ACTA Board Meeting Minutes – May 3rd 2010

June 13, 2010 | By

Minutes of ACTA Board meeting held at Arlington County Public Library on
Monday, May 3, 2010

Attendees: Alex Robertson, Tom Smith, Trevor Chan, Umang Varma, James
Henretta, Richard Gold, Jacquie Lawrence, Mike Boito

Doubles League status:  Tom issued his decision and penalty for the
sportsmanship complaint regarding foul language over a disputed line
call. The decision will serve as a template for future similar
situations. Some captains have asked whether the “extra” matches, that
is, those matches played after every other team in the division has been
played once, count toward the playoffs. The answer is yes.

Ladder status: Umang reported that there are 158 players on the coed
ladder. There are 29 players on the women’s ladder, but only 4 have
played. To address the low participation on the women’s ladder, Umang
and Alex set up a box league, in which small groups of women are grouped
and urged to complete their matches by a certain date.

Court conditions: James said that he prepared a report on court
conditions throughout the county and sent it to the county Parks and
Recreation Department. The report includes a list of priorities for
suggested repairs. Eric Legg will have rovers (county employees) check
the courts at Bluemont to ensure that cricket players do not play on the
tennis courts.

Financial status: Trevor reported account balances and changes from the
previous month. Alex and Trevor will meet and devise a format for future
financial statements that separates the reporting for various programs
such as the doubles league, ladders, and socials.

Charity Tourney: Only roughly 5 people have signed up so far. We are
hoping for 100. We need to email reminders about the tournament.

Taxes – what we’ve done, what we need to do: Alex and Richard discussed
the need to write a “to do” list to do throughout the year. The list
would include things like filing tax forms and buying insurance. Richard
and Mike will start writing the list.

Insurance: Mike said that we have two types of insurance coverage.
Directors and officers (D&O) insurance protects board members against
problems such as employee grievances or allegations of discrimination.
Liability insurance protects the organization in case someone gets hurt
while playing in an ACTA event.

Recap of registration and improvements: Jacquie said that 522 people are
signed up for ACTA. There are far fewer problems with registration than
last year.

Could we / should we remove the rain line? Tom said at least one captain
did not want the rain line removed. He said that there is a phone
message service available for roughly $30 a year. He will look into its
suitability for ACTA.

Vote on funding 5 scholarships for $432: Alex proposed funding 5
scholarships for Arlington youth tennis instruction. The board approved