Fall 2012 Court Reservations

Here’s the email sent to PRCR for the Fall of 2012 court reservations for our doubles league. Some background… we need 24 courts in all for each league match:

6 for A’s; 6 for B’s; 10 for C’s and 2 for Round Robin.

Hi Megan,

Here are the courts ACTA needs for the Fall season.  Would you consider creating packages of reservations to make this easier to manage?  Think this could help us give captains direct, easy access to the reservation documents.

The reservation packages could be by court for the regular season and then by day for the playoffs.  So, you’d have all your Bluemont regular season reservations in one PDF and all your Quincy regular season reservations in another PDF (8 packages in total).   Then, for the playoffs, you’d have all your Saturday Nov 10 reservations in one PDF and all your Sunday, Nov 11 reservations in a separate PDF (2 packages).

Let me know if that sounds ok and thanks again!

Regular Season:

Dates (all Saturdays 10AM – 1PM):
September 8, 15, 22, 29
October 6,13,20,27
November 3

Courts (24 in total):
Bluemont 1-8
Quincy 1,2,5,6
VA Highlands 4,5
Ft. Scott 1-2
Glebe 1-2
Gunston 1-2
Kenmore 1-2
Marcey 1-2


Saturday, November 10th, 10AM – 1PM
Bluemont 1-8
Bon-Aire 1

Quincy 1-3

Ft Scott 1-3
Gunston 1-3
Marcey 1-3

Sunday, November 11th, 1PM – 4PM
Bluemont 1-8
Bon-Aire 1

Holidays (not applicable):
October 8th Columbus
November 12 Veteran’s Day