2013 COED Ladder Results

Hine, Ben No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Oct-306-2,6-0Other
Hobart, Robert KANCHAS, GYTIS Oct-296-0,7-5Other
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesSmith, Rory Oct-297-6,3-6,6-2Otherice bath time
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesPournik, Milad No one-use bottlesOct-297-5,6-4BluemontMilad is a wall, another defensive battle.
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesOmps, Paul Oct-286-2,6-3Lyon Villagethe cold air really played to my advantage
Pierce, Greg Leach, Kirk Oct-273-6,6-2,6-2Other
Omps, Paul No one-use bottlesSmith, Rory Oct-276-4,6-2Maury
Ogrodnik, Robert Leach, Kirk Oct-226-2,6-4Gunston
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesParsons, Chad No one-use bottlesOct-207-5,5-7,7-5Lyon VillageGreat match 3+ hours
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Oct-207-6,6-4Gunston
Nicholson, Ian Hobart, Robert Oct-206-1,6-2Other
Feeley, Matthew Malawer, Gregg Oct-196-0,6-1Glebe
Lejeune, Miguel No carKANCHAS, GYTIS Oct-196-1,6-2Ft.Scott
Lejeune, Miguel No carKANCHAS, GYTIS Oct-196-1,6-2Ft.Scott
Varma, Umang Yusuf, Mike Oct-196-4,6-1Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesPournik, Milad No one-use bottlesOct-186-2,6-7,7-5BluemontMilad had plenty of trick shots up his sleeve..very tough 3 hour match.
Voth, James ahmed, babar Oct-186-2,6-0Glebe
Rogers, Brad Seggerman, John Oct-186-3,6-2OtherAlways enjoy our annual match.
Lejeune, Miguel No carDeNicola, Michael No carOct-176-2,6-3Other
Hobart, Robert DeNicola, Michael Oct-166-3,6-1Other
Yusuf, Mike Ogrodnik, Robert Oct-162-6,6-4,6-4Walter Reed
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesSmith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesOct-162-6,6-4,7-5Other
Wall, Gregory Voth, James No one-use bottlesOct-156-3,5-7,7-6Marcey RoadVery tight match with lots of good points.
KANCHAS, GYTIS No carNo one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesOct-147-5,2-6,7-5Lyon VillageVery close and enjoyable match
Varma, Umang ahmed, babar Oct-146-2,5-7,4-6GlebeUmang played spectacular in every aspect and had 3 match points. He was the better player today and deserves the win.
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesWray, Will Oct-146-4,7-5BluemontTight sets. Couple of epic rallies (30 to 40 shots)
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesOct-86-3,4-6,6-2Bluemont
Varma, Umang Joyce, Ben Oct-86-1,6-1Glebe
Omps, Paul Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesOct-62-6,6-3,6-3Other
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesOct-63-6,6-1,7-5TuckahoeVery tight final set.
Arevalo, Chuchi Leach, Kirk Oct-46-3,5-7,7-5Marcey RoadTwo hours, 40 minutes
Omps, Paul Kilmer, Jerome Oct-46-2,6-1Marcey Road
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesLeslie, Nathan No one-use bottlesOct-37-5,6-3Other
Nicholson, Ian Lejeune, Miguel Oct-36-4,4-6VA Highlands10-7 in 3rd set tiebreak.
Ogrodnik, Robert Naranjo, Gaston Oct-16-2,4-6,6-2GunstonLots of winners hit on both sides.
Malawer, Gregg No carOmps, Paul Oct-16-0,2-6,7-5Hayes
Hobart, Robert Seggerman, John Sep-306-0,6-1Other
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesSep-276-7,6-3,7-5BluemontTough 3 hour match, Darrick has awesome serves.
Feeley, Matthew Hine, Ben Sep-266-0,6-0Other
Omps, Paul Leslie, Nathan Sep-266-3,4-6,6-4Lyon Village
KANCHAS, GYTIS Ogrodnik, Robert Sep-266-2,6-1Bluemont
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSep-256-3,7-5Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesSep-256-4,6-2BluemontBeautiful night for tennis. Thanks for playing.
ahmed, babar Voth, James Sep-242-6,6-3,7-6GlebePerfect temperature, weather, lighting. Newly done courts. Great opponent. One of the most fun matches of the season.
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesMeas, Heng No one-use bottlesSep-247-5,7-5Bluemont
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory Sep-246-1,6-3Bluemont
Hine, Ben No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSep-226-3,6-3GunstonGreat morning for a match. I think I caught Cory on a off day. He's got great ground strokes and great approach shots.
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesSep-226-2,6-3Hayes
Naranjo, Gaston Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSep-226-2,3-6,6-4Quincy
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesSep-226-4,3-6,6-3Quincy
Kilmer, Jerome Henry, Brian Sep-214-6,6-2,6-0Marcey Road
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesMalawer, Gregg No carSep-216-4,6-4Other
Gyor, Stephen Ledesma, Vernon Sep-216-2,6-2Bluemont
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSep-215-7,6-2Maury
Naranjo, Gaston Leach, Kirk Sep-206-2,7-5Gunston
Maxwell, Kyle No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSep-206-3,6-1Other
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesHine, Ben No one-use bottlesSep-197-5,6-4BluemontLong 2 setter.
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Sep-196-3,7-6GlebeGreat second set.
Voth, James Varma, Umang Sep-196-4,7-5Glebe
Kilmer, Jerome DeNicola, Michael Sep-186-4,6-1Walter ReedFun match with one spectator - a freezing, dedicated 12-year old!
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesSep-186-3,6-3Marcey RoadGorgeous setting and beautiful weather for the match
KANCHAS, GYTIS Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesSep-186-4,6-7,7-6BluemontFun playing with another power hitter. Burnt out lights at Bluemount need to be remedied.
Drucker, Geoff Gross, Gary Sep-186-4,6-1VA HighlandsMany lights are out. These courts get a lot of use so they should be a priority.
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Sep-167-6,4-6GlebeGreat match that came down to a few points. 3rd set was a 10-pt tie break. Always a pleasure to play Babar.
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesSep-166-4,6-4Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Gyor, Stephen Sep-156-3,6-2Walter ReedGreat day to play
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesParsons, Chad No one-use bottlesSep-156-7,6-2,7-5Lyon VillageGreat match very close
Novillo, Martin Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesSep-157-5,6-7,7-6Quincy
Henry, Brian Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesSep-156-2,6-7,7-5Bluemont
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory Sep-156-4,6-3Gunston
Drucker, Geoff Pint, Eliana Sep-156-3,6-3Maury
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesPitois, Gauthier Sep-156-2,6-3OtherTough points! Great match!
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesSep-156-3,6-0Wakefield
Leach, Kirk Pint, Eliana Sep-147-6,3-6,6-1Kenmore
Lejeune, Miguel No carDeNicola, Michael Sep-146-2,6-2Towers
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesSep-146-1,6-2TuckahoeAlways great playing Umang, hes gonna get me next time.
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesSep-146-4,6-1Bluemont
Leslie, Nathan Knee, Mark Sep-126-3,7-5Marcey Road
Varma, Umang Ogrodnik, Robert Sep-126-2,6-4Marcey Road
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesMeas, Heng Sep-116-3,6-3Ft.Scott
Henry, Brian DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesSep-116-0Bluemont
Hine, Ben No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS Sep-116-7,6-2,6-3BluemontGreat three setter. Felt like I was running shuttle sprints against Gytis, who has a great forehand, wheels, and drop shots.
Feeley, Matthew Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesSep-106-1,6-2Lyon Village
Talluto, Frank Tam, Dave Sep-106-2,6-2VA Highlands
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesSep-86-2,6-2Other
Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesPitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesSep-86-7,6-4,6-4Marcey RoadExtremely long match, I will be tired for a while. Gauthier played well.
Nicholson, Ian Knee, Mark Sep-86-3,7-6Hayes
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesPint, Eliana Sep-86-3,6-3MauryBeautiful day for some long rallies and a great match.
KANCHAS, GYTIS Voth, James No one-use bottlesSep-82-6,6-2,6-4BluemontA few unforced errors and Voth would have had me.
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Sep-77-6,6-3Gunston
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesParsons, Chad Sep-76-4,4-6Jamestowngreat day and a great match - thanks Chad
Lejeune, Miguel No carOgrodnik, Robert Sep-46-4,6-0VA Highlands
Feeley, Matthew DeNicola, Michael Sep-46-2,6-1Other
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesTam, Dave Sep-36-4,7-5Bluemont
Wall, Gregory Voth, James No one-use bottlesSep-36-2,1-6,6-1WakefieldWhoever had the momentum owned the set. Fun match.
Dresser, John Anderson, Lawrence Sep-26-2,6-1Maury
Gyor, Stephen Naranjo, Gaston Sep-26-4,6-2Gunston
KANCHAS, GYTIS McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSep-27-6,6-2OtherNote to self, don't try to play when it's 92 degrees outside
Gretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesSep-16-3,7-5VA Highlands
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby No one-use bottlesSep-16-1,7-6Other
Maxwell, Kyle No carNo one-use bottlesGretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesAug-316-2,6-1Bluemont
Leslie, Nathan Rogers, Brad Aug-316-1,6-0Other
Meas, Heng Pint, Eliana Aug-316-2,6-2Bluemont
Joyce, Ben Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-307-6,4-6,6-1Otherfirst set: 7-5 tiebreaker
Gyor, Stephen No one-use bottlesDrucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesAug-306-3,6-1Towers
Chen, Mark No one-use bottlesLuecke, David No one-use bottlesAug-296-2,7-6Quincy
Varma, Umang Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-277-5,6-2Bluemont
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesMaxwell, Kyle No carNo one-use bottlesAug-261-6,6-4,6-3Bluemont
Cotten, Toby Meas, Heng Aug-257-5,6-3Bluemont
Anderson, Lawrence Williams, Robert Aug-256-3,7-6VA Highlands
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No carNo one-use bottlesAug-256-4,5-7,6-1OtherFor 2.5 hours, we battled for every point. Great match on a beautiful morning.
Varma, Umang Novillo, Martin Aug-246-1,6-3Marcey Road
Talluto, Frank Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-244-6,6-2,6-4VA Highlands
Chatterjee, Sumitava Gyor, Stephen Aug-247-6,6-4BluemontAnother marathon and nail-biter. Stephen is a work-horse
Ogrodnik, Robert Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-236-2,6-4Other
Joyce, Ben Pitois, Gauthier Aug-236-2,6-4Bluemont
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesYoung, Joe Aug-226-3,6-4Kenmore
Voth, James Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-227-5,6-1Bluemont
Pint, Eliana Anderson, Lawrence Aug-216-1,7-6Other
Parsons, Chad Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-216-0,6-4Walter Reed
Meas, Heng sachdeva, sarbjot Aug-216-4,6-1BluemontBad sportmanship.
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAug-216-2,7-6Quincy
Meas, Heng No one-use bottlesChen, Mark No one-use bottlesAug-206-0,6-3Bluemont
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesTam, Dave Aug-206-3,6-2Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesMullen, Kesh No one-use bottlesAug-206-2,6-3Ft.ScottFun match
Gretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesPanikulam, Vivek No one-use bottlesAug-206-4,6-2Walter Reed
Feeley, Matthew Wall, Gregory Aug-196-1,6-0Walter Reed
Schulze, DeMark No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesAug-196-4,6-1Bluemont
Feeley, Matthew No one-use bottlesGretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesAug-186-0,6-0Quincy
Seggerman, John ahmed, babar Aug-17DefaultOther
Mullen, Kesh Leach, Kirk Aug-172-6,6-1,6-0Ft.Scott
ahmed, babar Voth, James Aug-176-2,6-4GlebeAlways a pleasure to play James. Another fun and hard fought match. One game went to over 30 deuces.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesYusuf, Mike Aug-176-2,3-6,6-2Walter Reed
Novillo, Martin Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-164-6,6-3,6-2Quincy
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesPitchford, Brian Aug-146-2,6-3Bluemont
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesYates, Mark No one-use bottlesAug-146-3,6-4Other
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana No one-use bottlesAug-146-0,6-0Bluemont
Rogers, Brad Hafer, Thomas Aug-126-3,7-5Otherenjoyed playing at Tom's club.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesNaranjo, Gaston No one-use bottlesAug-126-0,7-5OtherIt was a beautiful day for tennis.
Ogrodnik, Robert Varma, Umang Aug-126-4,7-6Glebe2.5 hours for 2 sets :-)
Leach, Kirk Yates, Mark Aug-126-2,4-6,7-6Tuckahoe
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesThompson, Fred Aug-116-2,7-6Bon Air
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesAug-116-2,6-2Lyon VillageMark enthusiastically reaches most everything and hits great top spin. Nice match.
Yusuf, Mike Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-113-6,6-4,7-5Walter Reed
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesMalawer, Gregg No carAug-116-3,6-2,6-0Otherplayed on my private courts, which are the best courts in Arlington. perfect weather
Meas, Heng Panikulam, Vivek Aug-106-1,6-2Quincy
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesNaranjo, Gaston Aug-106-4,6-4Lyon Village
KANCHAS, GYTIS Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-106-3,6-3Bluemont
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesYoung, Joe Aug-87-6,3-6Kenmore10-8 3rd set TB
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesAug-86-4,7-6Marcey Road
Meas, Heng fallon, veronica Aug-76-0,6-0Quincy
Gretsch, Pete No one-use bottlesMartin, Larry No one-use bottlesAug-76-2,6-1VA Highlands3 of 6 courts down for resurfacing so be prepared to wait and folks pressing you to finish your match.
Smith, Thomas Cotten, Toby Aug-76-1,6-2Ft.Scott
Naranjo, Gaston Ogrodnik, Robert Aug-52-6,6-3QuincyBecause people were waiting, we decided to play a tie-breaker (10 - 8). Robert has a great game.
Pint, Eliana Grace, Michael J Aug-46-2,4-6,6-3Other
Leach, Kirk Thompson, Fred Aug-46-2,6-2Jamestown
KANCHAS, GYTIS Cotten, Toby Aug-27-5,3-6BluemontToby has some awesome serves, we will play again soon.
Varma, Umang Pint, Eliana Aug-16-1,6-3Bluemont
Stowell, Whitney No carNo one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-306-2,6-1Quincy
Ogrodnik, Robert Pint, Eliana Jul-306-1,6-2Bluemont
Pitois, Gauthier No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJul-296-3,7-6Gunston
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-286-3,6-0Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS Venezia, John No one-use bottlesJul-286-1,6-3Bluemont
Talluto, Frank Naranjo, Gaston Jul-285-7,6-4,6-3Quincy
Joyce, Ben Van Atta, Darrick Jul-286-1,0-6,6-3Other
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesJoyce, Ben No one-use bottlesJul-274-6,6-2,6-2OtherGreat match, Ben! You put up a good fight. I had a good time!
Gyor, Stephen Leach, Kirk Jul-276-4,6-0Walter Reed
Dresser, John Anderson, Lawrence Jul-276-0,3-6,6-4Bluemont
Talluto, Frank Pint, Eliana Jul-276-2,6-3Quincy
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesJul-260-6,6-2,6-2Marcey Road
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesSmith, Rory Jul-267-6,6-3OtherJust 1 break difference. We shall play a few more times fo sho :). no more video taping matches unless you request it :
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Jul-256-2,6-2Williamsberg
Henry, Brian DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesJul-254-6,7-6Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Novillo, Martin Jul-256-4,6-2Quincy
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-247-6,6-4GlebeAnother fun match and hard fought points against James!
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-246-0,3-6,6-4GlebeBabar is one of the most scrappy players on the ladder. He is never out of the match.
Leach, Kirk Panikulam, Vivek Jul-236-2,6-4Gunston
Varma, Umang Naranjo, Gaston Jul-226-3,6-4Ft.Scott
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Jul-216-4,6-0Lyon Village
Talluto, Frank Yusuf, Mike Jul-217-6,6-3Wakefield
Gross, Gary No one-use bottlesChen, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-206-3,6-3Other
Mullen, Kesh Yusuf, Mike Jul-206-2,6-2Gunston
Naranjo, Gaston Pint, Eliana Jul-196-4,6-1Bluemont
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-196-1,6-1Bluemontfun match, thanks for the challenge
Pint, Daniel No carNo one-use bottlesChen, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-186-3,6-7,6-3Other
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesahmed, babar No one-use bottlesJul-186-1,6-1Glebe
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJanson, Rob Jul-177-5,7-5OtherArlington Forest Club
Knee, Mark No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJul-176-3,6-4Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-176-4,6-1Quincy
Wall, Gregory ahmed, babar Jul-166-4,6-4GlebeTough match in very hot, humid weather.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJul-163-6,6-0,7-6BluemontWe played a 10 point tie break for the third. The score was 10-4. Absolute scorcher.
Chatterjee, Sumitava Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-166-3,7-6BluemontHot! but enjoyable tennis. Hard to beat Vernon.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk Jul-154-6,6-0,6-3Gunston
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-156-2,6-3Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJul-153-6,6-0,6-3Lyon Village
Ogrodnik, Robert Mullen, Kesh Jul-156-4,7-5VA HighlandsGreat match
Voth, James Clauss, David Jul-14DefaultVA Highlands
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesChen, Mark No one-use bottlesJul-146-2,6-0Hayes
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesJul-146-2,5-7,6-0Wakefield
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-137-5,6-4GlebeA hard fought match in tough conditions. It's always a pleasure to play Babar.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J Jul-116-0,6-2Quincy
Mullen, Kesh Rojas, Guido Jul-106-1,6-2VA Highlands
Wall, Gregory Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-96-1,6-2Walter ReedFun, lunch time match that beat the rain.
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesClauss, David Jul-96-1,6-1VA Highlands
Talluto, Frank Yates, Mark Jul-96-0,6-0Quincy
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesSmith, Hunter No one-use bottlesJul-85-7,3-6Quincy
Voth, James Wall, Gregory Jul-85-7,6-3,7-5Wakefield10pt tie breaker in 3rd. Fun match
Meyer, Josh No one-use bottlesDurand, Tamara No carNo one-use bottlesJul-76-2,6-4Other
BLED, Agathe Huppert, Jennifer Jul-76-1,6-4BluemontHot weather, but a really fun match with great points!
Mullen, Kesh Yates, Mark Jul-76-4,6-1Gunston
Varma, Umang Pierce, Greg Jul-66-0,6-3Other
BLED, Agathe No one-use bottlesChen, Mark No one-use bottlesJul-66-3,6-1BluemontGreat match! Thank you Mark!
Talluto, Frank Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-66-0,6-3Quincy
Joyce, Ben Ogrodnik, Robert Jul-56-3,7-5Other
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jul-56-2,1-6,6-3Glebe
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesItutud, Jojo Jul-36-2,6-4Towers
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJul-16-1,7-5Lyon Village
Varma, Umang Naranjo, Gaston Jul-15-7,6-3,6-4Glebe
Yates, Mark Leach, Kirk Jul-16-1,1-6,6-1Tuckahoe
Leach, Kirk Osborne, James Jun-306-1,6-2Gunston
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesRanneberger, Mark Jun-307-6,6-3Quincy
Mullen, Kesh Arevalo, Chuchi Jun-29DefaultQuincy
Knee, Mark No one-use bottlesLejeune, Miguel No carJun-272-6,6-3VA Highlands3rd set super-tiebreaker was 10-7.
Kilmer, Jerome Kapelski, Cory Jun-277-5,7-6TJLots of great points and good sportsmanship
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J Jun-276-2,6-2Quincy
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesAnderson, Lawrence Jun-276-1,6-1Maury
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesParsons, Chad No one-use bottlesJun-267-5,6-2Lyon Villagematch was ppd b/c of rain in second set, was finished 9/15
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jun-257-6,6-1GlebeFun match. Long rallies. Solid volleys by James.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesPint, Daniel Jun-256-1,6-2Quincy
Lejeune, Miguel No carKapelski, Cory Jun-256-4,6-3VA Highlands
Meyer, Josh No one-use bottlesLuecke, David No one-use bottlesJun-256-4,6-1Bluemont
Joyce, Ben Mullen, Kesh Jun-257-6,6-3Bluemont
Joyce, Ben Mullen, Kesh Jun-257-6,6-3Bluemont8-6 first set tiebreak
Panikulam, Vivek No one-use bottlesGross, Gary Jun-246-4,6-3TJ
Avasarala, Bhargav Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesJun-246-0,6-1Bluemont
Van Atta, Darrick Pint, Eliana Jun-226-3,6-3Kenmore
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesSteinhauer, Paul Jun-223-6,6-1MauryTiebreaker for 3rd. Great match on a hot day
BLED, Agathe Pint, Daniel Jun-216-1,6-2BluemontA good match with a lot of deuces!
Guzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesWilliams, Robert Jun-217-6,6-1Quincy
Gross, Gary Luecke, David Jun-206-4,6-4Quincy
Voth, James Tam, Dave Jun-206-2,6-4Bluemont
Pham, Keith Arevalo, Chuchi Jun-195-7,6-3Marcey RoadHad to switch courts a couple of times because of reservations. 10-3 Tiebreak
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesTam, Dave Jun-186-2,6-3Bluemont
Lejeune, Miguel No carCantrell, Kelley Jun-186-0,6-1VA Highlands
Mullen, Kesh Grace, Michael J Jun-176-2,6-0VA Highlands
Hobart, Robert DeNicola, Michael Jun-176-2,6-0Other
Arevalo, Chuchi Thompson, Fred Jun-176-2,6-2Tuckahoe
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesKANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesJun-171-6,6-2,6-3Bluemont
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesCotten, Toby No one-use bottlesJun-166-2,6-0Ft.Scott
Nicholson, Ian Voth, James Jun-166-1,6-1Bon Air
Kilmer, Jerome Parsons, Chad Jun-166-2,3-6,6-1TJgood points, a lot of long rallies
Pint, Eliana Rojas, Guido Jun-16DefaultOtherGuido defaulted at 6 all on the first set
ahmed, babar Armstrong, Chris Jun-166-7,7-6,7-6GlebeChris was spectacular at the net, and hit 30 winners, and was way too generous on the line calls. One of the toughest matches!
Joyce, Ben Pint, Eliana Jun-166-3,4-6Bluemont10-7 tiebreaker for the third set
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jun-156-4,6-0Glebelots of really fun rallies, and power hitting from James
Leach, Kirk Mullen, Kesh Jun-156-2,6-3VA Highlands
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesVarma, Umang No one-use bottlesJun-157-5,6-2Tuckahoe
Lejeune, Miguel No carSchulze, DeMark No carJun-156-1,6-2VA Highlands
Pham, Keith Ogrodnik, Robert Jun-156-3,6-2Other
Lejeune, Miguel No carEhrlich, Steve No carJun-146-2,6-2VA Highlands
Arevalo, Chuchi Pint, Eliana Jun-136-2,6-4Bluemont
Lejeune, Miguel No carNo one-use bottlesClauss, David No carJun-136-0,6-1VA Highlands
Leach, Kirk Petronzio, Ed Jun-123-6,6-0,6-2Gunston
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesPanikulam, Vivek No one-use bottlesJun-117-5,6-3Towers
Pitois, Gauthier No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJun-96-3,6-2BluemontGauthier's a smart player who hits graceful but lethal groundstrokes.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesBLED, Agathe Jun-96-1,6-1BluemontThanks Agathe for putting up a good fight! / Thanks Dave for this fun match! The score is bad but the match was a good workout!
Arevalo, Chuchi Panikulam, Vivek No one-use bottlesJun-96-2,6-1Quincy
Kerestes, Rachel No carNo one-use bottlesfallon, veronica No carNo one-use bottlesJun-83-6,6-3,6-1Quincy
Yusuf, Mike Ogrodnik, Robert Jun-86-7,6-3,7-6Other
Omps, Paul Knee, Mark No one-use bottlesJun-83-6,6-2,7-5Lyon Village
Rogers, Brad Varma, Umang Jun-76-3,6-2Other
Voth, James Ogrodnik, Robert Jun-67-5,6-3Towers
Pint, Eliana fallon, veronica Jun-66-1,6-0Quincy
Lejeune, Miguel No carOgrodnik, Robert Jun-56-3,6-0VA Highlands
Kilmer, Jerome Wray, Will Jun-55-7,7-5,6-1Walter Reed
Pint, Eliana Thompson, Fred Jun-56-3,2-6,6-3Marcey Road
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jun-56-2,6-1GlebeLots of deuce games
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesParsons, Chad No one-use bottlesJun-50-6,6-4,7-6Gunstonplayed a final tiebreaker which Milad won 10-8, didn't actually play a final set
Arevalo, Chuchi Leach, Kirk Jun-56-2,6-3Marcey Road
Pint, Eliana BLED, Agathe Jun-56-2,6-1BluemontWelcome to The ladder Agathe. Lets play again / Thanks for this first match Eliana!
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark Jun-56-1,6-1Lyon Village
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesJun-56-3,4-6,6-3BluemontLong match, even had to switch venues prior to third set. Gorgeous weather.
Chatterjee, Sumitava Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesJun-52-6,6-0,6-2BluemontGood match - looking forward to a reverse match
Yusuf, Mike Joyce, Ben Jun-55-7,6-4,7-6Wakefield
Mullen, Kesh sachdeva, sarbjot Jun-57-5,6-2VA Highlands
Ehrlich, Steve KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-46-4,6-2VA Highlands
Yates, Mark Panikulam, Vivek Jun-46-3,6-3Other
Smith, Paul Kiel No carNo one-use bottlesSarma, Sanjay Jun-33-2Other3-2 he injured his hamstring
Voth, James Joyce, Ben Jun-36-2,6-2Bluemont
Pint, Eliana Pint, Daniel Jun-31-6,6-4,6-2Quincy
Ogrodnik, Robert Joyce, Ben Jun-36-4,7-5BluemontMany close games
Voth, James Varma, Umang Jun-36-3,0-6,6-2Glebe
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No carNo one-use bottlesJun-34-6,7-5,6-2VA HighlandsGreat match again. Luckily the courts dried out and we could get the match in.
Pint, Eliana Huppert, Jennifer Jun-26-2,6-1Bluemont
Mullen, Kesh Leach, Kirk Jun-24-6,6-4,6-3Gunston
Venezia, John No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesJun-27-5,6-3Other
Leach, Kirk Scalera, Chris Jun-16-1,6-2Lyon Village
Pham, Keith KANCHAS, GYTIS Jun-17-6,7-5Bluemont
Mullen, Kesh Guzewich, Mark Jun-14-6,6-2,7-6Hayes
Leach, Kirk Scalera, Chris No carNo one-use bottlesJun-16-1,6-2Lyon Village
Varma, Umang Naranjo, Gaston Jun-16-3,6-3Glebe
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert May-316-0,6-3Marcey Road
ahmed, babar Voth, James May-317-6,6-7,7-6GlebeJames was hitting 100mph winners. Today I was thinking about survival rather than tennis!
Pint, Eliana sachdeva, sarbjot May-316-4,6-3BluemontTwo hours of playing on the very hot sun. Good game
Joyce, Ben Thompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-306-4,6-3Tuckahoe
Stowell, Whitney Pint, Eliana May-296-1,6-2Bluemont
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesTalluto, Frank No carMay-296-0,6-4Maury
Voth, James Van Atta, Darrick May-285-7,6-0,6-3Kenmore
Wray, Will Seggerman, John May-287-6,6-1Quincy10-8 in the tiebreaker
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-273-6,6-1,9-1TuckahoeFred was playing great until he rolled an ankle.. 10-1 in tiebreak
Joyce, Ben Grace, Michael J May-276-1,7-5Bluemont
Schulze, DeMark Ogrodnik, Robert May-276-3,6-2VA Highlands
Williams, Robert Durand, Tamara May-276-2,6-4Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesPierce, Greg May-276-1,6-0OtherAfter all this strange weather we had a perfect afternoon for tennis.
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesPierce, Greg No one-use bottlesMay-266-1,6-2GunstonVery windy
Pint, Eliana Grace, Michael J May-266-2,3-6,7-5Quincy
Joyce, Ben Meyer, Josh May-266-1,6-1Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Novillo, Martin May-266-3,6-3BluemontVery windy day
Pint, Eliana Popa, Horia May-256-3,2-6,7-5Bluemont
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert May-256-3,6-3OtherCourts at Barton St.
sachdeva, sarbjot No one-use bottlesGuzewich, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesMay-233-6,7-6Quincy
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMay-226-1,6-3Hayes
Pint, Eliana Anderson, Lawrence May-226-7,6-2,7-5OtherLarry have the most consistent top spend lob Over three hours on on the hot sun, long points
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMay-226-7,6-0,7-6BluemontMike always seems to bring out my best. This was a fantastic long match.
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesJanson, Rob No one-use bottlesMay-226-3,6-2Other
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesTalluto, Frank No carMay-217-5,7-6Quincy
Ogrodnik, Robert Yusuf, Mike No one-use bottlesMay-217-6,5-7,6-4Other3 Hour match at Mason District, 35 games plus the deuce points
Corrigan, Brian Press, Jeffrey May-216-4,6-1BluemontGreat match. Tons of long rallies
Hobart, Robert DeNicola, Michael May-216-3,7-5Other
Avasarala, Bhargav Smith, Thomas May-206-4WakefieldYou guys need to play Bhargav. Definitely top 10 ladder material.
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesPournik, Milad No one-use bottlesMay-206-3,7-5GunstonMuggy conditions, no wind
Arevalo, Chuchi Leach, Kirk May-208-4Marcey RoadOnly had time for a pro set.
Wray, Will No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana May-206-0,6-2Bluemont
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert May-186-0,6-0Lyon Village
Cantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesMay-186-3,6-2Lyon VillagePerfect day for tennis. Fun match.
Arevalo, Chuchi Leach, Kirk May-176-3,6-4Marcey Road
Seggerman, John ahmed, babar May-17DefaultOther
Leach, Kirk Grace, Michael J May-166-3,6-2Quincy
Press, Jeffrey Luecke, David May-166-3,6-1Towers
Pint, Eliana Anderson, Lawrence May-156-4,6-4OtherGood match,
Omps, Paul Hobart, Robert No one-use bottlesMay-156-1,7-5Other
Kilmer, Jerome Hafer, Thomas May-156-0,6-0BluemontFun match
Smith, Rory No carKnee, Mark No one-use bottlesMay-157-5,6-3Quincy
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesDrucker, Geoff No one-use bottlesMay-157-6,1-6TJ
Knee, Mark No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMay-146-3,6-2Gunston
ahmed, babar Voth, James May-146-3,6-2OtherGreat match as usual from James. Many fun rallies.
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesMay-146-1,6-2Bluemont
Corrigan, Brian Gross, Gary May-146-4,6-3QuincyEnjoyed it. Look forward to a rematch later this summer.
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesThompson, Fred May-136-4,6-2Marcey Road
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesClauss, David May-136-2,6-1VA Highlandswindy, but court surface was good
KANCHAS, GYTIS Varma, Umang May-136-1,5-7GlebeAlways great to play Umang, plenty of long rallies
Arevalo, Chuchi Leach, Kirk May-136-2,6-2Marcey Road
DeNicola, Michael No carNo one-use bottlesThompson, Fred No one-use bottlesMay-126-1,6-2Lyon VillageGreat weather great match
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesNaranjo, Gaston May-126-0,3-6,6-4Walter ReedWindy conditions, but courts dried out well from the rain the night before.
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesClauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesMay-126-0,6-0VA Highlands
Ogrodnik, Robert Pint, Eliana May-126-4,7-5BluemontGood match with many duces in windy conditions.
Smith, Thomas No one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No carNo one-use bottlesMay-76-0,7-6Ft.Scottfun match, getting us ready for team doubles competition
Smith, Rory No one-use bottlesMalawer, Gregg No carNo one-use bottlesMay-56-1,2-6,6-1Maury
Ehrlich, Steve Naranjo, Gaston May-56-0,6-3VA Highlands
Sampson, Vince Luecke, David No one-use bottlesMay-56-1,6-0Quincy
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No one-use bottlesMay-46-1,1-6,6-4VA HighlandsGreat match. Demark has some great strokes. Look forward to playing again.
Ogrodnik, Robert Varma, Umang May-46-1,2-6,6-2Marcey Road
Pournik, Milad No one-use bottlesYusuf, Mike No one-use bottlesMay-46-0,6-3Maury
Ogrodnik, Robert Leach, Kirk May-36-4,6-2Gunston
Seggerman, John No one-use bottlesVoth, James May-27-5,7-6Madison Manor
Kilmer, Jerome Clauss, David May-26-3,6-3VA HighlandsReal fun match at a great park.
ahmed, babar Thompson, Fred May-26-2,6-2,7-5GlebeGreat hitting by Fred. Terrific serves as usual. And we played a bonus set at the end.
Ogrodnik, Robert Yusuf, Mike May-26-3,6-4OtherMason District
Ogrodnik, Robert Panikulam, Vivek Apr-296-4,6-3Other
Voth, James Yusuf, Mike Apr-285-7,7-5,7-5Other3rd se t tie breaker
Guzewich, Mark No one-use bottlesDresser, John Apr-275-7,7-5Marcey Road
Hobart, Robert Hafer, Thomas Apr-276-2,6-1Other
Ehrlich, Steve Ogrodnik, Robert Apr-266-3,6-1VA Highlands
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesVoth, James Apr-266-3,6-1Hayes
Krieger, Steven No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Apr-256-2,6-1Quincy
Malawer, Gregg No carHenry, Brian Apr-246-2,6-3Hayes
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKilmer, Jerome No one-use bottlesApr-246-1,7-5Walter Reed
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesPopa, Horia Apr-236-3,6-1WakefieldVery close match despite the set score. I think there were only 4 or 5 games that didn't go to deuce.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesCantrell, Kelley No carApr-226-1,4-6,6-2OtherGreat match this afternoon. Look forward to the next one.
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesApr-226-1,6-0VA Highlands
Pint, Eliana Leach, Kirk Apr-227-6,7-5OtherGood match, let's play again
Pham, Keith Ogrodnik, Robert Apr-216-1,6-3Bluemont
Parsons, Chad Talluto, Frank Apr-216-2,6-4VA HighlandsGreat weather, busy courts by 9am or so.
Voth, James Yusuf, Mike Apr-217-6,6-1Other
Ehrlich, Steve Pitchford, Brian Apr-217-5,6-0Other
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesApr-206-0,6-1OtherIt's always a pleasure to play with Jim. We even played a third set for just for kicks.
Cantrell, Kelley No one-use bottlesClauss, David No one-use bottlesApr-206-4,7-6OtherGreat day for a good tennis match.
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesApr-186-1,6-2Wakefield
Talluto, Frank Pint, Eliana Apr-176-0,6-3Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesApr-176-4,6-2Bluemont
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesYusuf, Mike Apr-166-1,6-1Quincynice day, good match
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesApr-167-6,7-6BluemontMatch could not have been any closer.
ahmed, babar Voth, James Apr-162-6,7-6,7-6GlebeJames was hitting winners from every part of the court. And couldn't get anything past him. Really good match!
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J Apr-146-0,6-1VA Highlands
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVoth, James No one-use bottlesApr-146-1,6-2Wakefield
Pint, Eliana Drucker, Geoff Apr-144-6,6-4,7-6OtherClose match. Looking forward to play a rematch.
Knee, Mark No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesApr-146-1,6-1Walter Reed
Yusuf, Mike Thompson, Fred Apr-137-5,4-6,6-4Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesApr-136-2,6-1WakefieldGreat day for tennis. Thanks for the extra set.
Clauss, David No carNo one-use bottlesWall, Gregory No one-use bottlesApr-136-4,6-4VA Highlands
ahmed, babar Voth, James Apr-116-3,6-2GlebePerfect weather. And some hard hitting rallies from James.
Talluto, Frank Ogrodnik, Robert Apr-116-1,6-4Quincy
DeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesApr-106-4,7-5Bluemont
Ehrlich, Steve Talluto, Frank Apr-106-2,6-3VA Highlands
Wall, Gregory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Apr-96-3,7-6Glebe
Parsons, Chad No one-use bottlesTalluto, Frank No carApr-77-5,6-3Quincy
Pierce, Greg No one-use bottlesSleeper, Jonathan No one-use bottlesApr-76-3,6-1Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Pint, Eliana Apr-76-3,2-6,6-1Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesYusuf, Mike Apr-76-1,6-2Wakefield
Varma, Umang No one-use bottlesBennett, Jeff Apr-66-1,6-2Glebe
Yusuf, Mike Pierce, Greg Apr-66-1,6-2Wakefield
Clauss, David No one-use bottlesArmstrong, Chris No one-use bottlesApr-66-2,6-2Kenmore
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMeyer, Josh No carNo one-use bottlesApr-46-1,6-0BluemontGreat to get out and hit with Josh.
Voth, James ahmed, babar Apr-26-1,6-5Glebe
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesSmith, Rory Apr-16-2,5-7,6-4Othergreat match. hope to play Rory many more times at my private Barton St Courts
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesDeNicola, Michael No one-use bottlesApr-16-1,6-1BluemontThe wind was tricky tonight. I know this will not be the score next time we play.
Pierce, Greg Meyer, Josh Mar-306-3,6-0Wakefield
Yusuf, Mike Ogrodnik, Robert Mar-246-4,6-4Other

For questions or concerns please contact ladders@actatennis.org