ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2013

August 14, 2013 | By

Meeting of the Board of ACTA held Monday, August 12, 2013 7:30pm Quincy Library

Present: Richard Gold, Tom Smith, Alex Robertson, Jacqueline Lawrence, Jas Vidwan
Guests: Sandra Ospina, Steve Krieger (Capital Stringing & Tennis, LLC), Antony Hoang (summer intern)
Absent: Trevor Chan, Kim Knodt, Eric Samuel, Chris Armstrong
In Trevor’s absence Tom led the meeting.

Summer League
Tom described the Summer League as a popular success. The season ends in two weeks. 8 teams played in the A/B Division and 4 teams in the C Division.
156 people signed up producing revenue of $2,200 and expenses of $1,939. Captains (12) will be refunded the $15 fee, leaving a net profit of $81 for prizes.

Fall League
Tom has reserved the courts for the Fall season. There is a question of the hourly charge. The County is increasing in 2014 (if that is fiscal year 2014, then it will be September 2013) the hourly court rate from $5 to $10.
Tom has sent an email to Megan at the County to clarify ACTA’s court costs for the Fall.
If the increase goes into effect in September, the Board discussed the need to increase ACTA membership fees. Those who have already paid for the year will be asked to make an additional payment.
Currently, there are 6 teams in A, 9 in B and 9 in C.

Managing Registration/Doubles League
The Board discussed some options for managing the registration and Doubles League. Tom suggested that the Board consider a paid league coordinator position (which would mean an increase to membership of possibly $10/person per season (Captains exempted). This person would assume all registration issues, setting up things on ACTA website, Top Dog, running the playoff tournament, handing signs, handing out balls, rain line etc. It is estimated this would require 3 hours per week on average with obvious peak times before/during the Doubles League seasons. Steve Krieger (Capital Stringing & Tennis, LLC) has expressed an interest.
Alex suggested the Board should also look to the Membership to see if there may be interest in individual(s) being paid a modest hourly rate for handling registration, etc.
The Board agreed to send an email out to the captains to see what they think of this idea.

Result of Survey to Captains
Tom indicated the survey produced interest in ACTA running a Winter League. Cost would be c. $15 per person per match (similar to USTA).

Tennis Balls for the Fall Season
Richard confirmed he would order the tennis balls.

Round Robin
The Board decided not to offer the Round Robin option (for 2.5/3.0 levels) since there was not enough interest.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm