2012 Annual Meeting

May 2, 2012 | By

The numbers have been crunched and we have our 2011 Jerry Graf Award Winner, our Captain of the Year: Alex Bittner! Alex was a great leader and satisfied or exceeded every criteria involved in the award evaluation.  Alex is pictured on the left with ACTA’s President Trevor Chan.

In detail, Alex’s stats included:

  1. No defaults in 2011 (either given or taken)
  2. Small roster size enabled him to play everyone at least twice (most were 4 or 5 times)
  3. High percentage of Arlingon (>85%)
  4. Team members played in ACTA tournament (plus Chris Armstrong being on board)
  5. Appointed co-captain (Hunter Smith)
  6. Held many team practices
  7. Input scores on time
  8. Created a team name
  9. Brought new players into league

Please join us in congratulating Alex!

Tom Smith was recognized for his great work as doubles coordinator for 2011.  Besides his exceptional organizational skills, Tom started the Jerry Graf  Captain of the Year Award given to ACTA’s most effective captain.  The award itself gives captains and aspiring captains a good understanding of what is required of a captain.  If you see Tom (pictured on the right with Alex Robertson) give him a pat on the back and tell him he’s always welcome to be ACTA’s doubles coordinator in the future.

ACTA may have the best singles ladder on the Eastern Seaboard and Paul Kiel Smith topped that ladder for 2011.  Paul warmed up last year’s season losing only 8 games in his first 4 matches.   Competition picked up near the end of the season where 2 of Paul’s last three matches were 3 setters.  Props to Gregg Malawer, Paul Omps and Robert Hobart for keeping the top of the ladder competitive and making Paul earn the top prize.  Paul is pictured on the left with Trevor Chan who broke into the ladder’s top 5 in 2011.

Eliana Pint was the highest ranking woman on the ladder. Eliana was also the highest woman in 2010. Wish her luck for a three-peat.

For the second year in a row, Kirk Leach was ACTA’s iron man playing 50 matches in 2011.   For those hoping to win this award, keep in mind that you have to play six or more matches during each month of the season.

Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. According to Food and Water Watch, that plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce. And while the plastic used to bottle beverages is of high quality and in demand by recyclers, over 80 percent of plastic bottles are simply thrown away.  None of the 1.5 M tons of waste belonged to ACTA’s Chris Armstrong.  Chris topped the ladder’s 2011 eco challenge biking or walking to most of his matches and always using non-bottled water.  Thanks Chris and thanks to all who joined in this challenge.   In this competition, we all win.