2010 Fall Playoff Results

November 18, 2010 | By

The big star this Fall season was the weather. ACTA enjoyed 12 consecutive match days without rain. A new can of balls awaits the first person who can give the probability of this phenomenon! Leave a comment below with the answer… and show your work!

In the A league, Richard’s team was Golden posting 27 match wins and running away with the regular season title. The 2nd and 3rd place teams tied with a distant 21 wins. The fun stopped for team Gold as they ran into a Wall in the semi finals losing 2-3. Peter Poggioli’s team was perfect in the playoffs knocking The Nguyeners off 3-2 and Kicking Ace over Brick’s Wall 4-1. Although 4-1 is a decisive victory, to understand the intense competition in the A league playoffs, take a look at the detailed results: 9 of 15 matches were decided in the third set.

The B league’s regular season was feast or famine. Teams Young, the new Spoilers and Tom-a-Hawks posted a photo finish while the rest of the league struggled to keep pace. In the semis, Young defeated Morris 4-1 while Robertson Spoiled the Tom-a-Hawks 3-2. If the finals weren’t so damn close, they could be considered predictable with Joe Young’s team winning their 4th consecutive title. The only thing that could have improved on the victory would have been Joe’s presence. Get better Joe and we’ll see you at the Spring finals!

[singlepic id=442 w=320 h=240 float=left]The large C league was dominated by the Destroyers during the regular season, but suffered defeat by Dalphonse 4-1 in the playoffs. Reid routed Ricky’s Revenge 4-1 in the other bracket. Although it would appear Dalphonse was strung up in the finals losing 1-4 to Reid, 3 of 5 matches were decided in the third set and another was won 7-6 7-6. These finals were close! Mad Dogs deserve a special mention for going 6 and 3 in the regular season even though they didn’t make the playoffs.

Thanks Richard for taking pictures and Sherri for sharing her camera.  If anyone else has pictures, please send to Alex.

Special thanks to Tom Smith for his excellent job running the league this year.   That is quite a job!

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