ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – Monday, Oct 17 2011

November 28, 2011 | By

Meeting of ACTA Board held at Quincy Library 7:30pm Monday, October 17, 2011

Board present:  Alex, Tom, Trevor, Richard, Umang, Kim, James, Jacquie

Guest:  Eric Samuel

Alex called the meeting to order at 7:30pm and requested the previous month’s Minutes be approved as edited to show that James Henretta was present.  They were approved unanimously.

Kim: Socials

The consensus was not to hold a social in December, since it has not been well attended in the past.  Instead focus on a late January tournament at the Y and the Annual Meeting in March at the Y, which is a social as well as the award ceremony.

Kim will check with Matt and look into possible dates for both January and March events.

Tom: Doubles

Tom will be ordering T-shirts for the finals and will provide the Board with design choices.

Tom advised that the Open League, initiated this Fall, was not a success and has been abandoned.

Re: Rain notification: discussion was had regarding Twitter and providing a direct link/instructions on how to set up Twitter on the Home Page.  In special cases only, Tom has provided a number for people to call.

Clarification of the rules is needed regarding lateness to the second matches.

Players for the 11:30am (Fall) (4:30pm Spring) matches are expected to be at the courts no later than 11:45am (4:45pm Spring) regardless of whether the courts are still in use or not.  After 11:45am the opposing team is entitled to a forfeit. If any other court at the same facility becomes free, players may use that court

Open courts can mean either the reserved courts or adjacent nonreserved courts at the same facility.

Tom proposed a rule regarding the number of forfeits a team can make in a season.

Discussion was held regarding unsportsmanlike behavior.  Tom will follow up on a complaint.

MOTION:  If a team forfeits more than 5 matches in a season that team is ineligible to play in the playoffs.

The motion was carried unanimously.

Umang: Ladder

Discussion was held regarding “bumping”.  Alex has sorted out the software issue.

The Ladder has seen consistent activity throughout the season, the only significant drop being in September due to all the rain.

James: Court Conditions

James reported that there is a plan to improve Tower Courts but the money is not available until 2013.

He also reported that Carver courts are in bad shape.

Lack of numbering of courts continues to be a problem.  Per Alex, the County would allow ACTA to post signs indicating they are sponsored by various businesses.

Alex: General

Discussion was held regarding the YMCA proposal to be sent to all ACTA members.  The current proposal is to offer one month’s free court time for ACTA members who join for a full year paying an inititiation fee and annual membership fee.

Trevor: Financial

Trevor reported $28,672 in Checking and $14,285 in Savings. Payment to the County for the use of the courts in the Fall will be made before year end.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm