Meet and Greet John E. Vihstadt

November 15, 2016 | By

Meet and Greet with John Vihstadt

Meet and Greet

John E. Vihstadt

Member, Arlington County Board

On Saturday, October 22, 2016, ACTA was pleased to have hosted a “Meet and Greet” with John Vihstadt, Member of the Arlington County Board.  This meeting took place at the YMCA Arlington Tennis and Squash Center and focused specifically on improving and better maintaining Arlington County’s public tennis courts.  During a one-hour get-together at the Y, a number of ACTA members and Mr. Vihstadt discussed ways in which ACTA can make its voice better heard before County Parks and Recreation officials.  Afterwards, the group gave Mr. Vihstadt a tour of some of the County’s tennis venues needing tender loving care, particularly Bluemont Park’s courts which are scheduled to be renovated in the coming years.  The group also visited the recently refurbished Towers Park courts, which are an example of the County’s good works in tennis court improvement.

ACTA appreciates that more than 120 tennis players earlier this year signed an online petition to the Arlington County Board urging more capital improvement (“CIP”) funding for the County’s tennis courts.  We are building momentum for future positive action!


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