Board Meeting 6/10/2013

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Meeting of the Board of ACTA held at Westover Library at 7:30pm Monday, June 10, 2013

Present:  Trevor, Richard, Tom,  Alex, Jacquie, Jas, Eric

Guest:  Danielle ( or is she on the Board?)

Items Discussed:

Summer League

Tom met with Meghan Carney, Sports Programmer, Arlington DPR.  Plans are coming together for the summer league.  It would be held each Saturday at 10:00am starting July 13 and end late August. A&B teams would be combined.  There would be 4 lines:  2 mixed, 1 men’s singles, 1 ladies’ singles.  Could would be $15 per person (no County charge for non Arlington). Needs 8 teams with c. 15 per team.  Having crunched the numbers, Tom reckons that ACTA will break even.

He suggested that maybe Wintergreen Resort would fund the end of season awards.

Further e-blasts should go out to encourage participation.

Wintergreen Resort Collaboration

Richard spoke with Jonathan J. Sarosiek, Director of Tennis at Wintergreen.  They want us to allow them to advertise on ACTA’s website.  They would offer discounted training sessions here or at Wintergreen.

They are also willing to fund prizes – the Summer League would be an opportunity for them (to present the prizes?).

There was discussion as to whether Arlington courts could be used.

Richard will prepare a draft for the website.

Capital Stringing

They are looking for collaboration with ACTA in the form of advertising on the website.  ACTA needs to determine what would be the appropriate “in kind”  service they would provide.

Steve Krieger (part owner?) is interested in coming on the Board.

Doubles League Hinson v. Vidwan protest and appeal

Trevor, Richard and Alex were appointed to adjudicate the matter.  It was determined that Nitya would be allowed to complete the season with Serves You Right and play in the Playoffs (not in Mixed 2 or 3) but that she would have to move to a 4.5 team in the Fall.  None of her matches would be forfeited.

Charity Tournaments

Neither Chris nor Kim could make the meeting but sent the following information:

From Chris:

  • 2013 Charity Doubles Tournament
    • Dates are set with court availability confirmed – Saturday, June 29 (and Sunday, June 30 if needed)
    • Matches will primarily take place at Quincy, Bluemont, and Kenmore Middle
    • E-mail announcement to ACTA members going out this week
      • Planning to open feedback on charitable organizations to which to contribute – requiring that they be Arlington affiliated.
      • Will also post on ACTA website
      • Could use help with outreach – send to your ACTA teams, USTA teams, friends, etc.
    • Contacted the CITI OPEN about providing free tickets as prizes again.  Received initial confirmation but waiting to hear back on how many tickets
  • 2013 Charity Singles Tournament
    • Working to confirm date and court availability.
    • Proposed date – August 17

From Kim:  Will work with Chris on planning the tournament and getting the word out through social networks, meetup, etc. Carol is in the process of making the shirts for play offs

Board Rotation

Returning members:  Alex (IT), Tom (President?, Doubles League),  Jas (Doubles League/Website), Jacquie (Membership), Eric (Facilities), Richard (?) (Vice President and Legal Counsel),

Kim (Publicity/Outreach) Chris – Special Events/Socials.

Trevor (President) and Matt (Treasurer) will not return


Eric advised he has made some contacts with the County’s maintenance team and has gone to the courts with them to provide a tennis player’s perspective on repairs and maintenance.


No financials were presented

ACTA Day at the Washington Kastles

Trevor announced that 118 tickets have now been sold.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm