Looking for a Match!

Reply to people below wanting a ladder match or click “Looking for a match!” and leave your name, skill level, preferred place and time. When someone replies, you will get an email. For example:

“Umang, 4.0, looking for a match today around 5”
“Hi Umang – want to play at Quincy? Pat”
“Sure Pat, see you there”

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  1. Steve Moslin on Jul 13, 7:23 pm

    Male, 3.5 player looking for someone to play on Sunday morning, around 9 am. Kenmore or Bon-air are good, but I am flexible.

  2. Michael J Grace on Jul 12, 3:51 pm

    Male 3.5 ladder player seeks to play Saturday, July 14, in Arlington starting 8:00 a.m. michaelj.grace@verizon.net

    • Steve Moslin on Jul 13, 12:02 pm

      Hi Michael,
      I can play tomorrow (Saturday) morning I will email you.

  3. James Ventura on Jul 7, 11:57 am

    Sunday match tomorrow 7/8? I’m flexible on time and location.

  4. Sam Schmader on Jul 6, 12:02 pm

    Looking for a match next Thursday (7/12) in the evening (after 5:30 pm). I’m a 3.5 and can be flexible on location.

    Let me know if interested.

  5. Jim Nolan on Jul 6, 11:58 am

    Looking for a match this Sunday. Flexible on time and location.

    • James Ventura on Jul 6, 6:41 pm

      You still looking for a match Sunday Jim? My schedule is open.

      • Jim Nolan on Jul 7, 4:44 am

        James, I found a partner thanks. Perhaps we can play later in the week?

  6. Nathan Leslie on Jul 5, 7:15 am

    I’m always looking for good hits weekdays during the morning, preferably at 10:30 or 11 a.m.

  7. Mark Tooley on Jul 4, 12:00 am

    Looking to play July 4 and this weekend. Text me 703-409-4035.

  8. Helmut on Jun 29, 8:07 am

    Looking for a few matches next week. I am available any time Wednesday and evenings the rest of the week. Any takers?

    • John on Jun 29, 11:49 am

      I am interested in playing. I will email you with some possible times.

    • John Woo on Jun 29, 3:40 pm

      Hi Helmut I tried emailing you but the emails keep bouncing back, would you email me or text me on my cell listed on the members page? Thanks.

  9. Mark Matsko on Jun 25, 3:27 pm

    Anyone available tomorrow, Tuesday June 26, during the day? Between 8am and 3pm. 571-276-7059.