Sep 22, 12:04 pm

    Hi ACTA! I’m looking for someone to play a friendly match of tennis with and to rally. I live in Clarendon. I used to play in high school but it’s been about ten years, and I’m brushing the dust off. Weekday evenings and weekends are ideal!

    Looking forward to it!

    • Drew on Sep 22, 12:10 pm

      Skill is 3.0-3.5

      • Maria Edwards on Dec 7, 3:31 pm

        Hey Drew! I’m also in Clarendon. 3/3.5 and would like to hit on weekdays around 6:15pm.

  14. Vivek Panikulam on Sep 20, 8:00 am

    Hello I am a 3.5 looking to hit/play later than 6pm weekdays or anytime on weekends around walter reed community center or other locations in arlington. pls reach me at 415-250-9153

  15. Tenesha on Sep 9, 6:21 pm

    Hi everyone!
    4.0, Looking for someone to hit and do drills with, Available most afternoons/evenings around Pentagon City, Walter Reed community center.

    • Derek on Sep 10, 11:25 am

      Hi Tanesha, I’m probably somewhere between a 3.5 – 4.0. I have a couple evenings this week that might work – Thursday and sometime this weekend possibly. You can message me here or text at 571-265-5355 to coordinate. Closer to Bluemont park, but Walter Reed would work too! Best, Derek

    • Molly on Oct 28, 2:41 pm

      Tenesha – if you are still looking for hitting partners – I am avail in the pentagon city area (VA Highlands courts) … i’m 4.0-4.5 — what’s best way to contact you?

      • Tenesha on Oct 28, 2:59 pm

        Hi feel free to contact me at 207-252-8895!

  16. Nathan on Sep 9, 8:46 am

    Hello! 3.0/3.5 to rally in the afternoons/evenings near Virginia Square, Arlington. In my mid 20s and am getting back into the sport after a few years gap in college. Still somewhat new to the area, hailing from Cornell. Someone around my age who is also returning to tennis would be ideal!

    • Aaron on Sep 9, 3:12 pm

      Hey Nathan- I am in the same situation. I live near Virginia Square and would like to get back into tennis. I am in my 20s. Would be great to start playing again! Please let me know if you’d like to make a plan!

      • Aaron on Sep 9, 3:16 pm

        You can reach me at 216-570-9530

    • Helen on Sep 16, 7:55 pm

      Hi Nathan! I’d like to get back into tennis and play after work / weekends, and I just graduated as well. Let me know, looking forward to it!

      • Nathan on Sep 18, 11:01 am

        Hi Helen! Are you open to playing after work this week? around 6:30/7? The courts by Virginia Square are closed until the 23rd, but there are a few other options.

    • Drew on Sep 22, 12:24 pm

      Hey Nathan, same situation – upper 20’s, getting back into the sport. You can reach me at (432)-634-4975. I’m in Clarendon.

  17. Bob S. on Aug 30, 11:13 am

    4.0/4.5 would like to rally this holiday weekend.Bluemont/Quincy are great.Please call 5712591198 to set up.Thank you Bob

  18. Derek on Aug 19, 2:17 pm

    I’m probably somewhere between a 3.5 or 4.0 and looking to hit around and maybe start playing some sets again. Down the street from Bluemont Park, but willing to travel. Pretty flexible on days/times as I am self employed. You can message me here or text at 571-265-5355.

  19. Chris on Aug 8, 8:02 am

    3.0-3.5 male, looking to find a regular morning hitting partner in the N Arlington area (Quincy) as early as is reasonable, M-F. Feel free to text or leave a message here 703-946-6877.

  20. Houston Weedn on Aug 4, 3:53 pm

    Looking for a game around Arlington.. I propose Jefferson middle school. Anytime would work for me.

  21. Austin St. George on Aug 1, 5:09 am

    Early morning games during the week or anything today!

    • Houston Weedn on Aug 4, 3:55 pm

      Hi, Austin I would like to play mornings with you. what time and where would you like to meet?

  22. Scott on Jul 19, 11:50 am

    Looking to play mixed doubles 3-3.5 I think. Ideal courts would be kenmore or bluemont

  23. Ehsan on Jul 12, 2:17 pm

    I am a 3 to 3.5 player looking for someone to play in Arlington, preferably in the afternoon.

  24. Sandeep on Jul 12, 11:32 am

    Looking to get back into tennis. Probably a 3.0 or 3.5 at the most. I have availability on Mon/Tues/Wed evenings and Sunday mornings. Let me know if you’re interested!

  25. caleb on Jul 7, 1:42 pm

    Mid-4.0 player, in town for 3 weeks for work just looking to play as much as I can. Singles, doubles, mixed, no real preference. Staying in Virginia square area so whatever courts are near there. Available on weekends and after 5pm during the week. Call or text, if you call please leave a voicemail. 314-403-6926.
    Thank you

  26. Molly C. on Jun 30, 6:39 pm

    Hi, I am 4.0-4.5 player looking to hit with someone preferably about the same level for regular hitting sessions in the evenings starting about 5:30/5:45 pm and on Saturdays mornings or Sunday afternoons. I live fairly close to Bluemont, Tuckahoe, Yorktown, and Marcy Courts. Let me know if you’re interested!

    • caleb on Jul 7, 5:25 pm

      Hi, Molly I don’t know if you’re still looking for someone to hit with but I’m a 4.0 and free after 5pm during the week and any time on the weekends. I’m just in town for 3 weeks but looking to play as much as possible while I’m here. feel free to text me 314-403-6926

    • Emily on Aug 5, 2:31 pm

      Hi! I am around a 4.0 and am free the times you mentioned to play! I live closest to the Yorktown courts- message me if you’re interested!

    • Derek on Aug 19, 2:26 pm

      Hi there. I’m not sure if you are still looking for someone to hit with, but I’m somewhere around a 4.0 and live right down street from Bluemont Courts. I’m self employed so somewhat flexible on days/times – willing to travel to different courts. Feel free to message me here or text at 571-265-5355.

  27. Molly on Jun 28, 7:48 pm

    4.0-4.5 player looking to hit this weekend at va highlands courts … later morning on sat and morning on sun or after 3pm.

    • Molly on Jun 28, 7:51 pm

      Pls text me at 7/835-3119. I am a member at Arlington y so we cld hit there if it rains in afternoon. I’d like to work on drills with similar level/minded player. 😃

      • Molly C. on Jun 30, 6:46 pm

        Molly, I am also a ‘Molly’ – I’d love to hit with you, but the Highlands is not close to me. Would you be interested in hitting at other courts in the north Arlington area?…Thinking of Bluemont, Yorktown, Quincy, or Marcey Courts? text me if interested: 3/864-7026

      • Allison L Miller on Jul 10, 10:35 am

        Hi Molly, I dont know if you ever found someone to hit with at VA Highlands but those are also my home courts. Your phone # didnt show up properly, so I’m responding here. Let me know if you want to hit. I”m more of a 3.5 but can probbaly keep up with you hitting!!

        • Molly H on Jul 26, 2:34 pm

          Allison – can you hit tomorrow morning- sat july 27″. My area code is 703 – that’s what the 7/ before my cell means –

  28. Nate on Jun 27, 2:25 pm

    4.5 looking for a hit tomorrow (Fri.) at 11 or 11:30–hit until 12:30 or 1?

  29. Craig on Jun 26, 9:19 am

    Ex-college player, probably 4.5 now that I’m older. Looking to hit evenings/afternoons/weekends. Cell is 269.861.5059
    I hit with big pace and spin, looking for other strong hitters. 269.861.5059 just call or text!!

    • Miguel on Aug 17, 9:47 am

      Hello, I am also a 4.5 player. Are you still interested in playing? let me know. I usually play at VA Highland Park. Best.

  30. Brian M on Jun 21, 11:07 am

    Looking for someone to hit with, perhaps some sets… probably 4.0… early weekdays or early weekends are best (202-230-0635) Thanks!

  31. Mark Hodges on Jun 19, 11:20 am

    4.0 New to the area. Looking to start playing again. I live in bluemont neighborhood. flexible on afternoons and weekends. (912) 247-8253.

    • Molly C. on Jun 30, 6:50 pm

      Mark, I am a 4.0-4.5 player and could hit at Bluemont on weeknights (5:30 or 6 p.m.) or on Saturdays or Sundays. Let me know if you’re interested, thanks! text me @ 703-864-7026

  32. Ehsan, 3.5 on May 31, 8:36 pm

    I can play after 6pm in Arlington

    • Lisa on Jun 7, 7:07 am

      Hi Ehsan, I can play tuesdays at Yorktown 7.40pm. Lisa

  33. mark jenkins on May 26, 3:35 pm

    Played a lot and in tournaments as a kid, and off and on as adult. Now in my late 60s; restarted playing last Nov., hitting weekly with a pro. Looking to play more.Don’t know my level, maybe 5 discounted for age ?? Looking to hit, may be early Saturdays or Sundays. I could hit as early as 7 am to avoid the rush. Maybe the library or the courts behind the Art Center on Wilson? Or Bluemont?

    • Craig on Jun 26, 9:12 am

      Ex-college player, probably 4.5 now that I’m older. Looking to hit evenings/afternoons/weekends. Cell is 269.861.5059
      I hit with big pace and spin, looking for other strong hitters.

    • Molly C. on Jun 30, 6:55 pm

      Hi Mark, I could hit with you – I’m closer to 4.0-4.5. Let me know if you’re interested. I like to hit at Bluemont preferably around 5:30/5:45 during weeknights or on Sat mornings or Sunday afternoons. Please reply or text me if you’re interested: 703-864-7026. thanks!

  34. James on May 18, 5:21 am

    4.0 player looking to play at Quincy park or Crystal city this weekend.

    • Aaron on May 23, 2:49 pm

      Hey James, I’m (3.5) available to play this Sat (5/25) in the afternoon/early evening at Quincy Park. Let me know if you’re still looking to play!
      (301) 305-6067

    • Mike on May 24, 6:31 am

      James, I can play today (May 24) at Highland Park in Pentagon City. Text me (240-320-3981) if available. I am 3.5 level.

  35. Sawsan Hanna on May 16, 1:17 pm

    I am 3.5 player. My preferred courts are Bluemont or Rose Garden, or Falls Church courts.

  36. Jon Desenberg on May 9, 10:00 am

    Jon, 3.0, anyone looking to hit or play in the next few days?

  37. Scitt on May 6, 9:06 pm

    5.0 player looking to play tomorrow morning 11 am with a 5.0 or a strong 4.5 at Towers

  38. Matt S. on May 2, 9:18 am

    3.5 level player looking to hit/play in the evenings or on weekends. I have no court preferences.

    • Lisa on May 2, 10:56 am

      Hi Matt, I’m available to play this Sat (5/4) morning 9am. Gunston work for you?

      • Matt S on May 2, 12:34 pm

        Thanks Lisa. Saturday at 9:00 am is good. On Lang street correct? It looks like rain is supposed to hold off till Sunday, but if the weather changes how should we communicate?

        • Lisa on May 2, 1:51 pm

          my cell is 571 406 9336

  39. Scott on May 1, 7:06 pm

    5.0 player looking to play tomorrow morning (starting around 10) with a 5.0 or a strong 4.5 at Quincy.

    • Ambar on May 1, 9:25 pm

      @ scott, i’m available to hit tomorrow at 10am.

      • Scott on May 1, 10:42 pm

        Sounds great..See you at 10.

  40. Kiran Thomas on Apr 28, 9:44 am

    Hello! 4.0-4.5 player looking to hit with anyone (of any skill level) in the Arlington area (I live in Pentagon City) or Alexandria (I work there). I have a pretty flexible schedule so I can generally make anytime work. Looking forward to hitting the courts with you all!

    • Afridi on Apr 28, 11:13 am

      Hi Kiran. I can play at Quincy ideally speaking or Crystal city. Feel free to reach me at(415) 370-4551. Best wishes

      • Kiran Thomas on Apr 30, 5:37 pm

        Great – the weather hasn’t been great but I will text soon. Looking forward to playing.

  41. Azundai Chatman on Apr 23, 3:31 pm

    Hi Alan, I am a 3.5 player who has not played tennis in a while either. Want to meet up tomorrow 4/24 at Quincy sometime? If so, please let me know by texting or calling me at (571) 365-9686. My nickname is Nea.

  42. Ambar on Apr 23, 3:10 pm

    4.5 player looking to hit/play sets. Available this thursday and fri mornings. Usually play at Towers park but open to any other courts in Arlington.