eMail accounts and lists

This help page introduces you to your ACTA email account and provides instruction on how to use small and mass mailing lists.

Your eMail Account

As a board member, you will receive an email account corresponding to your new prestigious title: <title>  This email account is managed by our hosting partner   The webadmin will provide you with a password.

You have a few options for using this account.  The most direct option is through a webmail interface like Squirrel Mail.  The recommended option is to access your mail through a PC client application like Outlook and use the webmail account only when you don’t have access to your PC.

Please let the webadmin know whether you will be using webmail (like SquirrelMail) or a client application (like Outlook).  If you use webmail, your email will be forwarded to your personal account for convenience.

Webmail applications

You have a few webmail application choices.  You may be most familiar with the second option, SquirrelMail.  Note that the 2nd link can be wonky.   Getting to SquirrelMail through the first link is more sure…

How to use your PC’s email application

To access mail from your personal client (like Outlook) you will need to set up a POP3 interface.   POP stands for Post Office Protocol and is easy to setup and use.  You might find this method more convenient because your personal and ACTA emails will reside in the same place; you will no longer have to login to SquirrelMail; and the Outlook email client is more friendly and feature rich than the web application alternatives.  Once you’ve set up your Outlook, to send mail from your ACTA account, change the “account” on an email.

Follow these steps to set up your POP3 interface on Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook. Click on Tools and choose Email Accounts.
  2. Click on View or change existing email accounts and click Next.
  3. If you attempted to create any email accounts but were unsuccessful, you can remove them from here. Otherwise, click Add.
  4. Choose POP3 and click Next.
  5. For User Info, type your name and full email address. For Logon Info, type your full email address as the username, and your password.  See picture below.
  6. For Server Info, type for both SMTP and POP3. 
  7. Click “more settings” and change the name of this account from “” to something more meaningful like “ACTA VP”
  8. Do not click Test Account Settings. Simply click Next.
  9. Your account will be shown in the list of email accounts configured in Outlook. Click Finish.
  10. In Outlook Express, click Send/Receive


Small Mailing Lists

ACTA has two types of mailing lists: small and large (mass).  Small mailing lists are used for commmunications between the board and captains.   Mass mailings are used for membership communications.  A different tool is used for mass mailings.   ACTA’s Webadmin will initially setup all lists, but if you would like to subscribe or remove yourself from these lists, follow the links below.  

To keep out the noise of unwelcome emails, these lists do not accept emails from non members.  As a default, your ACTA email addresses will be used for these small lists.  This means that you will need to send emails to the ACTA board from your ACTA account.   Note that this is easier if you associate your ACTA account through your local Outlook through POP3!   Ask if you would rather have your personal mail account used in a mailing list.

Mass Mailing Lists

ACTA uses a tool call Dada mail for mass membership mailings.  To send an email to one of these lists, you will need to login as the list admin and select “send a message” from the menu on the left side of the page.   Ask the Webadmin for the password if you would like to initiate a membership mailing.   Here are a few hints for creating mass emails:

  • Make sure you replace <PLACE SUBJECT HERE> with your actual subject
  • Messages can be created in plain text, html or both
  • Press “send” to send after clicking “I’m sure”
  • Dada mail paces the sending of emails.  Mailing to the entire ACTA list will take about 10 minutes after you press send.


Even though ACTA’s webadmin will set up and manage our lists, anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe: