Arlington Courts Looking Up

July 20, 2011 | By

At the beginning of the season, Arlington’s Tom Mitchler and Vernon Henderson from Parks and Recreation (PRCR) met with an ACTA delegation led by James Henretta to discuss the state of the courts in Arlington.

James came to the meeting prepared having already visited every court and assessed playability and maintenance needs.  The ensuing conversation helped Arlington County plan for the year and prioritize based on good information.

Mid Summer Court Status

James used a simple rating system to evaluate the courts at the beginning of the season. Each facility was assigned a grade, A-D:

  • A Excellent condition
  • B Good or very good condition
  • C Playable condition
  • D Barely playable

Following are the original grades along with 2011 improvements in bold:

D venues: (7 separate courts)
Carver (3 courts)
Lyon Village (2 courts) COMPLETELY RESURFACED IN 2011
Jamestown Park (2 courts) COMPLETELY RESURFACED IN 2011

C venues: (33 separate courts)
Bluemont Park (7 courts) (resurfacing planned in 2011)
Bon Air Park (2 courts)  RESURFACED IN 2011
Jennie Dean Park (2 courts)
Maury Park (2 courts)  RESURFACED IN 2011
Quincy Park (6 courts)  COURTS 1-6 RESURFACED IN 2011
Stafford Park/H. B. Woodlawn School (2 courts)
Swanson School (2 courts, sort of)
Thomas Jefferson School (4 courts)
Towers Park (4 courts) (capital improvement plan for 2012)
Virginia Highlands Park (courts #2-3)

B venues: (19 separate courts)
Fort Scott Park (3 courts)
Glebe Recreation Area (3 courts)
Langston-Brown Center (1 court)
Wakefield High School (7 courts)
Walter Reed Center (3 courts)
Williamsburg School (2 courts

A venues: (23 separate courts)
Barcroft Park (2 courts)
Gunston Center (3 courts)
Hayes Park (2 courts)
Kenmore School (4 courts)
Madison Manor Park (2 courts)
Marcey Road Park (3 courts)
Tuckahoe Park (2 courts)
Virginia Highlands Park (courts #3-6)

In summary, at the beginning of the season, 51% of our courts were rated A or B. Mid season, this has improved to 68%. Once Bluemont is resurfaced, 79% of our courts will be rated A or B!

How ACTA Members Can Help

Thanks to Tom, Vernon and James for their work improving Arlington's courts

Throughout the summer nets wear out, windscreens break free of their ties and gates can malfunction.  While playing our ladder and doubles matches, ACTA members are in a great position to take note of these maintenance issues and communicate them to PRCR.  To help with the process, we have a court maintenance page that is monitored by our facilities board member.

Please let us know what’s broken and we’ll help get it repaired.

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  1. Chris on Sep 19, 10:29 pm

    Carver courts are badly in need of resurfacing. Many of the lights are broken. One of the nets is broken,and another needs a net anchor.

  2. Nick Mann on Mar 29, 8:28 am

    Court 3 of towers just lost the anchor that holds the middle of the net down.

  3. julie zalkind on Nov 12, 5:31 pm

    HB Woodlawn courts are unplayable.

  4. Fred Millar on Oct 15, 12:46 pm

    Towers park courts in terrible shape. Let’s chat, Mr. Henretta?

  5. Kirk on Jul 25, 9:20 pm

    Thanks for your work on this. I wish the lighting was also taken into consideration. It is really bad at some courts, such as Virginia Highlands. Also, the County should paint the number of the court next to it, so that there never a question about which court is which when someone arrives with a reservation.