Board member responsibilities


Veto or sign bills into law. Appoint people. Pardon others.
1. Schedule board meetings
– reserve Non-Profit room at the Quincy Library (703)228-5959
– distribute agenda to
2. Recruit board members for the following year

Vice President

Attend funerals and state functions.


1. Subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and shall receive and disburse the funds of the Corporation.
(a) Pay bills submitted by ACTA Board or participants once OK is given by President, Vice President and/or Doubles League Coordinator. All checks or obligations for the payment of money in excess of $500 shall require specific written direction from either the President or Vice-President, as authorized by the Board of Directors. (On-line bill payment through Wachovia is available as well as an ACTA checkbook.)
(b) Deposit checks received.
Note on automatic payments: Verizon is set up on automatic payment each month. PNC Merchant and fees are deducted automatically from the checking account linked to payments made on the ACTA web site. Web Manager (Dawn Walker) set that up and should have more information.
2. Access Wachovia monthly statements in order to provide a status report to Board each month on revenues received & expenses posted as well as cumulative overall fund availability.
3. Attend ACTA Board meetings monthly & social functions as available.
4. Respond to participant inquiries concerning payments or route to Web Manager for resolution if payment was made via Web site.
5. Prepare periodic electronic financial spreadsheet reports as needed.
(a) Federal – Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms
(b) State – Virginia Charitable Solicitation Forms
(c) County – Arlington County might ask ACTA for financial reports under an ongoing Memorandum of Understanding

Facilities Coordinator

1. Annual court conditions assessment
– Visit all facilities. Follow assessment criteria from previous year for uniformity
– Meet with County to compare ACTA’s needs with maintenance plans
– Suggest to doubles coordinator the best courts to use for ACTA matches
– Communicate with members results of both
2. Monitor the court maintenance page
– Communicate with county any issues
– Follow through with County and member reporting the issue
3. Court reservation signs before start of the doubles season

Extra credit:
4. Raise profile of tennis facilities with County Sports Commission

Ladders Coordinator

1. Promote ladder in the Arlington Community.

2. Resolve disputes between players on the co-ed ladder IAW with rules and bring unresolved issues to the board’s attention.

3. Present ladder status at monthly board meetings, activity comparisons to previous years

4. Open ladder April 1. Decide whether players who participated on previous year’s ladder inherit ranking.

5. Determine award winners for Annual Meeting (typically around March)

  • Male Highest Number of Matches Played
  • Female Highest Number of Matches Played
  • Ladder Top Finisher
  • Eco Ladder Challenge
  • Most Losses?

6. Administer ladder bump every 4-weeks