ACTA Minutes – April 12th Board Meeting

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ACTA Meeting Minutes on April 12th

Board members in attendance: Tom, Jacquie, Richard, Umang, Molly, Matt, Christine, James and Alex

Doubles first match reports – Tom

Tom says that the doubles league is off to a great start. He discussed ways to make reserving courts on Sundays run more smoothly.

Registration – Jacquie and Tom

Jacquie said that as of the meeting on April 12th, there were 447 members signed up with ACTA; 362 registered for doubles; 130 signed up for the ladders.

Compared to last year at this point, the numbers for ladder registrants is up.

Of those signed up with ACTA, 69% are Arlington residents,

Board members wanted to see a differentiation between male and female a breakdown of the statistics. About 19 members have not paid.

Registrants seem to find the registration process straightforward and easy.

The board  discussed the schedule placement on the website for doubles leagues.

Some are having difficulty finding the schedule of doubles play on the website. Creating a link to it on the homepage may make it more accessible and easy to find, was the general consensus.

Tom mentioned that there have been few issues with TopDog thus far, one of which is how to send an email to your team via the website. The issue is in the process of being fixed.

C League issues. Tom said that some feedback he heard from the C league participants was that there should be a wait list on Sunday’s that they can go to. Would like to have enough people on the C-Division that we are able to fill up the courts (8:12pm)

Ladder Statistics – Umang

Umang said that the ladders are underway, they started on April 1st.

130 individuals total signed up for the ladder.

The board discussed having box leagues for the women since no matches have been played. It would entail trying to group them into a box of five women and before mid-season have to play everybody else plays someone else in the box.
To be determined later.

The mixed ladder had one or two matches last year. So, perhaps ACTA could reserve courts for a “mixer” between seasons. “Mixer and margueritas”, “Tennis and Thai,” etc but at little or no cost to the players.

Profit/Loss for the current season – Trevor emailed in the following stats to the board

Posted checking balance as of 4/12/2010


Posted savings balance as of 4/12/2010




Posted checking balance as of 1/26/2010


Posted savings balance as of 1/26/2010




Change in checking balance


Change in savings balance


Total Change


Facility Audit – James

James has placed signs on all the courts where ACTA will have matches but only on one entrance per facility.

James provided an audit of all the facilities to the board. A top priority remains fixing the nets.

Board members discussed taking ties and tape around to the various facilities to fix the windscreens at the courts.

For example – give ties to folks playing at Kenmore, if you give handful and hit the one row so that the wind screens won’t blow out on the courts.

The board also discussed the possibility of assigning a “homebase” location to the teams for a period of five matches, in order to create some ownership over the courts.

Organize weekends for coffee and duct tape repair parties

Advocacy project – Alex

Alex recommended giving scholarship money to First Serve. The money, $345.60, would go toward four scholarships for kids at Drew elementary school, to play Quick Start tennis.

Clarendon Day is coming up and volunteers are needed. ACTA can sign people up to register at Clarendon Day.

Alex also discussed the fact that there are not numbers at every court. The board discussed adopting as “our hardware project” this year, finding sponsors in the community to pay for numbers for the courts – strictly to benefit tennis in Arlington. He wants to sell “sponsorship” of a court number to members of the community.

The 8.5 x 11 aluminum court number signs would feature the sponsor’s name. Alex will ask Eric if it’s possible to have sponsors name on such court number signs.

The board discussed the possibility of setting up a non-profit. To be determined at a later date.

Tournament Prep – Matt

Matt discussed the upcoming Memorial Day charity tournament. Harris Teeter is going to donate the bags. Also, we are partnering with some of the non-profits to put our logo on their websites

Matt said he was going to write an article on the tournament for the website.

Website traffic – Alex

Alex said that there were 9,000 page views per day leading up to registration.

The “looking for a game,” “looking for a team” were very high as well.

Arlington Budget – Alex
Alex alerted the board that Arlington County cut the parks and maintenance budget by 70% this year.