ACTA Youth Scholarships

November 16, 2009 | By

ScholarshipIn cooperation with Arlington County Parks and Recreation, ACTA and First Serve Tennis initiated an after school scholarship program to provide need based assistance to elementary school youth wanting to play. The first few students to receive the scholarship were able to join after school lessons in October and get introduced to this great sport.

Eric Legg from Arlington County Parks and Recreation stated in appreciation “Gregg and Stephan from First Serve set up two pop up nets on the basketball court and were teaching a group of 12. It was fantastic! By far the most diverse audience I’ve ever seen in an Arlington tennis class. Thank you for all your support! ”

From ACTA’s perspective, it is nice to give back to the Arlington Community in a way that promotes tennis. From First Serve’s perspective, this embodies their “Tennis Everyone Everyone” motto. From the scholarship recipiant’s perspective, it appeared to be a whole lot of fun.