2017 COED Ladder Results

Kessler, Craig Munipalla, Badri Jun-236-1,6-3VA Highlands
Lejeune, Miguel No carNo one-use bottlesHobart, Robert Jun-236-1,6-1VA Highlands
Hobart, Robert Seggerman, John Jun-226-0,6-1Other
Hobart, Robert Kapelski, Cory Jun-216-1,6-4Other
Klemperer, Helmut Kim, Sung No carJun-216-3,6-3VA HighlandsGreat match. Lots of breaks of serve. Almost every game went to Deuce
Turner, Steven beauquesne, quentin Jun-216-1,6-0VA Highlands
Nervig, Phil Kessler, Craig Jun-186-1,6-2Towers
Nervig, Phil Dean, Alex Jun-176-2,6-1TowersAccidentally put in incorrect winner. Good match and the rain stayed away!
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesTurner, Steven No one-use bottlesJun-176-4,6-3Kenmore
Ogrodnik, Robert Briscoe, Peter Jun-156-4,6-2OtherGreat match at Arlington YMCA.
Briscoe, Peter Anderson, Ian Jun-156-3,6-3VA HighlandsVery enjoyable match, long rallies and a lot of running!
Kim, Sung Fetterman, Michelle Jun-146-2,6-3VA Highlands
Dean, Alex Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJun-136-4,6-1Other
Flanigan, Patrick Miller, Sean Jun-136-0,6-2VA Highlands
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Jun-126-2,6-1OtherTC Williams. Nice playing, Bob.
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesTravers, Matt Jun-116-0,6-1Marcey Road
Kessler, Craig Bremenstul, Lew Jun-116-2,6-2Other
Nervig, Phil Bremenstul, Lew Jun-106-0,6-1OtherShirlington
Flanigan, Patrick Anderson, Lawrence Jun-106-1,6-0VA Highlands
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesKessler, Craig Jun-97-5,6-1Marcey Road
Calise, Bobby No one-use bottlesKim, Sung No carNo one-use bottlesJun-87-5,6-1VA Highlands
Fetterman, Michelle Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJun-76-2,6-2OtherGood match. We played at Fairlington.
Wenning, Zak Klemperer, Helmut No one-use bottlesJun-77-6,6-3VA Highlands
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesDean, Alex Jun-76-3,6-2Towers
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSarna, Vikas Jun-46-2,6-0OtherVikas is a great new addition to the singles ladder.
Wenning, Zak Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesJun-47-5,6-3VA Highlands
Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesbeauquesne, quentin No one-use bottlesJun-36-4,6-3OtherFairlington
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesStieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesJun-36-3,3-6OtherPlayed at Fairlington
Ogrodnik, Robert Schneider, Allan Jun-36-2,6-4TowersWeather was great this morning.
Ogrodnik, Robert Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesJun-26-2,7-6TowersStrong 2nd set, with a tie-break going to 8-6
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence Jun-26-0,6-0Tuckahoe
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesCalise, Bobby No one-use bottlesJun-16-4,6-2OtherTighter match than the score indicates. Great Playing with Bobby.
Ambrose, Jack No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesMay-296-4,6-2VA Highlands
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKessler, Craig May-296-0,6-4OtherTC Williams
Travers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesDean, Jeffrey No one-use bottlesMay-286-0,6-2Bluemont
Effio, Timothy Kessler, Craig May-286-1,6-1Other
Effio, Timothy Dean, Alex May-276-1,6-0Other
Wenning, Zak Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesMay-276-0,7-5Gunston
Ambrose, Jack No one-use bottlesKessler, Craig No one-use bottlesMay-276-2,6-2VA Highlands
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesMiller, Sean No carNo one-use bottlesMay-276-3,6-2TJ
Wenning, Zak Miller, Sean No carNo one-use bottlesMay-216-1,6-0TJ
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesMay-216-1,6-4OtherPlayed in Fairlington
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence May-206-0,6-0OtherMatch played at J.E.B. Stuart Park, Falls Church
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesbeauquesne, quentin May-196-1,6-1Towers
Ogrodnik, Robert Kim, Sung No carNo one-use bottlesMay-176-1,6-4VA Highlands
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesMay-166-3,6-3Towers
Anderson, Ian Kim, Sung May-156-2,6-2VA Highlands
Miller, Sean No carBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesMay-147-6,7-6Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesKapoor, Rishi May-146-2,6-0OtherA closer match than indicated by the score. I got lucky and caught Rishi on an off day.
Lejeune, Miguel No one-use bottlesKessler, Craig May-106-1,6-0VA Highlands
Hobart, Robert Anderson, Ian May-106-4,6-1Other
Tran, Trung No one-use bottlesOBrien, Kelly No carNo one-use bottlesMay-106-2,6-2Towers
Klemperer, Helmut Schneider, Allan May-97-6,7-6OtherAlways a close match against Allan
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesMiller, Sean May-86-1,6-2Marcey Road
Hobart, Robert Klemperer, Helmut May-76-4,6-2Other
Calise, Bobby No carNo one-use bottlesKessler, Craig May-43-6,6-0OtherCut short due to rain
Lejeune, Miguel No carVan Atta, Darrick May-36-1,6-0VA Highlands
Ogrodnik, Robert Anderson, Ian May-36-3,6-4Towers
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesWenning, Zak May-26-4,6-4GunstonTough windy match and hard hitting.
Anderson, Ian McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesApr-306-4,0-6,6-2Towers
Klemperer, Helmut Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesApr-306-1,6-3OtherPlayed in Fairlington
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesApr-293-6,6-4,6-2OtherBrutal three hour match in mid-summer conditions that left us both hurting by the end.
Dean, Alex Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesApr-294-6,6-2Other
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesApr-276-0,6-4Marcey RoadFirst 80 degree outdoor match!
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesMiller, Sean No one-use bottlesApr-236-0,5-7,6-1Other
Anderson, Ian OBrien, Kelly Apr-206-2,6-1Towers
Kim, Sung Miller, Sean Apr-206-1VA HighlandsPlay stopped due to rain
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDean, Alex No one-use bottlesApr-186-0,6-0Walter ReedThanks for a good first match!
Anderson, Ian Kessler, Craig Apr-166-3,6-1VA Highlands
Travers, Matt No one-use bottlesWaxman, Dan No one-use bottlesApr-156-1,6-0VA Highlands
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesApr-153-6,6-3,7-5OtherPlayed at Fairlington.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Apr-151-6,6-4,6-2OtherA beautiful spring day for tennis. Bob adds some new layer to his game every time we play.
Ogrodnik, Robert Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesApr-143-6,6-2,7-6Towers
Kessler, Craig No carOBrien, Kelly No carNo one-use bottlesApr-146-2,6-3Towers
Kessler, Craig Kim, Sung No carApr-144-6,6-3,6-1VA Highlands
MacIntyre, Amy No one-use bottlesAltshul, Inna No one-use bottlesApr-136-4,6-1VA Highlands
Travers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence No one-use bottlesApr-126-1,6-1Bluemont
Miller, Sean beauquesne, quentin Apr-126-2,6-3TJ
OBrien, Kelly No carNo one-use bottlesDean, Alex Apr-116-2,6-4Walter Reed
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesCurcic, Mile No one-use bottlesApr-116-4,4-6,6-4TowersCorrected by Tom Smith
Lejeune, Miguel No carAnderson, Ian Apr-116-0,6-1VA Highlands
Ogrodnik, Robert Wenning, Zak No carApr-106-1,6-0Gunston
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesDean, Alex No one-use bottlesApr-96-3,6-2OtherPlayed at Fairlington
Anderson, Ian Tran, Trung Apr-56-4,6-3VA Highlands
Tran, Trung Travers, Matt Apr-16-1,6-0Maury

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