June 14th Meeting Minutes

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ACTA Board Meeting – June 14, 2010

The board met at 7:30pm at the Quincy Library.

Members in attendance: Alex, Molly, Jacquie, James, Trevor, Christine, Tom, Matt, Richard and Alex (new attendee)

Tourney update (Matt)

Matt gave a post-mortem on the tournament – we collected almost $2,000 in donations from community businesses. There were 55 people who participated, due to Memorial Day break. 50% of those playing were Arlington residents.

We collected $1,733.00 in registration money. Participants chose from four charities to send donations to including: a homeless shelter, food assistance, clean environment and doorways. (see addendum below)

There was discussion about moving the weekend to work for more people.

Alex says it was a “great success.”

There were a lot of prizes – Legg Mason and Washington Kastles tickets. At least four people said their businesses would donate to the singles tourney – 3 months in the future.

Per Matt (sent later in the month to Trevor, Alex, Richard and myself)

“Please send a check in these amounts to the charities listed below. Let me know if you have any questions. I will forward you some emails about solving our paypal $500 limit transfer issue. We can talk about that. Thanks.

$346.17 – Arlington -Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless – 3103 9th Road North
Arlington, VA 22201-2125

$440.40 – Arlington Food Assistance Center – 2708 South Nelson Street
Arlington, VA 22206-2353

$786.57 – Doorways for Women and Families – PO Box 100185
Arlington, VA 22210

$157.71 – Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment – 3308 S. Stafford St. • Arlington, VA • 22206”

Doubles update covering residency and play-off prep (Tom)

Tom updated the board on the play-offs slated to happen this Saturday and Sunday, which also coincides with Father’s Day. Six courts are reserved at Wakefield, Bluemont and Quincy. The A playoffs are on Saturday at Quincy. The B-division will play at Wakefield. And the Cs will play at Bluemont. 10am on Saturday. And the finals will be played at Bluemont at 3pm on Sunday.

There was a grievance over whether one team should be able to play in the playoffs – due to residency restrictions. It would effect which team plays in the A-division play-offs. So, Mike Boito will hear the arguments and rule on the question. If Boito is unavailable, then a three-person committee may be formed to help decide.

And then – Kudos from Alex and the rest of the board members for running a successful doubles Spring session.

Ladder update (Umang or Alex)

Alex said that the ladder is going well. 223 matches thus far, 154 players have signed up. The mixed doubles and women’s ladder have not been very active. In all though, the coed has 91 are active, 59% activity.

Finances/Profit Loss for the year/Pending Federal Tax Filing (Trevor)

As of June 14, 2010, ACTA has $38,415 in the bank.

Court conditions (James)

James progress report included renovations of courts, there are at least four court locations that are closed – but they are going to be open by June 30th. Everything looks like its on schedule.

Eco ladder concept (Alex)

Alex proposed bike lane – some sort of a way to make it a competition on the ladder. Need to write an article defining the concept and make sure that people know that it doesn’t count against standing in the final rundown. Eastern Mountain Sports said he would give away a gift certificate for the eco ladder. And also recycling the tennis containers.

The board voted to move forward with the eco ladder concept.

Advocacy (Alex)

Arlington Sports Foundation as 501c3

There is a new board of Arlington sports foundation – they’ve agreed that any money raised for tennis will be used for tennis.

Backboard project

Last year Carl Diener was murdered – he was an avid tennis player, we are going to have a party when they re-open Lyon Village to help raise money for her. We can make it our end of the year project. The girl scouts would sell tickets to it, and the money would go towards the backboard and left over money would go toward tennis projects. The goal is to have this finished by October, it would coincide with our end of year party. The board is going to review the MOU and then will vote over e-mail later in the week.


On June 24th, the board approved via email an edited MOU for the backboard project.

Commercial branding of court numbers (Adopt a Court)

The Arlington Sports Foundation wants to get the business community involved in keeping up the sports and recreation in Arlington.

We have approval from Arlington County to do the branding of court numbers.

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