ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2012

January 22, 2012 | By

Meeting of ACTA Board held at Quincy Library 7:30pm Monday, January 9, 2012

Board present:  Trevor, Richard, Matt, Anita, Jacquie, Eric, Alex, Chris, Kim, and Tom

ACTA’s involvement in Girl Scout Katherine Kasischke’s project:  Alex reported that he hadn’t heard from Katherine lately in her efforts to promote tennis in South Arlington through the use of a clinic.  He’ll follow up with her.

10-year capital improvement plan and how to give tennis visibility in the plan:  Alex met with several County people.  Ideas discussed include the County’s partnering with ACTA to increase participation of children in tennis activities, possibly by establishing a league.  Alex will contact Eric who was involved in children’s activities while he worked for the County.  There was also discussion about the Board making recommendations to the County on tennis, but they were not finalized at the meeting.

Winter Social:  Kim reported that plans for the social on February 25 and the annual meeting on March 31 are under way at the Arlington Y.  She reported that there is now a new requirement for a liquor license for each party at the Y when alcohol is served.

Eric will contact Rhonda at the Y to discuss ideas of how the Y and ACTA can enter into a partnership that would be mutually beneficial, including among other things discounts for ACTA members and use of Twitter to announce court availability.

Treasurer’s report:  Trevor circulated profit and loss statements.   If there are any leftover funds, one Board member suggested that they be used for outreach.

It was confirmed that the league’s liability insurance had been paid.  The name on the policy needs to be updated to reflect the new officer responsible -either Trevor or Alex.

Doubles update:  Tom is updating the rules on our website, and will circulate any changes to the Board for comment.  He asked about adding another 5.0 player to A league teams; the individual captains will be canvassed for their views.  The Board also discussed limiting the size of teams, but no decision was taken.

No membership updates were reported.

New ACTA Board members:  The website has been updated with the names of the current officers.  We have one vacancy for the ladders coordinator.