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May 24, 2019 | By

Comment Now on Arlington County’s Plans to Upgrade the 
Tennis Courts at Bluemont Park

We are excited to report to you, members of ACTA and other devotees of tennis in Arlington County, that the County has started to develop a “vision” for the “Bluemont Tennis Center.”  The County seeks to make Bluemont the “go-to” tennis complex in the County providing the highest level of activities for the sport.  County planners want to hear from ACTA and tennis players to learn what they want and need at Bluemont.

Activities So Far

Members of your ACTA Board have met with County planners and consultants to discuss what might be accomplished at Bluemont.  The ACTA Board has developed a “vision” for an upgraded Bluemont.

Before sharing ACTA’s vision with Arlington County, we want to hear from you.  Please read on for the “vision” and the questions we’d like you to answer about it.  Please respond to by June 1st with any comments or suggestions.

Preferred Design Elements

·        Courts rebuilt from their foundations for the long term, so they do not start cracking within months of going into service.

·        Twelve courts total, four of them covered (not bubbled) to allow play during inclement weather.  Bluemont now has nine outdoor courts including a practice backboard on one court.

·        Separate the practice wall from the courts and add a second practice wall; no practice walls or backboards on any courts.·        Updated lighting and fencing with windscreens and more strategically placed gates.

·        Spacing between courts that satisfies current regulations (but not at the expense of compromising the number of courts).

·        An upgraded waiting area (replacing the current Pavilion).

·        Upgraded and expanded restrooms (possibly including lockers).

·        Covered, clustered seating adjacent to the courts (like at Virginia Highlands).

·        Shaded pedestrian seating outside the courts (to facilitate tournaments).

·        Courts continuing to face north-south (not east-west).

·        Recessed (semi-underground) parking on top of which some of the new courts would be built; more parking at the front of the existing parking lot adjacent to North Manchester Street; other ideas to provide more courts but also adequate parking.

Feedback Questions

Please answer these questions about ACTA’s “vision” for Bluemont:

1.     Do you agree with or disagree with the vision?  Why?

2.     Would you like to see additional design elements at a new Bluemont?  If so, what are they?

3.     Would you eliminate any of the above elements from the vision?  If so, which ones and why?

Please email your comments or suggestions to by June 1st. 

Your ACTA Board then will share a refined vision with Arlington County.

Other Feedback Opportunities

Arlington County staff plan to visit some upcoming ACTA events and gather feedback directly from participants.  If any County staff approach you about Bluemont or tennis, then please make a few minutes to share your thoughts with them.

Your ACTA Board is excited about an updated Bluemont Tennis Center.

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