ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – July 12

August 9, 2010 | By

The ACTA Board met on Monday, July 12th, at the Arlington County Library non-profit room at 7:30 pm.

The meeting started at 7:30pm. Alex, Molly, Richard, Tom, Matt, Trevor, Jacquie, Mike, James and Umang were in attendance

(1) the County’s USTA Tournament

Richard and Alex explained that the county USTA tournament was rapidly approaching and they needed help recruiting players to participate.

The board discussed weighing in on the county’s USTA tournament and decided against taking any official action.

(2) ACTA Charity Event – late August

August 21st is the date of the tournament. Matt’s starting to brainstorm possible prizes. This is a singles tournament. Volunteers needed. Matt says that individuals get to choose the charity that will receive the registrant’s fees for the tournament.

Matt needs suggestions for new charities before July 20th.

(3) Recruiting for Fall.

Alex and Matt also led the discussion of recruiting for the fall. They said that the single tournament is a good way to recruit for the doubles fall season.  Alex, aka the art department, will create a flier to sign up.

And we will have a booth at Clarendon Day – in late September – with a quick start court to show people how to play or have a game against a

(4) Court issues (James)

James gave an update on the status of Arlington County courts. He said that maintenance issues are the problem now. Translating what we know needs to be done into action on the part of the county has proven more trying than anticipated, he explained.

The head of county recreation, seems to handle the larger issue but doesn’t do the maintenance – there are four divisions within the recs department that handle tennis related issues apparently.

The nets and the lights are the two things that need to be done. It would be easier to repair the the nets for a tenth of the cost of replacing them.

We would like to see transparency into the budget of the county. 14 nets need to be repaired or replaced.

James advice is if you see a problem with the courts report it, ACTA must get active.

(5) Federal Tax Filing due in mid-August

Trevor reviewed the current financial situation for ACTA and said he would work on sending out the federal tax filing (due in mid-August.)

Currently we have $21,695 in checking.

Expenses – we have a little under $36,000 in the bank. But, we spent money on T-Shirts for the teams in play-offs.

$545 for TopDog for half of the season.

Trevor said he may deploy to the Middle East in August so … stay tuned.

(These numbers are not set in stone – please email Trevor for updates.)

(4) Doubles Leagues (like rating panel and potential moves within divisions)
Tom led a lengthy discussion on his findings after running the doubles league in the Spring.

Ball distribution is tough so, it would be easier and save money if  individuals provided their own balls, Tom said.

The board recommended that Tom discussed the issue with captains before we make an official decision on the matter.Balls cost $1400 and divided by 22 teams.
Tom wants to change the rules on some of the things.

Tom has decided to establish a ratings committee, one person from each division will be nominated.

Some people have USTA ratings and Top Dog ratings but sometimes there are discrepancies between those numbers. They will use visual prepondance, the percentage of wins, age and that’s all this committee.

Some captains have complained that individuals who have played in college.

Alex recommended that the committee deal with policy, not names per se.

Tom wants to create a grievance committee as well.

The A division – Tom wants to allow a 9.5 combo division if everyone on the team agrees.

In a vote of 9-0 the board agreed to allow a 4.5 and a 5.0 to play together if both teams agree.

Captains requested to place their phone numbers back on the website but currently it is not available for everyone to see the captains. Alex says he’ll take care of it.

Forfeit situation – how to handle the forfeit situation. Do we fine the teams or players? TBD.

We may have 7 teams in the A, and 7 teams in the B, and 9 teams in the C division.

(5) Ladders

Umang said that there’s been an uptick in players on the men’s ladder. There are 166 on the ladder, as opposed to 154 in June. At least 105 of those members have been active – 301 matches have been played since May when the ladder opened.

But, ladies have been less active – only one match was played last month. Out of the 35 women on the ladder, only 5 have played a match.

Mixed doubles had 100% increase. There are six teams – four of which have played one match.

(6) Mixed doubles project (Alex)

Alex said that he and Matt have picked three Saturdays for mixed doubles and will send out more information on that project shortly.

(7) Backboard project (Alex)

They would like to have the event on a Sunday afternoon. Possiblv have a band and get in touch with Dennis Kudla (the best junior tennis player) and we’d like him to challenge our number one player on the ladder likely Patrick Brick.  It would be a great exhibition.

(8) Art Project for the Arlington County Tennis – for car tax – what do we want to do to solicit what people want – what are other people thinking.

For future – what are they going to do with the area on Washington/Lee High School could be a recommendation to build more courts.

(9) Website issues

Jacquie recommended placing a paragraph on the website aimed at novices and beginners with a better primer on the round robin play.

Some items on the site need to be updated including an announcement for spring registration.