Ladder Monthly Play

September 16, 2010 | By

The COED ladder will begin enforcing it’s rule that all players must play within the previous 4 weeks to maintain their position. If you haven’t played recently, you’ll see your ranking drop 5 spots. If you have been playing, you may see your ranking rise!

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  1. John on Sep 23, 4:20 pm

    Whether or not its 4 or 5 weeks, I think it should be enforced throughout the ladder season, not arbitrarily begun in the middle of September with 3 or 4 days notice.

  2. moinak chatterjee on Sep 21, 12:48 pm

    Well, I agree with 5 weeks but the idea of dropping is correct. Otherwise sopts are blocked up forever !

  3. Gytis on Sep 20, 3:46 pm

    If one is traveling for vacation during summer then it is foreseeable how they might not be able to play. I recommend acta give a grace period of 5 weeks before a player get’s dropped.

  4. Gene Burpoe on Sep 20, 1:25 pm

    people don’t want to play. the idea of the ladder is to play tennis. That acta doubles is a differnet venue. Those people could not win a singles event that’s why they play doubles.

    • Pete Sampras on Oct 4, 8:53 pm

      speak for yourself