ACTA Doubles Playoff Results

November 13, 2011 | By

Dynasties ended and some hope new ones began.  In the A Division, Gold took his all too familiar position at the top kicking ace over Ronda and Pete’s venerable team, 4-1. Is Gold the new A standard?   What does Richard do with all his championship t-shirts!?

Congrats to Joe Young for a great run

The Spoilers finally lived up to their name and toppled Young’s 5 season B league dynasty.   Although the 4-1 victory was sweet, Young was missing a few key players making it seem like the dynasty was not defeated as much as on sabbatical.  When asked about the depleted Young squad, a source close to the Spoiler team stated “guess we’ll have to do it again next season!”  That won’t be easy… the B league is a tight race that includes Hafer and Morris the regular season champs and close runner up.

Elias and Sherri couldn't be happier about the season

Highly Strung claimed the tightly contested C Division topping Reid 3-2.  This was no easy feat.  The C Division expanded to 10 teams this season and includes established powerhouses, Reid and Bernat as well as new powerhouses, Lawrence (and her Mad Dogs) and Phan.  Captain of the Highly Strung team, Elias Voces stated “every weekend except one we had at least one of our lines go three sets.  In regular season play we lost to Team Reid and to the Mad Dogs & English Woman, and I think we were very lucky to win against Lightning Speed (Phan)”.

Again, much thanks goes to Tom Smith for another great year!   Close to 500 matches were scheduled and played this season thanks to his dedication and exceptional organizational skills.

Kickin Aces take silver

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